Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going to a Movie

I finally convinced the baby bunny who was assigned to guard me to let me on for a minute to post. The bunnies caught me, and have me leashed, in anticipation of attending that bunny movie tomorrow. It seems that all of the bunnies in the area are planning to see the film in shifts, so I'm not sure at what time I will be drug in to this movie, but they're definitely going to force me to attend. I wonder if they can be charged with cruelty to cats? All of that hopping, and carrot juice not to mention the shear number of bunnies! What a nightmare!

Movie Tomorrow!

It's Bebe, here to give you the good news. We've already captured our brother, in anticipation of our trip to see the head bunny on the big screen tomorrow. Oh, it's going to be such a nice day, attending our leader's appearance on the big screen. And once he's there, we're sure that our brother will enjoy himself immensely. We've already arranged to obtain a large sack of popcorn for him, and everything to make him happy, so he has absolutely nothing to complain about. We just hope we can stand the wait for morning!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Doom Approaches

My doom is approaching on big bunny feet. Not only do I have a ton of work that the rabbits are planning to make me do, but the movie starring their leader comes out this Friday. They're already hopping around, getting ready to attend, and to drag me along to this film. They have even obtained a little pair of fake rabbit ears to stick on me, so that I will be an honorary bunny for the duration of the movie. They're going to make me dress like a rabbit! Have you ever heard anything so embarrassing in your life?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tail Camouflage

Does anyone have any suggestions for tail camouflage? Really, I'm so proud of my long, silky tail, but I'm afraid the rabbits are right. It does tend to give my hiding places away. Not that I would want the bunnies' fuzzy cotton tails for anything, but still, I have to do something with this tail to make it harder to spot. I thought about hiding in the yarn bin, sure the tail wouldn't be detected in there, but it's turned nippy again and the polar bears are hard at work, knitting mittens and scarves, so I didn't dare take the risk. Right now, I'm lurking by the basket full of various power cords, but I'm not sure how well that will work long term. Sooner or later, the rabbits will need a cord to plug in the iron, or the hot glue gun, and they'll spot my tail again for sure! So, does anyone know a good way to hide the tail before it is to late, and I am forced to work?

Monday, March 28, 2011

See Our Brother's Been Here

Well, we see our brother's been on here, once more hoping to convince us that he's left town. Really, we don't know why he keeps trying. We can see his tail, poking out from under the bed and we can hear that bell from time to time. We know he's in here. We rabbits weren't born yesterday, we hope he knows. Anyway, he will be working tomorrow. We were going to work on the seed envelopes today, but the human wasn't feeling well, so we decided to wait. Tomorrow, though, first thing, he is taking his assigned place in the assembly line, so our brother can just stop hiding right this minute! Really, a little work will be good for him.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


If the bunnies come on here, I am not here. You have no idea where I might have gone, but I am definitely not here. Oh, this is terrible, just terrible! The bunnies have started getting things ready to start seed envelope construction, possibly as early as tomorrow! They already have my leash out, ready to catch me for the assembly line! And, in even worse news, the human just got the happy news about the impending arrival of another relative, which, of course, means that I will be expected to stuff yet another goodie bag!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today's Report

No sign of that peahen or her friend, the peacock yet. I'm not sure if that's good or not. Granted, they are big birds, and I could probably get a ton of money renting a nest to them, but still, there's the noise to consider. I hate to think of how much I would be charged to get a noise clause added to the lease agreement, if I could manage to find a feline lawyer who isn't tied up helping those mountain bears with their cases against Betsy. And then there's Betsy. She's sure this peahen is an escapee from a wedding, which means cake might be in the area. So she's been stalking around all day, trying to figure out where in the world said cake might be. I'm very much afraid she's thinking of doing a house to house search soon. I wonder if I ought to call our neighbors, to warn them their food is doomed?

Friday, March 25, 2011


There is a peahen running loose in the neighborhood. The human came back just a bit ago, and reported sighting the bird trotting down the sidewalk, possibly heading for the local church. Honestly, a peahen, and her mate the peacock is probably somewhere around here too. Okay, they are birds, and I ought to be pleased to have new birds in the neighborhood that might be in need of a new nest to rent, but I sense potential trouble. Betsy is sure that this bird is a fugitive from someone's wedding, and she's trying to make me get off line so she can find a website to learn how to capture it, and force the bird to lead her back to the wedding cake. Not to mention, I've heard that peahens and their beaus the peacocks are rather noisy to say the least. Do you know how much trouble I would have to go to, getting a noise clause drafted for a lease agreement?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doing Math

I've done a bit of math, to figure out how bad this movie will be, and I'm afraid it is looking to be worse than I feared. The bunnies figure that at least four, and possibly five rabbits will be able to occupy one human seat. Now, assuming that each movie theater has 200 seats, that indicates that I will be attending this film with 800 to 1000 rabbits, possibly even more if a lot of them are very young bunnies! This is a nightmare! I can just imagine it now. They will be hopping all over, de rinking carrot juice, munching carrot sticks and celebrating the head bunny's big screen appearance. I don't care if they promise me a large tub of popcorn with unlimited refills! No amount of corn is enough to make up for that degree of torture!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Impending Torture!

The rabbits have already arranged to get me a seat at the horrible rabbit movie coming out next week. I wonder if that is enough for me to bring criminal charges against them? I can see it now, I will be in a theater, the only feline, with bunnies everywhere, hopping about, and probably spilling carrot juice all over me as they watch their leader on the big screen. Really, no amount of popcorn is enough to make up for being forced to eat it in the middle of such a rabbit disaster!

Excellent Film Coming!

Well, I see our brother has already been on here, complaining about the excellent movie that's about to come out. Really, we don't know what his problem is. This movie starring the head bunny looks like it's going to be an excellent film. Oh, well. We'll sure he'll like it a lot more once he gets to the theater with us. We're already chatting with other rabbits about organizing a group to attend on opening day, and of course our brother will be accompanying us. Once he gets there and probably gets his paws on a tub of large popcorn, we're sure he'll love the movie.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Can't Believe This!

I can't believe this, and I can only pray this movie has an X rating. Someone has actually made a film about the head rabbit, The Easter Bunny, alias Peter Cottontail! Rabbit encouragement on a large screen! Doomed, we are all doomed! The bunnies are already making plans to see this film. Knowing them, they're probably going to want to camp out in front of the theater to make sure they're the first ones there. And I'm sure that they're going to expect me to assist them in some way with this. I don't know yet what they're going to expect me to do, but I am sure they will expect something from me, to assist them in seeing this film. We are all doomed!

Lousy Library

I must find a way to punish the library too, I really have to. Honestly, you would think that place would have a bit more sense, wouldn't you, but then again, what could you expect from a location that stocks so many gardening books, and actually allows bunnies to hop in to borrow them? And seeing as they're barely a block away from our dwelling, you would think they wouldn't do that. They're lucky the books didn't teach the rabbits how to overtake their building with watermelon or squash vines. Today was the absolute worst, though. They let the human get her hands on a batch of CDs that she is planning to use to make a mix for the reunion! And the bunnies have already obtained holders for this little project! They will be on here forever burning things, and how will I get my blogging done, I would like to know!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Hate Walmart

I hate Walmart. Really, that horrible business ought to be ashamed of itself, with the amount of encouragement it keeps offering to the human, and to those bunnies too, for family tree construction and reunion planning. The allowed the human to get a big batch of pictures printed up today, to be lagged to the reunion in those little photo albums she always takes, and even worse, they sold the bunnies a batch of those little stars to be stuck onto things to construct cemetery maps! I expect them to come hopping along any moment, to try to put me to work again! I won't even let myself think about the Irish flag scarf the human got. I'm sure nothing good can result from that piece of clothing.


I'm back from my enslavement at the hands of the rabbits, and I can't believe what those bunnies did to my blog! Wasn't it bad enough that they made me color little dots until I got blisters on my paws? Now I come back here, and what do I find, but they have amused themselves sticking up frightening vacation photos! I do hope that no one was traumatized too much by seeing the photos. Really, there ought to be some sort of warning attached to such frightening things like those tomatoes, and I am still surprised that someone didn't arrest Betsy up in Washington. I know she robbed that poor president of something, likely a sandwich!

And This

I don't know why we couldn't get this to post last night, but here's Betsy in Washington.

She's right in front of the White House where the president and that nice wife of his live. You know, she's interested in gardening. We were thinking about hopping by to offer her some advice, since we're such excellent gardeners, but our human really needed our help over at the National Archives with her family tree research. Maybe we can chat with her about planting next time, if the human decides to take the bus back up there. Anyway, Betsy had just stuffed herself decimating a tea back at the hotel, so it was safer than it usually is to take a picture like this.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bebe Again

While our brother is still working, and he wouldn't still be working if he would actually try to show some industry, instead of stopping to complain about his aching paws every five minutes, we thought we would show you some of our family vacation photos. We hope you enjoy.

Josie Rabbit

This is Josie Rabbit at the tomato festival. Aren't all of those tomatoes beautiful? And they have so many seeds too. We almost filled a little jar when we seeded some of them.

Polar Bears

This is Nanna Polar Bear and a couple of the cubs, attending a quilt show. They just love those things. Don't they look so happy? One of these days, we are sure, they will win the drawing for the sewing machine.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Got Him!

Bebe here. I just wanted to let you know that we captured our brother. Really, if he wants to be undetectable, he ought to do something about that long tail of his. So hard to hide, unlike our fuzzy little cotton tails. Anyway, he's about to start coloring those dots for the nametags, so he won't be back until he's through. Really, we don't know what his problem is. If he would stop kicking up a fuss, and would get to work, he would be done in no time! We even wrote out how many dots we need in each color so he doesn't have to consult the family tree at all. How much easier could the job get?

Not Fooled

Brother, we hope you know that we weren't fooled for a moment by your claim that you were off on a tour of Sioux City, South Dakota. First of all, we raided your savings to pay for that replacement glue. We know you don't have the money for a tour. And second, we can hear your bell. That stolen wool must have fallen out. And isn't that your tail poking out from under the human's bed? Get out from under there this instant! There is coloring to be done, and then you can listen to music with us, to pick the arrangement for the family reunion CDs were are going to burn!

Not Here!

If those rabbits come on here looking for me, I am not here. I have joined a feline tour group, and am on my way to Sioux City, South Dakota. And then we're booked to visit the world's largest ball of twine. So the rabbits really shouldn't wait for me, because I won't be back any time soon. You will not believe the horrors that I have suffered today. First of all, the human strolled by the mission, and was promptly tackled by more homeless bears. I am now up to 672 siblings. And then, to make things even worse, the human dropped by Walmart, and would you believe that that horrible business had a sale going on nametags? The human obtained 144 of them! 144! And I will be expected to produce colored dots for all of them! The bunnies are hopping about now, getting crayons for just this purpose, so if they come on here and ask, I am not at home, and they should start working themselves if they want something done!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Poor Paws

My, poor, poor paws. I was caught a bit ago by the bunnies, who were determined to accomplish something, and forced onto the map assembly line. I was made to stick the number 5 onto twenty-nine cemetery maps! The only reason they finally let me go, was because they ran out of maps, and were getting a bit concerned about the number of their little stars remaining too. Twenty-nine maps, and of course the bunnies kept insisting I hurry with poking the five onto the maps. I wouldn't be surprised if I don't develop blisters, or possibly irritation on my paws from the glue on those little sticky stars.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Definitely Gloated too Soon

I'm afraid I gloated too soon about the gluestick failure. Sure, the sticks refusing to hold the colored paper to the labels set back the bunnies' plans for seed envelope construction rather nicely, but it didn't occur to me that they would then have time to do a bit of reading, while waiting for the rabbit they dispatched to purchase more glue to come hopping back! Now they've taken it into their fluffy heads that they ought to make a CD of reunion themed music for the goodie bags. Do you know how much my computer time would be cut into, if they did that? Almost 100 CDs! They would be on here forever burning them, and when would I have time for blogging?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gloating too Soon

You are gloating too soon, brother, I you hope you know. It's Bebe, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. We know you did something to mess up our gluesticks. But never fear, you will be working yet! We sent a bunny out to purchase industrial strength glue, to get our project back on track! And since you sabotaged the glue we had, we are sure, we dipped into your savings to obtain the stronger glue!

Gluestick Failure

I am happy to announce that the gluesticks the bunnies were using on their little seed envelope seal project have failed. They aren't holding the colored paper on the labels at all in some places, and the rabbits have concerns about how long the hold on the other places might last. They're in the kitchen right now, hopping mad about it. Happy day! No seals mean that the seed envelopes can't be constructed, which means I can't be forced to fold hundreds of the little things! No work for me! And the rabbits have no proof I sabotaged their little gluesticks either!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, Well

Well, well, it looks like our brother's been on here. Which means he is likely in the bedroom someplace. We knew we would corner him sooner or later if we staked out the computer, and what better thing to do to pass the time while we were waiting than to work on a little craft project? Kiley Rabbit went with the human to run errands this morning, and she saw the cutest seals, done with little initials, in the wedding section of the craft store. Of course, they didn't have the color we wanted, so we're going to make our own, to go on the seed envelopes. The first batch, that should produce at least 72 seals is in the kitchen letting the glue dry now. We're going to check it out in the morning, and then hopefully get right to work on our envelopes. So, our brother is safe for the moment, but he will be working starting tomorrow. We know he's in here now, and we have rabbits watching the door and both windows. He won't escape this time!

Rabbit Report

I feared for a bit that I wouldn't be able to get on here, to update you on the horrors I am facing. The human went out this morning, and of course a bunny hopped along with her. I was terribly upset, sure another sibling was forthcoming, but what happened was even worse! The human went by a craft store! A craft store just packed with horrible ideas for various favors and such, that are sure to lead to more work for me, if I can't dodge the rabbits. A batch of them have been lounging on the bed all evening, armed with gluesticks, stickers and colored paper, designing little seals to go on the seed envelopes to close them once they dump a scoop of seed inside. They finally hopped off to the kitchen, to use the iron to smooth the glue down, so I was able to get on the computer to alert my readers to the horror. I think I hear hopping! They must be done with their ironing for now! Got to go!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wonderful News!

Hi, it's Bebe Bunny here to share the wonderful news! We got another roll of paper for the construction of seed favor envelopes, along with another large box of seed! We're going to be able to make well over 300 little seed favors for the reunion! Well, at least we're going to be able to make them as soon as we capture that brother of ours. Really, we don't know what his problem is. Work is good for you. Why look at the work we rabbits do with our garden each year, and all we accomplish! If our brother would just put a fraction of the effort he's spending on avoiding work into actually doing something, who knows how much he could achieve. We'll get him yet, though, never fear. We have a plan.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today's Genealogy Issues

The human went out this afternoon, to meet with a relative, and she took the computer with her. That is the worst possible sign, that the family tree was going to be discussed. Then when she came home happy, I knew I was right. It appears that this relation is into genealogy as well, and the human is happily anticipating an exchange of genealogy information. That family tree is going to hit monster heights, I just know it. I wonder if I can get those pesky weather people to issue some sort of warning about falling nuts?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today's Disaster

The human went to the book sale today, and to the archives too, and after this, I just have one question. What in the world have I done to offend the canine population? First the dog neighbors attack that cat and get the bunnies all fired up about getting to testify against them, and now I have learned that a batch of pups attended this horrible book event, and yet they didn't do a thing to stop the human from gathering material that is sure to lead to disaster for me. And there were more dogs by the archives, and they didn't raise a paw to prevent the human from getting those obituaries! Dogs, what did I do wrong, that you seem bound and determined to cause me such trouble?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dogs Next Door

The dogs next door have done it this time. They assaulted a cat this afternoon. Of course, this was a terrible crime, and they do deserve to be drug away to jail for assault and cattery, but the assault isn't the worst part! When this crime was committed, the bunnies were in the den, keeping an eye out for me, and I suspect catching a garden show on TV while they were looking. The den window just happens to offer a perfect view of the scene of the crime! The rabbits are all witnesses! You should see how they're hopping about, preparing to give their testimony to the authorities! They're already looking at what earbows and outfits will look best when they have to go to court to testify against the dogs! And if they go to court, they human will likely have to accompany them! The courthouse is right down the street from the archives! I sense more genealogy research looming! Blasted dogs! Why couldn't they have behaved? Those rabbits are very industrious! What if they offer to go to the archive after the dogs are tried, to assist the human with her research? Who knows what might be acomplished!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Must Sue the Library

Well, I can't even watch television now. The rabbits are staking out the den trying to catch me. The only way I have avoided them so far was by slithering around on my belly, so my bell doesn't make any noise. I feel like a snake. At least they haven't staked out the computer, though, so I can hop on and alert you to the impending horrors. The library, that horrible place that is the associate of the genealogy archives, is having a book sale this weekend, and the human is determined to go. Do you know what she found at that horrible event last year? Genealogy magazines, that's what! Magazines just devoted to encouraging the growth of that horrible tree of hers! What if she finds more of them, this year, or worse yet, what if she finds genealogy books? The library ought to be ashamed of themselves, and worse yet, this sale is being held right down the street from the archives, so the human is talking about trotting down there as soon as she makes her purchases, to do a little research!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The rabbits are searching the living room for me at the moment, so I thought I would hop on here, and let you know the horror that occurred this morning. If I ever manage to escape the bunnies' pursuit, I swear I have to find an attorney to file suit on my behalf. I'm sure I have such an excellent case against Cousin Ruth, and her rotten twin brother, Cousin Cliff, too, who had the nerve to die, and to allow the human to find their obituaries with a detailed list of survivors! The human has already got in touch with one of Cousin Cliff's relations, one that she is sure will lead to hunting down information on Cousin Lucy and her siblings! She added pages to that book this morning and I don't want to think of the growth this will lead to, with that horrible tree!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We Must Give Him Credit

It's Bebe again. Well, I suppose we must give that brother of ours credit for sneakiness. He snatched a tuft of wool from Shelia Sheep, and stuffed it in his bell to try to keep us from hearing the jingling, and thus being able to hunt him down, to make him be industrious. Really, we have never seen anyone spend so much energy, trying to get out of working. We'll still find him, never fear, though. We can still hear his bell in spite of the stolen wool. It's just making more of a thumping sound instead of its usual jingling. And when we do catch him, we think we'll make him help assemble the maps too, a payback for making us spend all this time hunting him!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bebe Here

I saw the post our brother made, and I want it known now that we rabbits know perfectly well that he is still in this house somewhere. We checked his family tree. He has no relatives in Toledo or Boise, and besides, we can still hear that bell of his. Really, we don't know what in the world is his problem with helping out on the seed envelope assembly line. It wouldn't kill him to show a bit of industry. Well, we'll find him. Apparently he forgot the big ears that we rabbits have, and their usefulness for hunting down a feline wearing a bell accessory.

I'm Not Here!

If any rabbits come hopping on here, looking for me, I am not here, and have possibly gone to visit relatives in Toledo. Or Boise. Or anywhere, really, but I am definitely not in the area. The bunnies obtained replacement glue sticks today. Would you believe that some foolish store actually sold them two sticks? So, they're all ready to start assembling those seed envelopes, and I know I saw one of them with my leash, to keep me in place in the assembly line! I hear hopping! Got to go and just remember, if the bunnies ask, I'm not here!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today's Horror Report

The reunion and family tree horrors haven't reared their heads yet today, probably because the human got occupied with a bit of writing. I wonder if I could keep her occupied with that, as a way to save myself from various goodie chores the bunnies are planning to assign me. The only bad thing would be that sooner or later she would likely end up working on the rabbit novels, which will lead to gardening encouragement. Hmmmmm. Gardening encouragement would keep the rabbits outside, though, now wouldn't it? And if they were outside, they certainly couldn't be making me work. Perhaps I need to rethink my position on their garden after all. I'm sure the neighbors can find another place to live.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

And Still More Relations

As if the cousins that the human just found and messaged on Facebook aren't bad enough, she just found another relation in the census as well. Really, Cousin Lucy ought to be ashamed of herself, letting herself, and her married name be found so easily. The human is sure that finding this one will lead to finding the rest of this horrible relation's siblings as well, and there are probably ten of those. My only comfort at the moment is that thank goodness, the census taker managed to spell Cousin Lucy's married name a different way on each census, which is making Googling her name much more difficult.

Facebook Issues

The human has done it again. She tracked down another batch of relatives on Facebook and sent a friend request. And this batch is very closely related too. Just my luck. I'm sure that once the human connects with them, a reunion invitation will be issued! And a reunion invitation will result in more goodie bags being needed! And more seed favors needing to be assembled! I will be working forever! Is there some way to block Facebook while there is still time?


The rabbits started cutting out the squares for the little seed envelope favors this afternoon. They were just about to get out my leash, to make sure I would stay in my assigned place on the assembly line, when one of the bunnies called to the others that the glue sticks were missing. They've hopped all over the house, but the glue is totally gone. Isn't that such a shame? Hehehehehe!!! And they will never prove that I had anything to do with its disappearance, either.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Map Horror

I have some horror involving maps that I ought to report too. The human is planning on passing out a map of the family cemetery locations in the goodie bags, in case they go visiting the graveyards as part of the festivities. She wants to make sure that people won't get lost if they end up separated somehow. Anyway, she has pre-printed maps, and now she's planning to add little numbered stars representing cemeteries to customize the maps. And, of course, the bunnies offered to help. And, of course, like always, they have plans to draft me into this. Josie Rabbit just hopped in, and informed me that I have been assigned the number 5, which means I will be stuck forever between two rabbits, being forced to stick a star with a number on a map, while the bunnies insist I stick faster to keep the line moving!

Yes, the Stuff of Nightmares

Yes, the stuff of nightmares was deeper in the bags from Walmart, and I'm afraid I was just forced to see it, when the bunnies hopped in, and dug it out. They now have another pack of carrot seed in their paws! This is something called the chantenay carrot, only seven inches long, but with a rather alarming looking point. Why aren't there rules out there, governing the purchase of carrot seed, to prevent this sort of thing, such dangerous vegetables falling into the paws of rabbits?

More and More Horrors

The horrors keep coming, and really, there must be some way to hold Walmart accountable for all of this. I don't care if one of the human's relations has large amounts of stock in their business! That doesn't mean that they have to do so much to encourage that horrible reunion! The human dropped by there today, and came back with four large bags full of stuff for the goodie bags. I hate to think of the amount of candy that she obtained, along with two different kinds of stickers and something called nail decals. I'm sure there was more stuff, but I was afraid to poke any further into the bags to see just what. I'm sure that there were further items in there, that are worthy of nightmares!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nametag Assignment

I was right. My name is down on that list, to work on the assembly line for the nametags. I waited until the rabbits hopped off for a few moments, to check the crayon supplies, and took a look at their little list. I'm down there, as a dotter, which is basically the same thing as a colorer. I'll be expected to apply the dots of color, to identify which branch of the family tree each person who is getting a nametag belongs to! That means I'll actually be expected to consult that genealogy and hunt down each relation before putting the color on the tag! I'll have nightmares for weeks over this!

More Work Planned

Every time I turn around, it seems like some other horror rears its head. I just checked the human's Amazon browsing history, and found that she has been looking at nametag kits, to lag to the reunion. Normally, I wouldn't have worried about this, since hopefully the things would be constructed on the computer, and wouldn't involve work for me, but then I found the bunnies working on another list! Apparently, the human is wanting to do something with the badges, using different colors to identify people from different branches of that horrible tree at the family reunion, which means that assembling the awful things by hand is called for! The bunnies are hard at work, designing a color code, and figuring out who will be doing what on the nametag assembly line. I fear that my name is on that list somewhere as a colorer, or possibly a cord inserter!

Carrot Seed

The rabbits have obtained a rather alarming pack of carrot seed. This seed is for a frightening looking carrot called Tendersweet, ten inches long, with a rather strong looking point at the end, just perfect, in the opinion of the bunnies, for poking me to make me work faster on various tasks related to that reunion or book assembly. Really, Walmart, the store that provided the seed, ought to be ashamed, although I doubt they are, seeing as a relative is involved in that horrible business!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More and More Horror

It's getting worse. Weren't the books bad enough? Apparently they weren't, though, because the human is happily arranging more horror. Now she is wanting to make these cardboard stand-up figures of various ancestors, to lag to the reunion for photo opportunities. She can get a very good deal, if they can do the figures in black and white at Kinkos, which means that she will be able to make multiple ones. The only problem is that Kinkos means that the figures will come with some assembly required, and who do you think will be doing the assembling?

More Horror on the Way

I can't believe this. I thought that the two reunion books that the human obtained from Amazon was the worst of the horror. I thought once those frightening things arrived, it would be over. But oh, no! I was checking her Amazon history, to make sure the human hadn't taken to obtaining goodies for bag stuffing there too, and you won't believe what I found! She's ordered a third reunion book! It's probably already in the mail, and she has high hopes it will be here before the weekend! My weekend is ruint! Does anyone know how I can obtain mailman repellent fast?

Horror is Here

The horror is here, I'm very sorry to say. Both of those family reunion books have arrived, and the human is thrilled with them, which I'm sure is a terrible sign. One of them even has a section on the horrors of the goodie bag, which will surely give her bad ideas, and will lead to a ton of stuffing work for me. Really, what were the authors of these books thinking, writing something so frightening, and then actually selling copies to my human?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My day keeps getting worse, although I'm not sure how that happened, what with the seed horrors I'm already facing. The day has somehow deteriorated, though, because I just heard the human eagerly chattering about tombstones, and obtaining replacement tombstones to honor some of her relations who fought in the Civil War. I can only assume, seeing as these relations are on that nutty family tree of hers, that these people were the ones who amused themselves letting multiple weapons fall into the paws on Betsy's ancestors, back during that war, leading to the Great Honey Theft of 1864. The human seems enthused about this idea of new tombstones, though, and I sense the potential for disaster. If she can get them, she's talking about a ceremony during the family reunion! That will surely lure in multiple, unexpected branches of that horrible tree! And that, in turn, will lead to the need for more goodie bags, and more work for me!

Seed Assemby List

The bunnies left their list for who is to do what on the seed envelope assembly line unguarded, while they were working on their list for the seed that they want to include in the goodie bags, so I checked it out, and just as I feared, they have my name down, to handle folding duties, once a rabbit has cut out the squares, and before a bunny pastes down the edges, and another rabbit dumps in a scoop of seed. They even drew a little picture of me, right by my name, I suppose in case any outside bunnies want to hop by to assist in my torture. What in the world am I going to do? They're talking about getting several more boxes of seed, and goodness knows how many bags, that will result in nightmarish amounts of envelopes that will have to be folded!

March Starting Off Worse

If the way it is starting is an indication, I probably ought to see who I need to talk to, to get March canceled now. The rabbits have obtained two giant boxes of seed for the assembling of seed favors. And even worse, they have obtained a giant roll of craft paper, from which they intend to cut out squares to make the little seed holders! They're going to construct seed containers by hand! And you know that they aren't going to be content to do all of the work themselves, either. They're going to try to draft me into assisting them with this job. My name is probably already on a list somewhere, possibly as a folder, or a paster.