Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seedy Update

The bunnies got more seed today. They snagged 2 packs each of yellow squash and zucchini, a pack of cucumbers and a pack of swiss chard. I don't even want to think of the frightening things that might be in the trunk of the car from their little hop down to the agricultural station. Oh, and they spotted one pound bags of chili beans and chickpeas too. I'm just lucky they prefer the food co-op for beans and didn't make any purchases. Didn't make any purchases yet, anyway.


I just realized I forgot to update everyone on the graduation! The first one was rather hot, so the bunnies stayed at the hotel. If you saw any reports on the news about a quilt shop being invaded, that was them and the polar bears. The loss of the hotel honey supply was Betsy. For the second graduation, though, the one right down the road from that garden, every rabbit went. And the graduation was TWO hours long! You don't even want to think about the damage the bunnies could do in a garden with two hours of completely free time. I wonder if I should send a letter of apology to the poor cat who's in charge of managing the place?


Every cemetery in this area should be so ashamed of themselves it isn't funny. The humans had to pop by two more of those places today and all of you know how distracted my human gets there. Three bunnies stowed away, and you know they weren't supervised properly. Anyway, one of these cemeteries is just down the road from one of the college agricultural studies areas. I so hope no students really needed to visit that place for studying purposes. What they did to that poor garden when they were supposed to be waiting in the car outside of a graduation was horrifying enough. I hope those poor agricultural students weren't really serious about an education.

The Time of Doom is Nigh

Three zucchini seedlings were poked outside today. The bunnies claimed one had a droopy stem and used that excuse to poke it out, along with the other two for company. Our poor, poor neighbors. The bunnies think they might poke more stuff out tomorrow. Should I phone the neighbors tonight to let them know the bad news? We do have a neighborhood watch, but I don't think they watch closely enough for things like this.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Butternut Squash

The bunnies moved 40 butternut squash seeds to a bowl today, and they have another 36 that are awaiting moving. I've heard that each squash can produce twenty pounds each of vegetables. If the bunnies get a plant for each seed, that will be 1520 pounds of squash from just those seeds alone! Can I be forced to convert to vegetarianism to help them eat all of that?

Disavowing any Responsibility

I totally disavow any responsibility for this. On the up side today, my catnip crop started to sprout, which is excellent given the short time it's been in the bag. On the down side, though, that wrongly named thing called catmint is also sprouting. And to make matters even worse, the bunnies poked both types of sprouts into the same bowl! I think it was an attempt to keep me from weeding out their mint. I just hope the neighbors know I had nothing to do with that catmint.

A Prayer

May we all offer up prayers for my poor, misfortunate neighbors, whose only crime was to buy a house next to us without checking the property first for rabbits? The bunnies got by the food co-op again and obtained more seed. They just popped 200 each of popcorn and mung bean into a bag along with 100 each of black beans, black eyed peas, alias cow peas, great northern beans and adzuki beans, 50 of pinto beans, and I shudder to think how many of flax seed. I caught them talking a bit ago about the best way to convert me to a vegetarian! HELP!!


The rabbits' gardening books seem to be bringing on more and more horrors with each page. I just read something about how much deer love gardens. I have two deer sisters and a brother! That is absolutely the last thing I need, for the deer to get involved in the gardening as well. We are never going to see our neighbors again at this rate. Why in the world are there so many vegetarians in this house? First the bunnies and now the deer. I don't even want to think about the dinosaurs. My one comfort is that the deer are reindeer, so all of their relatives are safely up in the north, where they can't just pop down to loiter around and snack all day. Unless Santa's deer might be their cousins. Those deer do fly, after all, which seems very dangerous to me. I think I better go demand to know the deers' family trees right away!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rabbit Hopping Inn

No, I didn't add an extra letter n to the in in the title. The bunnies are trying to turn the house to a lodging place for all things rabbity! I knew I should have been more suspicious of them when I saw them placing large salad dressing orders from Amazon. Besides inviting other bunnies to move into burrows that they're saying are rent free, another one of the bunnies' sisters came hopping in to live in the house. Her name's Bebe Bunny and about my only consolation is that she's a smaller rabbit. Hopefully that means she can't do that much gardening.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've been checking the bunnies' gardening books for useful information on defending myself from their plants. They've tried to keep things under wraps, but one book let it slip that there are kinds of tomatoes called indeterminate, I believe, that are known for their vining and spreading. How bad a sign do you suppose it is that the bunnies just poked three packs of those, yellow pear tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes, into a baggie for starting along with sweet banana peppers, homestead tomatoes, rutgers tomatoes, super marmande tomatoes and eggplant?


I just received a report that some birds have moved in down the block. When they were last seen, they were lounging in a snug little coup right outside their human's house. Now, I suppose their coup is nice enough, but it isn't netting me any cash, so how can I go about convincing those birds that they really need to move in here instead?


I just caught the rabbits drawing up plans for the construction of a scarecrow for their garden. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can prevent this thing from being put together and popped out there? I've been trying to work out how to attract the crow rental market, and I can't have something stuck in the yard that's designed to frighten away the tenants I'm looking to lure in! To make matters even worse, they're thinking of putting it up next to their mint stash, which happens to be right by some of my birdhouses! I'll never be able to rent those out if the bunnies stick up a scarecrow and make the area a bad neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conga Line

Does anyone know the best way to break up a conga line? It's so annoying hearing this constantly: hop, hop, hop, hop, shake tail, hop, hop, hop, hop, shake tail. Does law enforcement do anything about rabbits amusing themselves conga-ing in the backyard all night? If they're this bad right now, I shudder to think how they'll be once the lettuce and carrots are put out. Those things are lounging in little bowls right now, and it's frightening how well they're doing. I shudder to imagine the size of parties the bunnies will be able to have with those veggies out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Further Bunny Update

I just checked the mail the human brought in earlier. Why in the world did we just get a letter for a Mister B. Bunny, that looks like it was forwarded through the mailing system? I think that rabbit is having his mail sent to our address now!

Bunny in the Backyard Update

Besides bothering the neighbors' dogs, I've seen this rabbit hopping around the poolhouse. How can I keep this rabbit from deciding to pack up his stuff and establishing it as his above-ground burrow? I have renters expected for that poolhouse already for Thanksgiving, and I certainly can't have a rabbit trying to sneak in rent free.

Bunnies and the Dogs Next Door

The dogs next door have met that bunny that's been hanging out in the backyard and partying with my siblings, and I don't think they like him. Of course, they might have mistaken him for the panda who is planning to put in a bamboo patch where their doghouse used to be, although given that the bunny is a tannish-grey color, I don't know how that could have happened. I just hope they aren't so unhappy due to any gardening plans the rabbit might have shared with them.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Have you Seen These Bushes?

This is the blackberry

and this is the blueberry bush

that might have mysteriously vanished from the park's display in front of the visitor's center. I just hope the rabbits don't have their pawprints on file someplace.

Bunny Party Report

Here's a photo of one of my siblings' party guests.

I think they might be planning to party all night from how this rabbit keeps hanging around. Can the police be called on rabbits having a conga line in the backyard? I hope he doesn't have any little suitcases stuffed somewhere.

Bunny Partying

Can I in any way, shape or form be held accountable for loud rabbit partying in my back yard? I think the bunnies might be planning a Memorial Day gathering. I saw them gathering every veggie they could get their paws on from the fridge, and one just popped out to check the grill. I can't be blamed for their party, right? Another one of them has been downloading rabbit music from I-tunes and somehow I don't think the neighbors are going to appreciate hearing several hours of The Bunny Hop.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


What sort of code do I need to use when reporting a lettuce related crime? The bunnies moved a pack of iceburg lettuce to a bowl today, and it looked like there must have been a million seeds! Surely that much lettuce is illegal, and planting it in the garden must count as some sort of attractive nuisance. I shudder to think of the bunnies it will attract besides my siblings. I'm sensing a summer full of rabbits partying in the backyard, and you don't want to know how loud rabbit parties can get!

The Number 100

I never knew a number could be so alarming, unless, of course, it's the number of my rabbit siblings. Now the number 100 has taken on a new, and frightening significance. Since the bunnies saw that they needed at least 100 corn plants of each species, they've got the idea into their little bunny brains that that means they need at least 100 plants each of ALL of their crops! That would call for around 500 plants of squash and zucchini ALONE! Call the police!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alerting the Marines

I was just getting ready to call the Marines. Poor things. Their recruiting office is a mile or so from the house, and I'm sure that's not far enough for them to be safe from my siblings' plants. I'm wondering, though, can the sheer number of gardening the bunnies have planned be considered a serious threat to those poor, poor Marines? After all, they're just trained to deal with terrorists and stuff like that, not the horrors on the mint plant, possibly human eating pumpkins and squash attacks. I would hate for them to be injured.

Bunnies' Latest Baggies

The bunnies got back to bagging seeds this afternoon. They put value packs of green, jalepeno and cayenne pepper in, two packs of cucumber, catnip and catmint, rutgers and fireball tomatoes, thyme, feverfew, stinging nettle, and chamomile. How much insurance do you suppose our neighbors will need to deal with these latest gardening attacks? I can only hope I am not blamed for the catmint.


I want it known right now that I am not in any way, shape or form responsible for the bunnies' latest mint disaster. Okay, I am a cat, but frankly, I think they forged the name catmint on the pack. I think it was originally called rabbitmint, but they thought that might be a bit too obvious or something, so they poked the name of the feline on it in the hope I would take the blame. Those rabbits should be so ashamed of themselves! They just poked a pack of this mint into a baggie and I shudder at how many seeds were involved.

Cotton Part 2

Okay, I've looked up cotton cultivation, and I think it just might be the thing that's needed to save those poor, misfortunate sheep. So, how much seed to you think I should purchase? Amazon has 20 for a fairly reasonable price, but would that be enough to keep the polar bears occupied? Perhaps I need to call that cat who works at the seed store for some odd reason, to see what amounts and prices they have.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Do you know that there are things called cotton seeds you can grow to produce a cotton plant? Cotton looks kind of wooly, doesn't it? I'm wondering if I could sneak some of that into the garden to try to fool the polar bears. Surely if I told them wool could be grown as a plant, they would be content to farm and leave the sheep alone, right?


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to block the bunnies' access to the gardening boards? This is the biggest offender, and those mothers should all be so ashamed of themselves it isn't funny. They heard something there about needing at least 100 corn plants of each species to get a good harvest, and now they're wanting to shop for additional corn! They already have two species of corn, regular and popcorn, which according to them means they need at least 200 plants. And I know if they get out to bring their corn up to 200 plants total, they'll find another species of corn they absolutely must have which will mean at least 300 plants! Why do they only make blocking software to block x-rated stuff? The gardening stuff is so much worse for rabbits!


Does anyone know where I can find something on the possible invasive qualities of fennel? I'm sure the bunnies' books aren't giving the true picture, and frankly, more of that plant is popping up than I'm sure is safe. It isn't a relative of the mint family, is it?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mint Update

The mint is coming along rather nicely according to the bunnies. They're even wanting to photograph it at some point so they can post pictures here. I'm thinking the pictures would like nice with the caption, BEWARE OF THIS MINT! Doesn't that sound appropriate? It's still kind of small for photographic purposes, but I expect that to change shortly. I just hope it doesn't make a break for it through the kitchen window before I can warn our poor neighbors, and my poor cat mother.

Mountain Crime Spree Part 4: The Penguins

First off, is there any rule against penguins going skinny dipping in hotel pools in just their bare feathers? My penguin sister, Placida Penguin, and her chick haven't found suits to their liking yet, and ended up going for a dip in their bare feathers. You don't want to imagine what those feathers did to the poor, hotel pool. Can we be charged for that? They are rather fluffy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I just found something alarming in one of the gardening books. Apparently there's a type of bamboo that can grow to 30 feet! How do I make sure my new panda sibling doesn't order that type? And if he does, can I insist that it be kept eaten down to a reasonable size?


The rabbits got more broccoli today, along with two more packs of eggplant seed. I've been reading their gardening books, and I swear these things are woefully inadequate. They say absolutely nothing about the potential invasive traits of the bunnies' planned plants! Obviously the book was done by a rabbit who was wanting to disguise their true intentions.

Mountain Crime Spree Part 3: Betsy Bear

Those poor, poor mountain bears. I would so hate to be them. The poor things had just woke up when Betsy popped up to the mountains, and were still totally groggy, not to mention confused thanks to her resetting their clocks and making them oversleep. Needless to say, they weren't able to defend their dens against her, and she made off with every bit of their honey and other goodies. I don't know what they're going to do. I really don't, especially given what the rabbits got up to with the berry bushes. Although, I suppose they could file suit against the park service. They have signs up everywhere saying don't feed the bears, but they neglected to put anything up saying not to rob the bears. Could that be taken as them going along with Betsy's crimes? I don't even want to think about what she did at the hotel. All I can say is numerous donuts were missing, the chocolate muffins were gone all together, which really upset the human, and the honey supply had been hit big time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The popcorn is sprouting! Has anyone heard about potential dangerous and invasive characteristics of the popcorn plant, because the bunnies have a ton of seeds. I don't even want to think of the mint. They moved it to a bowl, and say it's doing very well, so well that they might get another pack to keep it company! Oh, and they popped dill, fennel, celery, and fenugreek seeds into bags this afternoon. We are all so doomed, it isn't funny. I'll bet they put in a hundred each of the celery and dill seeds.

Sheep Complaint

Well, I got an email from a sheep this afternoon. There was a lot of excessive baaing, so I'm not a hundred percent sure what he was trying to say, but I'm guessing that at least a few of those baas were related to the polar bears and possible shearing. How much trouble do you suppose they'll be in if they snitched all of those poor sheep's wool for quilts? Poor things probably won't be able to work until their wool grows out so they're nice and fluffy again.

Mountain Crime Spree Part 2: The Polar Bears

Okay, as I told you earlier, the weather suddenly took a turn towards the nippy, and of course this got the polar bears back into their immediately needing quilts mode. And of course, quilts require batting, which the polar bears want to be made of nice, warm, snugglely wool. Anyway, the humans stopped for pizza for lunch. While they were in there, and the bunnies were raiding the salad bar for cucumber seed, the polar bears were checking out brochures. Would you believe there was a place up there, kind of like an indoor mini-zoo, that has sheep? It was only a short walk away from the pizza place too. I'm expecting to see something on the online news any minute about a horrible amount of shearing. Poor sheep. Here they live in a nice, snug place with humans to serve them and all they have to do is look cute and let the occasional child pet them. Then the polar bears dropped in. I wonder if the sheep can sue for the mental trauma of having their wool snitched?

Monday, May 18, 2009


I've talked to the new panda who snuck into the family on Saturday, and it turns out he's a gardener. Do you think I need to send a warning to the dogs next door? He was working on a gardening map with the rabbits, and I believe I saw a bamboo patch appearing where their doghouse is currently located.

Mountain Crime Spree Part 1: The Bunnies

There was a crime spree on such epic scales I can't even imagine how to describe it, but first, the bunnies. I thought I had taken the necessary precautions to prevent the bunnies from robbing the mountains of every berry bush up there. I emailed a couple of dogs who live down the hill from the cemetery the humans were going to, and told them to keep a watch on the road to keep the rabbits from hopping down and to potential bushes. They emailed me at lunch to tell me they chased the bunnies back to the car where they belonged, so I thought all was well. Little did I know that the humans were visiting another cemetery too, and it was one where the human actually amused herself photographing each and every tombstone. Needless to say, the bunnies were totally unsupervised, and I think you can imagine what they got up to. I don't even want to think about the blackberry and blueberry bushes the park was displaying at the visitors station. Do you think they were very attached to that display? Oh, and the bunnies had lunch at another place with one of those annoying salad bars. They found a container of cucumbers and amused themselves collecting all of the seed from them. Then they hopped across the street to the store for more watermelon and sweet basil seed. About the only good thing about their trip is that they didn't manage to buy more popcorn seed.

Home from Jail

I just got home from jail this afternoon. They gave me a clawacure this morning, and my poor, poor claws are ruint again. How many times do I have to tell them, I like my claws long, sharp and pointy, not short, dull and blunt? I suppose I should be thankful, though, that jail did provide me with an alibi for my siblings' various crimes. You don't even want to imagine what they got up to while they were away!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Polar Bears Aren't Happy

I just got an email of complaint from my polar bear sisters, although what they expect me to do about this, I have no idea. It was really warm on Friday when they left the house, so they consented to leave their blankets and quilts behind to leave more paw space for the others. Anyway, as it turns out, we've had a sudden cold snap. The human did get one blanket for them when they went by the house, but they emailed me to say it isn't enough, and they're going to freeze their fur off. Any suggestions as to what I should tell them? I so hope there weren't any quilts or quilting supplies left over at the hotel from that quilt show! I hope they hid the matches for the fire in the fireplace well too.


Would you believe that the humans are staying at the hotel where my siblings amused themselves causing any amount of havoc during the quilt show? Honestly, didn't those people learn anything from that awful experience? Here they went and let the polar bears, the penguins, and worst of all, Betsy Bear, into their establishment again! I just hope that there's no one there who's attached excessively to their food because there will be nothing left once Betsy visits the breakfast buffet tomorrow.

A Moment of Silence, Please

May we have a moment of silence, please, for the poor, unfortunate neighbors who are soon to be homeless? The rabbits are in the mountains tonight, 15 of them, too. Lily Rabbit hopped into the car while the humans were changing for a graduation, bringing the bunny total to 15. There will not be an berry bushes left in the mountains with that many rabbits, and I imagine Betsy's already snuck off to rob the poor, snoozing mountain bears. I just hope she doesn't tamper with their alarm clocks again. Anyway, on their way to the mountains, the rabbits stopped for lunch. This place is obviously part of a conspiracy with rabbits, because along with serving a salad bar full of rabbit food, they offered watermelon, just packed with seeds ripe for planting! The bunnies got 46 watermelon seed and a honeydew melon seed. Watermelon can take 100 feet a plant, so you can imagine what 46 seeds could do. Really, this restaurant should be so ashamed it isn't funny!

The Mountains' Doom Approaches

I just got an email from my siblings, and they are about to depart for the mountains. Do you suppose it's a terrible sign that the bunnies found a place that offers reasonably priced, bunny sized shovels? There are 14 rabbits on this trip, and I shudder to think what they could do should they all have shovels! It's bad enough that Betsy cleared out the hotel honey supply at the graduation hotel.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seed Update Part 2

They got more yellow squash, zucchini and watermelon seed today. I suppose I should just be thankful that the bunnies' favorite seeding location, the one who foolishly offers the stuff for a dime a pack was sold out. Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do with those rabbits. I think they might be planning to invite some of their bunny cousins back with them too. They just emailed me about running into one of their relations when they were supposed to be helping the human hunt tombstones! Well, I hope they informed him if he plans to install a burrow in my yard, rent will be charged!

New Sibling

I just got an email from my delinquent siblings, and it seems that they've managed to take in a homeless panda. I can only pray he's not a gardener too, but seeing as the bunnies were enthusiastic about letting him move in, I'm rather afraid he is. Isn't bamboo rather bad about spreading? All I need is a panda adding another terrible plant to the gardening collection! He's probably mapping out a spot for it even as we speak!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Obviously college doesn't make you smart. Our local college is offering something on bees and beekeeping at their agricultural extension office. Honestly, have you ever heard of something which such potential for disaster in your life? I only hope they have a good insurance policy because I just heard from one of the other bears that Betsy's thinking of enrolling!

Campbell's Soup

Before I left for jail today, you won't believe the horrible thing that I spotted in the mail! Campbell's Soup is sending out tomato seed to any bunny that writes in and requests some. Have you ever heard of anything so awful? And of course, my siblings promptly sent away for some to add to their seed pile. I can only hope it isn't the bushing sort of tomato. Those are terrible delinquents! I don't even want to think about the magazine that offered other tips on getting more free seed. Really, these people should be ashamed!


I'm safely in jail now, by the way. My only problem is, the bunnies insisted on riding out to the jail with me, and I'm worried someone might have spotted me with that many rabbits. Do you think I might have reason to be concerned?

14 Bunnies

Fourteen bunnies managed to stow away in the car as the humans left for the graduations and mountains. Those poor, poor mountains. Every berry bush up there will be gone by the time the rabbits are through! And in even worse news, they just emailed me. For some insane reason, the humans got a hotel right down the street from TWO quilt shops! The polar bears are up there too, and goodness only knows what will happen if they get into a place like that! I think one of the shops is the one carrying the veggie print too, which will undoubtedly attract rabbits. I just hope no one I know is visiting here this weekend. This entire section of the state is doomed!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bunnies' Cousin

One of my siblings' relatives has made an appearance in another blog and you won't believe how proud the bunnies are of him. He's mentioned here along with pictures of the garden he's claimed as a buffet. For rabbit food, I suppose it does look rather tasty, although this human's failure to grow catnip should be a crime. Anyway, she ought to count herself lucky that this bunny is just eating her garden instead of taking over the garden for planting purposes of his own. Goodness knows what could happen if he did that! I'm fairly sure that any rabbit on my siblings' family tree is capable of causing any human to lose their home in no time once plants get involved.

You Know

You know, as if the graduation they're having foolishly right up the hill from a garden isn't bad enough, the other one happens to be in an area where a suspicious number of cows have their pastures. I just know those bunnies will do something terrible there! And the human's thinking of dropping in to pay her respects at her gggggrandfather's grave, so goodness knows she won't be keeping an eye on those rabbits. How much trouble do you suppose the poor cows will be in if they let the bunnies get their paws on all of that manure they were supposed to be saving for the market?

Jail Tomorrow

Well, I report to jail tomorrow, and all I can say is it can't happen soon enough. Betsy is lagging out ALL of her extra snitching sacks, and I don't like the way the rabbits are looking at the shovels and the spade at all. I think I saw them searching for containers, too, possibly to hold snitched berry bushes. If anyone was thinking of being in the mountain area, or even in our state, they really better think again. There's going to be so much trouble this weekend it isn't funny. I just hope I can convince everyone that I'm in no way, shape or form connected to any of this!

Should I Call the Cops?

A store sold more seed to the bunnies today. They got three packs each of broccoli, cauliflower and green pepper, another pack of cantaloupe, three packs of cherry tomato and two of rutgers tomato. Surely selling that much seed to bunnies is some sort of criminal offense! So, how do I go about turning them in?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay, the bunnies claim there wasn't a label on the pumpkin seed telling what sort of pumpkin it is, so how can I make sure that it isn't that horrible, horrible giant pumpkin kind? Surely the seeds for that would be giant as well, to make it easier to identify, right? Those things can grow to two thousand pounds and I KNOW they don't get that fat on dirt alone! To make matters even worse, the bunnies poked the pumpkin seed in their speedy germination location, the top of the hot water heater. I just know I'm going to come back from jail to a disaster! Those little things are husk free and look suspiciously green which makes me worry rapid sprouting beyond the week average for the other pumpkins is possible. What in the world am I going to do if they all sprout? That little baggie will never hold them all! Can you imagine what the bag will look like with 160 seeds sprouting and expanding at once?

Habitat for Humanity

Another bear came trotting along to join the family today, unfortunately too late to prevent the raid on the food co-op. The odd thing, though, is that he was hanging around our local Habitat for Humanity when he was found. I thought those places were supposed to build homes for those in need, not help them sneak into already existing homes! I think they must be getting lazy there or something.

Pray for our Neighbors

If you're the praying sort, please offer up prayers for our poor, misfortunate neighbors. The bunnies just poked 160 pumpkin seeds into a baggie to try to sprout them, and they think they have at least that many left for a second run. We will never, ever see our neighbors again.


We will never see our neighbors again, and frankly, I'm not sure how in the world I'm going to get out of here either. The food co-op foolishly sold an ounce of pumpkin seeds to the rabbits. Do you know how many pumpkin seeds make up an ounce? I'm guessing there are close to three hundred there and it only cost the bunnies 37 cents! They're going to sprout them, and if it works well, they're hoping to hop back next week for more! A pound of seeds are 4.15. Can you imagine the number of pumpkins that could result from that? They also got celery , fenugreek, fennel, green lentils, mung beans, adzuki beans, milk thistle, black eyed peas, alias cowpeas, flax, annatto, cardamom, anise and dill. On the up side, the poor cat who has the misfortune to work at the seed store was on duty when they came hopping in there, and was able to keep them from purchasing anything but birdhouse gourd for me. Unfortunately, though, they also got Roma tomato, beefsteak and homestead tomato and cantaloupe at another store. I don't think anything tops the pumpkin, though. What was the food co-op thinking?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Need to Warn a Fellow Cat

In a bit of bad news, one of the graduations the humans are hoping to attend is right up a hill from a garden that I know is just packed with herbs and other stuff of interest to bunnies. There's a cat who's the manager there, so I'm wondering how I can go about issuing a warning to this feline about my rabbit sisters. I shudder to think of the damage those bunnies could do, digging stuff up and taking cuttings. One kitty alone likely isn't enough to handle them, and the poor cat manager needs warning to gather reinforcements, I'm sure. I wonder how I can find an email address for this cat?

Garden Tools

Do you know they have garden tools in such colors as pink, blue, red, purple and who knows what else now? They're suspiciously rabbit sized tools too. Obviously they're intended to be gardening accessories for the fashionable bunny! Those stores should be so ashamed for offering such a dangerous product it's not funny! My sisters are currently debating which shovels will go best with their clothing, and even the bunny I'm sure is a boy is getting in on the act! I just know they're going to make plans to accessorize me with a tool or two next and I'm just not into the color coordinating thing at all.

Sneaking Out

The bunnies are thinking of creeping out this afternoon, and I think strawberries might be involved. Do you think I have time to call and warn the stores? They've seen lots of 25 and 50 plants offered in their catalogues so that's what they're looking at. And even worse, they offered to use one of my spare leashes and take me along!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Berry Bushes

Do you think I should worry about the fact I saw the rabbits checking out the shovels available in the garden shed to see how well they will fit in the humans' car trunk? You see, they've heard that there are places where berry bushes grow wild, and these places might just be near the cemeteries and graduations the humans will be visiting. I believe they're planning to do a bit of digging and gathering while those tombstones have the human distracted. How much trouble do you suppose might result? The mountains didn't really NEED their berry bushes, right? At least I don't have to worry about them disturbing those unfortunate mountain bears, though. Thanks to Betsy tampering with their clocks, I'm fairly sure they're still in bed snoozing.


The rabbits are looking for strawberry plants to purchase now, just to tide them over until their seeds start sprouting, of course! Do you guys know how bad strawberry plants are for spreading and invading? Granted, the rabbits have said they will put them in hanging pots to open up more gardening room, but I don't trust those pots to contain those sneaky little plants. If you think strawberries are cute little red things, think again! They're invaders in planning! If they're put into hanging pots, it will undoubtedly just open up an invasion route to the roof for them!

Leashes Part 3

The bunnies are actually after me to get them leashes now! How bad a sign do you suppose it is that the rabbits are actually enthusiastic about something that I was hoping would make life easier for me? I have a bad feeling that they think they can use the leashes to drag me around and make me an accessory to gardening, instead of the leashes making them behave like I was hoping.

Seed Purchases this Afternoon

The bunnies got to the store again, and came hopping back with more seed. These things aren't labeled value packs, which frankly I think should qualify them for violating some sort of truth in advertising standard given the amount of seeds they contain. They got five packs each of zucchini and yellow squash, three packs of cucumbers and two packs of Swiss chard. Our poor, poor neighbors. And they've been spending so much time, too, trying to make their houses look their nicest. Should I tell them of the futility of this now before they invest any more time in home improvement?

Moo Fest

They are having a festival in honor of the cow in a couple of weeks that I would love to attend. I'm thinking of asking a group of neighboring kitties if they would like to get together and possibly form a carpool to this event. All of that yummy, yummy milk would be wonderful, not to mention being away from my siblings' terrible plants. I am a bit worried, though, about how in the world I'm going to keep those bunnies from hopping along in order to try to get their paws on manure, and embarrassing me to death in front of the other cats! Bad enough that they're growing potential cat-eating pumpkins! So, how can I keep them out of the Moo Fest carpool? Not to mention, how do I dodge the polar bears? They think these cows might have sheep friends they would like to meet.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Speaking of Pumpkin

Did you know that the food co-op offers pumpkin seed in bulk? Obviously, those people are so totally oblivious of the danger of bunny gardeners that it isn't even funny. The rabbits are considering hopping on the bus to catch a ride down there one day in order to gather more pumpkin seed and other stuff. I can only pray it isn't the giant pumpkin seed that they have in stock. I know those pumpkins can't get as fat as they do from dirt and water alone!

Upcoming Disaster

I think I better take photos of our poor neighbors, for potential missing persons posters that we might have to put out soon. The bunnies got four more packs of tomato seed today and a pack of cantaloupe. And even worse, they added 75 more pumpkin seeds and three giant paws full of bean seed to their little baggies. We are never, ever going to see our neighbors again. I have a bad feeling these beans are hostile, and I don't even want to think about what the sheer amount of pumpkins the bunnies are hunting down seeds for could do.

Leashes Part 2

Okay, I did some looking on the internet, and it turns out they actually make leashes for bunnies! Take a look at what I just found at bunnymart!

It does seem as if it would work well for their size of rabbit, but the page advertising it doesn't say how well it handles potential stress. The rabbit in the picture looks like a well mannered, sedate bunny, something my sisters are definitely not. So, how do I work out how well the leash stands up to excessive hopping, and pulling to try to drag the innocent cat that has the end of the leash to the seed supply?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bad News About the Beans

The beans, the ones from that pound of beans that the store foolishly sold to the rabbits, well, those things are starting to sprout! What am I going to do? The bunnies are gloating and hopping about the house, planning to put the rest of the pound in a bag for sprouting purposes tomorrow! The mung beans are sprouting too, and I believe they said the black beans. The food co-op should be so ashamed of themselves but they're probably just gloating since the bunnies mentioned hopping back down there in the next day or so to stock up on more stuff.

More Mint Reporting

The mint is definitely sprouting now, in a manner that is so alarming that it isn't funny. I wonder how fast mint is capable of taking over a house? The bunnies are thinking of our poor, misfortunate neighbors on the upper side of the house for evicting for their mint patch.

Animal Shopping

The bunnies would like to reassure all of my animal readers that although businesses have signs up saying that they only allow service animals, they aren't really serious about this. It's just something they say to keep out deadbeat animals who would loiter in the pet food section and stuff. According to the rabbits, the best way to go in is to make sure they can tell you have money right at the door. Dogs and cats, tucking bills under your collars might work best for this. And for heavens' sakes, if you get in there and spot rabbits lurking around the seed aisle, please chase them out right away!

Seed! Run!

The bunnies got more seed today to be on the safe side. All I can suggest is for the neighbors to flee now. They got five packs of butternut squash, Three of watermelon, two of cucumbers, two of yellow squash, two of cantaloupe, two of cherry tomatoes, three of rutgers tomatoes and three packs of table queen squash. Honestly, the bunnies are restocking due to fears of losing the stuff they've moved to bowls due to our nutty weather and humidity! They haven't moved much to bowls yet! Most everything is still in bags and the rabbits should be ashamed of themselves for getting enough seeds to do in our poor, poor neighbors! We'll never see them again at the rate at which the rabbits are going!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rabbit Manure

I was patrolling the gardening board to try to block any bad ideas it might give the bunnies, and I saw a post about rabbit manure being used in gardens. Granted, if I could convince them to handle manure supplying themselves it would keep them from terrorizing the sheep, bothering cows who are supposed to be producing for the marketplace and harassing the zoo, but what in the world would the neighbors think if the bunnies took their business out to the yard?

Wilting Plants

Some of the bunnies' plants were wilting from excessive moisture as I mentioned earlier. Frankly, I think it was all a ruse to get their lids removed so they could escape and take over faster, but the rabbits think they might be perking up. To be on the safe side, though, and I hope no one faints when they hear this, the bunnies are considering doubling their seed numbers so they'll be able to replace anything lost easily! The neighbors are doomed! Not even the marines can save them now!

Foolish Gourd Purchases

The bunnies purchased the most ridiculous gourd seed that I have ever heard of this morning. First they got something called loofah, which they claim is just perfect to perking up tired ears with a brisk scrub, and for getting tails their cottoniest. And as if that wasn't bad enough, they also bought a pack of dipper gourd! They have cups! They don't need to waste a perfectly good gourd growing a drinking vessel when they should be growing houses for the rental market! I don't know what I'm going to do with their horrible choices for plants, I really don't. The seed store should be so ashamed to be supplying them.


The mint is definitely up to something. The bunnies just happily announced sprouts are appearing everywhere, and seeing as they have several hundred seeds out, that doesn't seem like a good sign at all. I wonder if the neighbors have checked to make sure their homeowners' policies cover possible attacks by marauding mint plants? Goodness knows, those rabbits will do nothing to make it behave, I'm sure.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Calling out the Marines!

Okay, there's a marine recruiting office less than a mile from the house. When do you suppose I need to call them up to inform them of the upcoming vegetation invasion? The fenugreek is starting to sprout, which is frightening to say the least, and I have a bad feeling about the mint. The marines do handle such invasions, right, or are the bunnies' gardening plans seen as too dangerous for even them?

Flipping their Lids!

The lids are off of all of the plants except a couple of the flowers! They were holding too much moisture in and some plants spoiled, so all lids are off except the ones on the cosmos and morning glories due potential poison issues. What am I going to do? All of those horrible, horrible, squash, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, watermelon and beans are looking at me suspiciously and I just know that now that they aren't safely locked under their little lids that they're going to get going full force with their plan of conquest! What am I going to do? Only a screen is holding them back from getting into the yard and heading for our poor, unsuspecting neighbors!

Bunnies Hit the Co-op

Well, the bunnies got to the food co-op this afternoon. On the up side, they did manage to get their paws on those anise seeds that I need to hopefully feed my future hummingbird tenants. In a bit of bad news, though, they also got more milk thistle seed, broccoli seed and chili pepper seed. We are never, ever going to see our poor neighbors again!


The bunnies swear that those horrible beans are preparing to spout! Granted, they haven't actually saw any roots popping out yet, but they swear they saw signs of sprout starting. How worried should I be? They have a ton of beans in their little bags and despite their claims, I'm not sure at all that beans don't have the potential to become vicious! Five rabbits have already hopped into the car, and I just know they're going to find new, even more delinquent beans to plant.

Worries for this Afternoon

The human has another doctor's appointment this afternoon, and I fear what might happen as a result. Why that doctor decided to have his office near so many plant and seed places, I'll never know. It just seems like a horribly dangerous place to put in a business. The rabbits just tried to beg Betsy to loan them one of her snitching sacks, and I think they're plotting to hop in the car to stow away. They came back with frightening numbers of things last time, and I shudder to think what they might get this time without supervision. I'm debating if I should accompany them now. Perhaps I could use some yarn to make a temporary leash to restrain them?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fear For Every Bear in the Tri-County Area and Further

Betsy has her little maps all ready to go, showing the location of every bear's den in the section of the state the humans will be heading to soon. They have graduations scheduled in two different counties and cemeteries to visit in at least one other one. My human has set some sort of horrible record for distraction in the graveyard so I know Betsy won't be supervised at ALL! I wonder what the potential consequences are for so many bears being robbed and all on the same weekend too?


More watermelons, beefsteak tomatoes and cucumbers moved from baggies to bowls today. We are definitely never, ever going to see our poor, innocent neighbors again given the number of plants the bunnies are starting. Poor neighbors. I do hope they weren't excessively attached to their homes. I wonder how much advance notice I will need to give them before the bunnies move the plants outside? I understand the squash family can get aggressive rather quickly.

The Sheep are in Trouble Again

Those poor, poor sheep. If it isn't bad enough that the polar bears are still after them for their wool, now the bunnies are considering going after them for their MANURE! Granted, my polar bear sisters do frighten the manure out of the poor sheep with their attempts to collect wool, but still that doesn't mean they want to make contributions to the bunnies! Do I need to send out another warning to the sheep to keep their eyes out for bunnies as well as polar bears now?


I blame the New York Times and the gardening book that they so foolishly published for the bunnies' latest, nutty idea, I really do, and if the authorities come looking for them due to this, I will let them know who they should really get after. Would you believe that this book mentions how good zoo manure is for gardens? Needless to say, the bunnies were very excited as there is a zoo only a couple of miles away, and they're wanting to hop over there immediately to make a deal with the residents about handing over manure. Are zoos insured for sudden rabbit infestations? They've been gathering bananas to take as bribes for the monkeys and I KNOW they snitched all of the tuna to offer the lions!


Does anyone know where I can get my paws on a leash for a rabbit? I unfortunately must let them out in order to get seed to feed my hopeful, future hummingbird tenants, but I'm not sure they can be trusted without tight supervision, so I'm thinking of putting them on a leash and accompanying them. Given how easily those stores allow rabbits in, they shouldn't have a problem with me. I just need to find a leash that would work for the rabbits. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm sure they're bad about pulling, and their hopping tendencies are rather alarming.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rental Business

Does anyone have any good suggestions for how to lure a group of geese into moving in? They're currently hanging about a pool, probably getting ready to install nests, and I'm wanting to see how I can go about getting them to rent here instead. Honestly, that pool gets money from all of the happy swimmers all summer, and doesn't need the business of renting to those geese! That is my job! So how can I convince them my pool and property are highly superior?

Seed Needed

There actually is one sort of seed that I'm going to have to risk allowing rabbits to leave the house to collect more of. It turns out that hummingbirds are supposed to like the anise plant, and apparently you can't rent a dwelling to one of those little things unless you have a snack bar for them right next door. I've got a ton of egg gourd plants sprouting so something must be done to lure in tenants. Do you think I can tell the food co-op to sell anise and only anise to the rabbits?

Sprouting this Afternoon

The lemon verbena is definitely sprouting, along with the chives. And in even WORSE news, the CARROT seed is sprouting! Do you know the damage that could be done from that horrible vegetable sprouting? Carrots are notorious for attracting rabbits! This neighborhood is so doomed it isn't funny. Some okra moved into a bowl today, only to be promptly replaced with more okra and pumpkins. I just hope okra isn't aggressive. I already have a bad feeling about the beans. I know those bean leaves were looking suspiciously at me!

Call the Army! Call the Navy! Call the Marines!

The bunnies swear that they have detected signs of peppermint sprouting! The authorities must be alerted to this alarming development at once! Who do I need to call to report an impending mint invasion? The rabbits are crowing over their seeding success, and are thinking about looking up some different types of mint to start online! Should the neighbors just go ahead and declare their dwelling a total loss with their insurance company now? Goodness knows they will never see their homes again by the time the rabbits are through with their planting.

Monday, May 4, 2009


By the way, the herb seed the bunnies put out for starting a few days ago are starting to sprout. How alarming do you suppose I should find that? The lemon verbina is looking rather green, and more sage is sprouting as well. I wonder how dangerous those seeds might prove to be to our neighbors? Goodness knows what will happen if the peppermint comes up.

121+ Seed Packets

There are now 121 plus empty seed packets that the bunnies have used thus far this year. Is that enough for our poor neighbors to qualify for some sort of disaster relief? I just hope they didn't take the wrong way the signs the bunnies posted declaring their home the future dwelling place of all things squashy. Perhaps the rain will have made the letters on the signs run enough to keep the rabbits out of trouble for another day.

More Seed Moved

A pack of kohlrabi moved into a bowl this evening along with the egg gourd and three seedlings of my birdhouse gourd. I wonder when I'll need to start hanging up signs advertising my future rental properties? The egg gourd are kind of small, but I suppose they'll hold hummingbirds. I want to make sure that the birds know early that dwellings are coming on the market, though, so they can go ahead and sign up for a unit. The only bad thing about this evening's moves were that the bunnies poked more kohlrabi, mixed gourds and several paws full of those mixed beans into the vacant spaces in the bags. Do you suppose it's a bad sign that they've used half a pound of those things?

Seed Additions

Well, they popped the zucchini, yellow squash, peas and beans into a bag along with a pawful of the mixed beans that store foolishly sold them. You know, our poor neighbors went out for a concert this afternoon. Do you think they'll take it the wrong way if they come home to find signs hanging up on all of their windows labeling their home the future dwelling of the squash?

BitBY is Back

The bunny in the backyard came hopping back today. He didn't have any little suitcases with him or anything, but I just know that rabbit is up to something, and I suspect it involves installing a burrow someplace! Does anyone know how I can get rent out of him if he illegally moves in? I've seen him looking suspiciously at one of the storage buildings like he thinks it would be a lovely bunny dwelling.

Afternoon Seed Update

Some lunatic let the bunnies obtain more seed this afternoon. They came hopping home with packs of pea, green bean, yellow squash and zucchini seed. They haven't poked them in a baggie for starting yet, but I know they're going to any minute. Honestly, what these stores are thinking, I'll never know. It isn't like the bunnies go shopping in disguise or something. It's very obvious with the little cotton tails and the big, floppy ears that they're bunnies, so why do they keep selling to them?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Speaking of BitBY

A hole has been spotted where the bunny in the backyard was hanging out this afternoon. I think this rabbit might be making some sort of plans to move in! I suppose now I'm going to have to spend my day tomorrow staking out the backyard window to see if the rabbit comes back lagging luggage and possibly furniture for a burrow. I just hope this bunny knows that I will charge rent on any burrows installed!

Bunny in the Backyard

A bunny was spotted in the backyard today, right where part of the garden is going in shortly. I can only assume this bunny was up to no good, as it fled when the humans stepped outside. I just hope it wasn't dropping off more seed for my siblings.

Tell Me Bunnies Can't Get Car Loans!

The bunnies have found several potential vehicles in just their size on Amazon. About my only comfort right now is that they don't have the cash on their paws to pay for such a purchase. They're working hard to figure out a way, though. If it occurs to them to go to Betsy and her mafia cousins for a loan, we are all DOOMED!

Today's Seed Alert

The seed is expanding even more. The bunnies took the lids off of some of the little bowls today to let their little plants stretch out for awhile. Does anyone think I need to phone the neighbors about this? It's all squash, zucchini, watermelon and pumpkin, a frightening amount of them too. They're lounging in the sink right by a window! What if they get out?

115+ seed packets

I have found 115 empty seed packets so far, including some that are alarmingly called value packs. I so hope our poor neighbors are insured for this sort of thing, although how someone can ever have enough insurance to cover the behavior of delinquent bunnies, I don't know. And of course, the seed packet count doesn't include what came from the food co-op, that pound of beans the store foolishly allowed a bunny to purchase, and some packets that the bunnies haven't completely emptied yet. Is there any way I can convince the stores to institute a policy right away banning bunnies from the building? Switching their change for Chucky Cheese tokens didn't work. Would you believe they know that a large mouse wasn't the father of our country?

They Want a Car!

Betsy's actually wanted to get a car for awhile now, to ensure faster getaways from the scenes of her various crimes and everything, but now the bunnies have decided to start begging for a little vehicle to zoom around in as well, and I know the reason they want one is so they can go seed hunting! Can you imagine how many seed those rabbits could get if they could drive instead of having to hop everywhere to collect seed? I think I'm going to have to block Amazon totally from this computer. They swear it sells cars in their size, and now they're bugging me to get off so they can select the model they want! What am I going to do?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Additional Seed

The bunnies moved more things than I want to think about into bowls today, and in addition to what the new, delinquent bunny offered up they added: tendergreen beans, more tomatoes, three or four paws full of those mixed beans the grocery store so foolishly sold them by the pound, the rest of the pack of birdhouse gourd, and horror of horrors, value packs of cucumbers and butternut squash!

Betsy's Coming Crimes

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I need to do about an upcoming crime spree Betsy Bear has planned? Luckily, I will be safely in jail during this horrible crime wave, but still, should I report it? The humans have two graduations spread out over half of our section of the state, along with decorating all of the graves in the mountains. Betsy's been using Google Earth to track down the dens of all of the poor bears who live in the vicinity of any of these events, and she's getting out all of the spare snitching sacks now to handle the loot. Goodness knows, the human gets distracted any time she's near a cemetery, and I don't even want to think of the distraction of a graduation, let alone two. Poor bears. I hope they didn't need their honey supplies too much.

Good Sprouting News for a Change!

The birdhouse gourd is sprouting! It finally decided to cooperate and start sprouting! Soon I'll have little bird dwellings growing to fill the rental market! So, when do you think I should start hanging up signs advertising the new property? I figure some birds might want to come by to check them out while they're still on the vine.


How worried should I be? I caught the bunnies drawing pictures in an attempt to map out their garden just a bit ago. Granted, the rabbits aren't terrific artists, but still what they have is rather frightening. There's a big swarm of squash and zucchini vines filling the place our neighbor's house used to occupy, with happy little bunnies hopping around through the vines, gathering stuff and snacking on it. I know that it's them down there due to the floppy ears and the large cotton tails. What's even worse is that they drew my cat mother, perched on the roof of the neighbors' former home! Should I warn her about this?

The New Bunny's Seed Contribution

The new bunny visited the food co-op before hopping in here, and like I said, arrived with nine new things of seed to try planting. The other rabbits happily welcomed this new delinquent, and moved the butternut squash and the basil over to give some planting room for her contributions. They've got green lentils, popcorn, mung bean, fenugreek, more fennel, anise, milk thistle, peanuts and something called annatto that I'm afraid might produce a tree tucked into a bag along with some butternut squash that wasn't ready to move yet. I just want it known right now that I was at home minding my own business when this bunny got her paws on the seed, and our neighbors should hold either the church who let her escape, or the food co-op to blame for the loss of their dwellings.

Sins of the Church

The church let a rabbit escape today, and of course this bunny came hopping right over here to move in. To make matters even worse, she brought nine different kinds of seed with her, too! Honestly, doesn't the church know better than to allow rabbits to escape like that? Do they want my poor neighbors to be homeless? About the only good thing I can see about this new bunny is the fact that she's female, which, come to think of it, isn't as safe as it was with the possible boy bunny here now.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Today in the Seed Movement

Some of the fennel and sage moved into a shared bowl today. Those things are small so far and the bowl is bigger than usual, so they were able to share. The bunnies promptly added strawberry, lemon balm and something called marshmallow to the baggie to start sprouting, along with the fennel and sage that weren't ready to move yet. Really, I just hope our poor, poor neighbors had no plans to spend this summer in their homes, and frankly Fall is looking a big iffy for them moving back.


Does anyone know anything about radishes? Because the bunnies swear their radish seed is starting to sprout. At least radishes are nice, polite rooting vegetables, though, who aren't likely to lead to the capture of cats or teenagers. Or dogs who aren't greyhounds with track shoes on, come to think of it.

Horrid Cucumber News

The bunnies found a value pack of cucumber seed. They haven't actually planted it yet, of course, but they know where it is. How alarmed do you think I should be? I'm wondering if I need to make fliers or something to pass around to all of our poor neighbors letting them know to flee. Goodness knows they need to be warned to cancel any potential graduations before teenagers are lost forever.