Saturday, April 30, 2011

Should You Live in the Country

If you've made the mistake of making your home in the country, RUN! Run now before it is too late! The humans are about to head off for the country cottage to clean up, and Betsy Bear is planning to accompany them! And, in even worse news for the human's poor cousin, Farmer Turley, an alarming number of rabbits seem to be planning to hop along as well! Run while you still have time!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Egg Hunt

The bunnies got a letter from their leader this morning, accepting with pleasure their kind invitation to attend the egg hunt planned for the family reunion. Such a fast reply probably sets some sort of record for a response to correspondence. Just my luck. And the head rabbit was so pleased with this continuation of Easter that he dropped another bunny off here to assist in the hiding of eggs! EGGS!! There are over a hundred plastic eggs here, already, for hiding purposes, along with a basket for transporting eggs, and special tape, to mark off the area in which these eggs are to be hidden. The egg hunt is definitely looking like it is going to occur, and it will be just my luck, that the bunnies will figure out some way to make me assist! They'll probably try to poke a pair of rabbit ears on me, to declare me an honorary bunny, so I will have to help with hiding!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

For Once the Rabbits Aren't to Blame

This is a change, but for once, those bunnies aren't to blame for bad weather. I'm sure it will come as a shock to my readers, who know the damage the bunnies have managed to cause, with their rain dances, but they weren't holding a dance last night, no matter what the storms might lead you to suspect. Of course, the only reason they weren't dancing was because they were making plans for something worse. The human is planning an egg hunt for that horrible reunion, to give the children something to do, and the bunnies are wanting to invite their leader to head this activity. They were all occupied yesterday, writing the letter to him, asking him to grace the reunion with his cotton tailed presence, and thus can't be held accountable in any way, shape or form for any bad weather.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


You won't believe the horror the bunnies just found on Facebook! Driver's licenses for dogs, and for cats too! They're already making plans to get me one of the little things right away, and I know that no good can come of my becoming a licensed driver. The bunnies will undoubtedly expect me to drive them places, and even worse, to drive large amounts of seed and plants back to our house to be added to the garden! Is there a way to contact the driver's bureau and to tell them as much as I appreciate the thought, I would just as soon not operate a motor vehicle? The human would probably get into the act too, and I would be forced to drive her on family tree hunts. No, nothing good can come of my driving an automobile, nothing good at all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sack Horrors

I was so distracted by the Easter horrors that I almost forgot to tell you about the sack horrors, or maybe I was hopping if I didn't say anything, that somehow the horror would disappear. The bunnies arranged the purchase of 150 sacks to be used as goodie bags for the family reunion last week. That means that goodie bags are definitely going to be constructed, which also means that those rabbits are going to be hopping around sooner or later, expecting me to work and help assemble them! My poor paws. My poor, poor paws. I can feel the blisters already, and the pointy bruises on my backside, from being poked with carrots and ordered to stuff the bags faster!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Today's Weather

The praise from their leader went totally to the bunnies' heads, just like I feared it would. They held a rain dance this afternoon, to encourage garden growth, and things got totally out of hand. Trees are down everywhere, and I don't know what that church that now has a large piece of lumber in their sanctuary will do if they ever find out about the rabbits' involvement. Really, they ought to be ashamed. And you should have seen them running about, when things got out of hand. They were even talking about grabbing me and heading for the storm cellar! We don't have a storm cellar! I was almost captured and forced to sit in the damp, hole of a basement crawlspace!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Success

I'm very sorry to announce the complete, utter success of Easter. I had high hopes that Easter would fail this morning, when I heard one of Betsy's snares go off, and looked out the window to see the rabbits' leader dangling upside down by one of his big feet in it. I was sure he would get annoyed, and go hopping home. But no such luck. The bunnies rushed out and freed him. He did loose all of his candy and chocolate eggs to Betsy, of course, but the gifts for the rabbits were still intact. SEED! Gift certificates for seed and garden stores! An extra rabbit to assist them with planting, and promises to send more bunnies to help soon, with how impressed the head rabbit was by the industry my rabbit siblings have shown thus far! Horrors to numerous to be imagined! And, even worse, the head bunny said he might RETURN! HE was so impressed with what the bunnies have done thus far that he wants to check it out again! What if he brings them more stuff when he drops back in?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Horror Hopping Along

In just a few horrors, horror will come hopping along as the rabbits' leader, the Easter Bunny, comes hopping down the bunny trail to make his annual visit. The bunnies are bouncing around, all excited about it now. I don't know how I'll get any sleep with the noise they're making, not that I think I would get any rest anyway, even if I could doze. I'm sure my sleep would be filled with horrible nightmares about what that rabbit will be bringing for my bunny siblings in his baskets. I just know he has seed for them. Betsy's got snares laid to capture him, of course, but she just wants the candy in his basket. She'll leave the seed for sure, so he'll be able to deliver it as soon as he gets free!

Beginning Garden Horrors Continued

My paws were too sore from being forced to aid in the construction of Welcome signs to do much typing last night, so I couldn't properly share with you the horrors of yesterday. The paws are a bit better this morning, though, so I thought you should be warned. Please lock all small children away now before they can see and become frightened. The bunnies got their paws on more plants yesterday! They are now the proud owners of four pepper plants, and twelve tomatoes! And this is just the start of the gardening season, too! If it's just started, and they already have that many plants, who knows what might happen next! The price for the plants was very reasonable, too, and due to a mix-up on their ticket, the humans might have to go out to the store again in a few days. The rabbits are sure to hop along and get additional plants. Oh, we are all doomed! And they were so inspired by these things that they're starting to talk about sprouting SEED next! Sprouting seed. Oh, woe is me! And what in the world is going to happen when the Easter Bunny arrives and sees their industry? He's sure to lavish rich rewards upon them, rich SEED rewards! Our poor neighbors. I suppose I ought to drag some crates down to their house in a bit, for they will surely need to start packing soon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sorry About Last Night

I'm sorry I didn't post last night. I was just about to, when those bunnies pounced on me. Apparently, it's finally occurred to them that they just have to stake out the computer for a bit, should they want to grab me for work purposes. They made me spend the evening assisting them in making a large banner for the weekend, to welcome their leader when he comes hopping around with his little baskets, undoubtedly full of seed to render our poor neighbors homeless. I think I might have to spend Sunday in hiding. The number of signs with gushing words of welcome for the Easter Bunny is positively embarrassing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Plant

The first plant is now out, in the bunnies' garden, some sort of herb called fennel. Garden season has officially begun. Oh, this is the worst sign possible, the fact the rabbits have started planting so early. It's sure to impress the head rabbit immensely when he comes hopping around on Sunday, that my bunny siblings already have a plant out, earlier than any other rabbit around! And he's sure to reward them accordingly for this accomplishment! Any rewards will likely be of the seed variety, too, which will only lead to more gardening. This year's season is shaping up to be the worst yet! I wonder if I ought to go ahead and talk to the neighbors now, to let them know that they should flee while they still can?

Late Posting

Sorry I'm so late posting tonight. The power cord for the modem went missing. I suspect the bunnies were using it for something plant related. Their leader is going to be hopping around soon, and they're all in a frenzy, determined to show him what good, industrious rabbits they are. I am afraid to think of what he might give them this year as a reward for their bunny industry, seeing as he just finished a film. He'll have nightmarish amounts of cash to pass out to his subjects for garden expenses, I'm sure.

Monday, April 18, 2011

More Issues From that Shower

Really, this horrible event keeps leading to trouble, and it's already over. Anyway, the food and goodies got a ton of praise, and humans saying how nice and clever everything was. Needless to say, those cotton tailed little pests were thrilled to have their industry complimented in this manner, and it's put horrible ideas into their heads, horrible ideas that will lead to work for me! I've already seen the list, so I know this is true. Cupcakes in reunion colors, and it's never had an official color, so that will lead to who knows how much trouble as the bunnies hop around, debating potential colors. And then I'll be captured again, and forced to assist them with the cupcake baking! Or possibly with stand construction. Do you know how many people attend these horrible, horrible events? Many more than attended that shower. My poor paws hurt just thinking of the size of stand that would be needed for cupcakes, and what in the world will I do if another cat sees me working on assembling it? Or worse, in an apron being forced to ferry food from stove to counter for decoration purposes?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Shower Issue

Besides the fact that I was forced to work, I have other issues with that shower. The cupcakes were decorated with little teddy bears, and then there were alarming numbers of songs related to bears on the the CDs that were burned as party favors. If the human had been well enough to attend, she was even thinking about taking a few bears, to loiter decoratively as party atmosphere. I can only assume that the presence of all of these things related to bears is part of some plot, to brainwash people into liking the fluffy things, and wanting to give them homes! Can I be held as an accessory to this plot, since I was forced to assist with it? Believe me, it wasn't my idea!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ignore Our Brother

It's Bebe, just letting you know that you should ignore our brother and his complaints that we played some sort of evil trick on him. We clearly told him last night, before he faked limping off to bed, that the table was going to be full of party supplies this morning, to make things easier for the human who was transporting them to the shower. There was no reason for him to think the plant he attacked belonged to us, and was for the garden. It is barely SPRING! Garden plants are much smaller at this time of the year, and are in seed cups. This was clearly a full grown flower, in a vase. Our brother had no reason not to figure out what it was!

Rabbits Tricked Me

Those rotten bunnies pulled a cruel trick, something to punish me for my complaints, I am sure. I was checking out the kitchen bright and early this morning, to make sure that those bunnies didn't have a few little projects lined up for me, when I spotted a plant on the table. Of course, I figured it belonged to the bunnies, and was possibly a start for their garden, so I decided to dispose of it at once, and the only way I could think of to do it was to force myself to eat it. I had no more than taken a nibble, when the rabbits came rushing in shouting! Apparently it was their plant, but it was a fake one, they had got out last night after I had gone to bed to rest my paws, to provide more decoration for the shower. A fake plant. Does anyone know what is the best way to remove plastic leaves, and silk petals from your teeth? Not to mention the taste?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Back from Torture

Well, I'm back from my torture, preparing those annoying little goodie bags. Really, the bunnies should be ashamed of themselves, forcing me into working. I don't care if there were only twenty bags. I'm sure that was enough work to give me blisters on my paws! I'm very sorry to say that the baking was a horrible success, too. I'm sure that will only lead to the rabbits trying to find a way to cook again, and to them demanding my assistance! I have to find a better hiding place while I still have time!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Annann Polar Bear Reporting

Our brother has been captured, and drug to assist with baking, and a group of bears is wanting to get on, to assist with the burning of CDs for the baby shower, but we thought we would take a moment to chat first. I see our brother posted a photo of that selfish sheep who refused to share his wool with a batch of needy polar bears. Believe me, it was a hot topic for discussion on all of the polar bear email lists. Just look at him, so fluffy and woolly! He would probably be enough to stuff an entire quilt! But when the polar bears approached him, and asked for his assistance to help a group of poor endangered animals, what did the selfish sheep do but to say no, and then to dart away. It is his fault entirely that he got stuck, and had to be rescued by humans. Never fear, though. We polar bears are resourceful. I heard about it from the bears involved. They waited until the humans got him down, and he was gloating about getting his sheepy face in the news, and then they pounced! All of that wonderful wool is now stuffed into a quilt in a nice den somewhere!

Look What the Polar Bears Did!

Well, I expect those rabbits to come hopping in, to capture me for baking assistance purposes at any moment, just as soon as they finish their breakfast carrots, but before I try to find a workable hiding place, I thought I would show you what a group of polar bears did. Take a look at this!

This poor, poor sheep. The humans involved in the incident think he got stuck on the wire while trying to get to a batch of female sheep, but I know better. There were polar bears, after him for his wool, and he ended up stuck while trying to escape them! Really, don't these humans pay attention? How could they miss the group of bears, lurking about with scissors for shearing purposes?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Really, Brother

Hey, it's Josie Rabbit here. Bebe's in the kitchen, getting the chairs set up, so we can reach the counters for baking tomorrow, so she asked me to post. Please ignore everything our brother is saying. He has absolutely no right to be making such a fuss about our planned baking. We have only assigned him one job, that of tying up the goodie bags once we have stuffed them. Really, how much work is that? There are only going to be twenty guests. He could probably be done with the tying in a few minutes, if he showed even a bit of industry! He has absolutely no right to complain at all. He gets to lounge around, while we bake, and he only has to do his part when we're done. Really, he has the easiest job, and he should appreciate our kindness in finding it for him.

Doom Scheduled

My doom is scheduled for tomorrow. The bunnies have decided to spend the day baking, so they can potentially help the human with CD burning on Friday. Oh, I am so doomed! They've even got a little apron out, that they're sure will fit me perfectly! What if some other cat sees me in an apron? I will never live the embarrassment down! And then there's all the baking they have planned. I can feel my fur drying out from the heat just thinking about it? Why, oh why, did the human have to fall ill, and worse, why did she have to accept the bunnies' offer to take over for her?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lock Me Up!

I demand to be locked up right away! I absolutely insist! I thought that the human being ill meant that I was safe from baking related confinement but now the rabbits have poked their long, floppy ears and fuzzy cotton tails into the situation! They hopped into the human's room to let her know how sorry they feel for her, and how, since she is under the weather, and possibly on the verge of laryngitis, that they will be happy to take over, and handle all of the baking! What in the world did I do wrong to deserve torture like this? The bunnies are in the kitchen right now, happily going through cookbooks, to pick various goodies to bake! The human just planned cupcakes, cookies and brownies, an annoying amount of food, but manageable, but now the rabbits are planning a nightmare of cooking! And they have me down to assist them! Why in the world did the human have to get sick? She should be ashamed! Now, instead of lounging locked away from work, while she slaves over a hot oven, I will be expected to be in there, letting the heat ruin my fur, while the bunnies force me to assist them! I know they already have my name on a list somewhere, as a tier or something, to wrap up the favor bags once the bunnies have packed them with baked goodies. And you know, they're going to claim my knots and bows aren't done right, and I'll probably have to redo them a million times! Oh, why did the human have to do this, and take ill?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cupcake Horror

The human obtained frosting for those horrible cupcakes today. Currently five pounds of it, in a large bowl, are sitting on the kitchen table, taking up valuable space that I could be occupying. Do you know the alarming size that five pounds of frosting is? On the up side, though, the human is currently ill due to some sinus thing, so no baking can be done until she recovers. It is annoying hearing her sniffling and sneezing, of course, but I suppose I could borrow some more wool from Shelia Sheep to stuff in my ears to block the noise.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Alarm

Sorry I didn't post last night. It was all that I could do to stay on my paws, after the horrors that I experienced. I swear, there is not another kitty around who has as terrible luck as I do. Really, I suspect for my luck to be this terrible continuously, that some member of that horrible Nick the Cat's family is lurking around, spreading bad luck all over the area. I ought to take him to court, I really ought to. Anyway, the human has offered to make cupcakes for a baby shower, since she made the wedding cake for the mother a few years ago. And, like during the wedding cake construction, I will be incarcerated for the duration. My only comfort is that cupcakes surely will not take as long to bake as a three tier cake, so my time in jail will be limited. But, to make things worse, the human is also making favors with this shower, including a baby themed CD for each guest! So, she was online last night looking for CDs to order, to put this music on, and horror of horrors, she found a wonderful sale on them! She ordered two packs, enough to make up CDs for the reunion too! Sniff, sniff, sniff! So now the rabbits are making another list, for an assembly line for the reunion CDs, and once more, my name is on it. Really, I can't turn around in this house anymore, without tripping over a bunny created list, promising more work for me. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, and now they're potentially planning to force me to work as a labeler for 100 CDs!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sack Update

The bunnies have put their fluffy heads together, and you won't believe the horrible sack plans they have came up with. First, they're wanting to get the reunion name put on the bags, which guarantees they will need to make a large sack purchase soon, so they'll have time to figure out how to get the name on. Then, they're talking about ribbons and things to decorate the sacks, including color-coded ribbons so they will know who gets what sack! Ribbons! And you know they've already got a list for tying these ribbons, probably with my name right at the top!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Doomed, I am doomed! A rabbit went hopping off, to check out the produce market for sales on plants and other garden materials this afternoon, and you will never believe the horror that the bunny had in her paws, when she came hopping back! She had a SACK! A sack to be used for goodie bag construction! There is just one sack right now, because she wanted to get the opinions of all of her fellow rabbits on it first, but they all seemed thrilled with it, so they're probably going to get a group together tomorrow, to hop back, to get the rest of the sacks they need to the goodie bags. I am doomed! Obtaining sacks mean those bags are definitely going to be constructed, which means those rabbits are definitely going to try to make me work! And even worse, the sacks are very reasonably priced, which means the bunnies will likely be able to purchase garden supplies with the savings!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Further Horrors

You won't believe the horror that arrived in the human's email a few hours ago. The theater where the rabbits went to see their leader on the big screen just sent the human a COUPON! So now the human is wanting to to the theater, and horror of horrors, since the she says the bunnies have been so GOOD lately, she's thinking of letting them see their leader's film again! Oh, what did I do wrong? If those bunnies get to hop to that horrible movie, they will surely expect me to come along as well! Another afternoon ruined, by being forced into a theater full of rabbits! What did I do wrong to deserve such punishment?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thought I Would Show Some Horror

I thought since the rabbits have amused themselves posting frightening pictures here, that I would offer up something truely frightening. Please make sure that no small children are nearby before looking at this. I give you

The Goodie Bag Items!

I hope the sight of all of this stuff, awaiting packing into various bags doesn't frighten anyone too much. And, I am very much afraid that this is just the start of the items to be included in the bag. This photo was taken when the human had just started gathering things, so she has at least three times the amount of materials now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Condo Takeover

The rabbits have taken over my kitty condo, and I need advice on how to evict them. They decided it was just the perfect place to model their new clothing, so that alterations could be made, so I've had a bunny perched on the ceiling of the condo all day, trying on various outfits, while another bunny hops around, with pins and chalk and who knows what else, seeing where the alterations will need to be made, to get the best bunny fit! Does anyone know how in the world I can evict this fashion show?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today's Rabbit Report

One of the bunnies hopped out this afternoon, and came back with a load of clothing in rabbit sizes and styles, I'm very annoyed to announce. The bunnies are all hopping around right now, trying it on, and making notes about alterations that are needed, and additional outfits that should be purchased when they go out again. Just perfect. Alternations mean sewing, and that will undoubtedly get the polar bears all fired up too. I might as well cancel my scheduled naps for tomorrow right now, for thanks to my siblings, I'm sure not to get in a single wink!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sibling Update

A church let another homeless animal escape today. I am now up to 673 siblings. On the up side, this one is a leopard, which means she is a fellow feline, but on the down side, she seemed rather pleased to meet all of the bunnies, and she promptly started chattering with them about ear accessories and fashion. Somehow, this doesn't seem like the best sign to me. The bunnies are getting other cats on their side now! What if they convince this leopard that she should assist them in forcing me to work?

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Bunny Movie

The rabbits attended their leader's film early this afternoon. What a nightmare. Carrot juice everywhere, and carrot sticks, and I'm afraid to think of what other veggies the theater served in little sacks, in honor of the occasion. Really, they ought to be ashamed of themselves, and I ought to report them to someone! They actually gave this bunny movie a family friendly rating! Family friendly! Such rabbit horror deserves nothing less than an X rating!