Friday, April 29, 2016

Late Shrieks

We hope that the sudden, loud shrieks this evening didn't wake anyone.  We signed up for a quilting seminar, which will help us learn to be excellent stitching teachers.  Four days of instruction in a method that is supposed to allow you to make a quilt in a day.  At the end you get a special little certification and everything, to show you are officially trained in this method.  And they show you how to market and promote your classes as well.  It seems like an excellent learning opportunity.  Brother strongly disagrees, though, and is insisting we drop out of that class right this second, and keep our paws out of any sort of institution of learning, since such places can't be trusted not to provide instruction to rabbits.  We're expecting a call from one of our future teachers tomorrow to learn more about the class and what we will need to take as far as supplies go.  Please brace yourselves accordingly for the shrieks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Today's Continued Complaints

Sorry for the noise today, and we are especially sorry for the fact it started so early.  We had to hop to the dentist with the human this morning, and for some reason Brother objected to that.  We got a ton of texts demanding to know why we were in such a business, and we better not be getting our paws on bunny sized toothbrushes and carrot toothpaste.  Poor human.  Her mouth is throbbing, and she can barely manage to eat at the moment.  Anyway, to cheer her afterwards, we went to a few quilt shops.  Which is what caused the shrieks at lunch time.  It was awful.  We got texts demanding to know what we were doing at a quilt shop, and why were we staying there so long, and to get out at once, and then what were we doing at another quilt shop and we better not be getting something cut and was that a third quilt shop he saw us hopping into via GPS and why in the world were these businesses allowing us in their doors.  It was so annoying.  We did find some nice fabric to make more quilts, though, and really, Brother shouldn't object so because two of these new planned quilts feature kitties!  Shouldn't he support us in stitching feline quilts?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Apology

Sorry for the noise this afternoon.  We hopped to a book store with the human and Brother as is usual for him didn't take it well.  He was texting constantly, demanding to know what we were up to in the book store, and insisting that we hop right out of there that second and to drop any books we might have in our paws.  So annoying.  We're just glad that he hasn't figured out how to tell what section of the store we're shopping in yet.  The phone would have probably been damaged if he figured out we were in the quilt and sewing section.  And that we purchased two books.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sorry for the Posting Delay

We're very sorry for the posting delay and for the kitty shrieks as well.  We accompanied the human to a wedding out of town.  It was a lovely affair, and very bunny friendly.  They served carrot cake and everything, which we really appreciated.  Brother didn't feel the same, though, and was texting us the moment he saw us crossing the town line on GPS, demanding to know where we were going and insisting we hop right back home right away.  He's such a pain.  Anyway, we did a little shopping before the wedding, and found the best deal on some fabric for clothing and quilt construction, and of course we were getting texts the entire time demanding that we get out of those stores right this minute, and what were we doing in there for so long anyway, and we better not be making purchases.  You probably don't want to imagine what he was texting us when we stopped at a couple of quilt shops and a fabric store.  We were seriously considering turning the phone off due to his texts, demanding know what in the world we thought we were doing frequenting those businesses and to just get out of there right away, and we better not be in the line to make purchases.  Oh, and we stopped off at a homeless shelter too, which he was not happy about, and met the nicest bear, teddy pup and bunny who were in need of homes, bringing the sibling total to 922, which annoyed Brother as well.  Aside from the kitty fit, we had a lovely time, though, and we're thinking about going back soon.  We especially loved the new quilt shops we got to visit and we're wanting to check them out again as soon as possible.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Midweek Report

We have one quilt finished except for the borders and have another ready except for tying it, if you were wondering what all of the kitty shrieks at about midmorning were about.  We also hopped to the fabric store and gathered some more fat quarters, a cute little packet of needles, and a zipper for a sleeping bag we were stitching, which is what caused the screams this evening.  We're very sorry about that.  Anyway, there's some dim hope that things might be quieter this weekend, due to the humans attending a wedding, although there do happen to be several fabric stores along the route they will be taking, along with a few teddy homeless shelters.  If you hear shrieks you'll know we convinced them to make some stops along the way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Today's Noise

We almost have a quilt together, and have plans for stitching another one tomorrow.  We are expecting a high volume of noise as a result so please guard your ears.  We're very sorry about all of this and if we can figure a way to get that cat to behave, we will certainly try it.

Continuing Noise Apologies

Sorry for the continuing kitty shrieks.  We hope everyone took our advice and kept their ear protection on.  We're afraid we found a simple way to enlarge some patterns to convert them to teddy use, so there has been much shrieking over that.  Also, we have visited the fabric store daily for the last couple of days, and have visited a few fabric departments of some other stores too, which seems to be ticking Brother off highly.  We have also been sewing, and have almost all of the blocks finished for a quilt, that we hope will land us the stitching teaching job of our dreams.  We hope to hear tomorrow.  If you hear a loud kitty explosion, you will know we got hired.  Please keep your ear protection on accordingly and keep your fingers crossed for us if you have them.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Extreme Noise

We do hope that everyone listened to us and kept your ear protection on today due to the nightmarish amount of noise.  First, this morning we hopped with the humans to the tire store.  You would think that Brother wouldn't have a problem with that, but no sooner did we hop in the door than we started getting texts demanding to know why we were there and pointing out that the people who worked their sold us a giant bag of fabric at a discount price a couple of weeks ago, and to get out at once.  That was annoying, but even worse happened when the humans were done, and we went to a couple of church events.  Brother was texting us the entire times demanding to know why we were at a church since it wasn't Sunday and we couldn't possibly be there for a sermon, and to leave at once.  Terribly annoying.  The church events were nice, though.  We found some lovely fabric, and some quilt patterns, and met two monkeys in need of a home who we invited to move in, bringing the sibling count to 918.  Then after we were through with visiting the church events, we dropped in to a quilt store and gathered some lovely fat quarters, including one in a bunny print. That drew down a nightmare amount of texts demanding that we exit that store immediately, and that we drop whatever was in our paws.  After that, we dropped in at the fabric store to check on that job, which we are very optimistic about.  It was so annoying, though, because Brother was texting the entire time demanding to know what we were doing staying in the store for so long, and to get out right away, and that we better not be serious about seeking employment.  Such an awful cat.  Then we had to visit another fabric store in search of a foot for our new sewing machine, and we found some lovely patterns for clothing, so he was shrieking about that too.  Really, we are so sorry for all of the noise.  We don't think things will quiet down any time soon, though, so please shield your ears accordingly.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Sewing Machine

We got a lovely new sewing machine today, but all of you probably guessed that, due to the kitty shrieks.  We hope they didn't cause hearing damage for anyone.  After careful thought, we decided that the purchase was the only sensible thing to do, because our other machine isn't very portable and might result in problems when it comes to teaching classes.  The new machine is so nice, and it has a ton of fancy stitches we are dying to try out.  Brother didn't take its purchase very well, though, and was making threats against the business who sold it to us, and demanding we just pack it up and return it at once.  We suspect he will be making similar demands all weekend, so please guard your ears accordingly.  As for us, we have a ton of sewing scheduled!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


We're very sorry for the noise.  We hopped to the fabric store to see about that job teaching stitching today, and we think we are very close to getting it.  We purchased fabric to make samples to take in to show our skill, along with some yardage for more quilts that was on sale.  Brother did not take it well, as you probably heard already.  We think the number of texts demanding to know what we were doing in the fabric store for so long and we they serious about allowing us employment, and to get out of there at once might have actually done some damage to the phone.  Anyway, please keep your ear protection on all weekend for your own wellbeing.  We are planning to work on samples, and we might be purchasing a little machine to speed stitching, so the shrieks are anticipated to be deafening.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Today's Activities

We hopped to the bookstore today and promptly got hit with texts from Brother demanding to know what we were doing in there.  And then he said that he was trying to figure out how to zoom in, and he better not find that we were in the quilting books aisle.  He can't do that, can he, zoom in on the gps and learn what aisle we are shopping in?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sort of Quiet Day

Today was sort of quiet as we stayed home.  The human's sinuses were bothering her, so she took an antihistimine and slept most of the day, so we were trying to be quiet little bunnies.  Which also means we only had to get hit with texts from Brother demanding to know why he was hearing so much turning of pages, and how that better not be a book on sewing we were reading, and if so to put it down at once.  We hope the human's feeling better tomorrow.  We've found a few gardening programs we're wanting to watch and we can't turn on the tv if she needs to sleep.  We're dreading the texts that will result, though.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Sorry about the lack of posting.  Brother continues to harass us via the GPS tracking on our tablet, and we still haven't been able to turn off the feature without cutting off our access to it as well, and we need that feature to locate places.  He's being awful, and Friday was the worst, with him bombing us with a mass of texts when we hopped to a fabric store demanding to know what we were doing in there and why were we taking so long, and were we daring to get some fabric cut.  Very, very annoying, and then when we hopped out, we saw that a poor customer had just been ran down in the parking lot, which was highly alarming.  And we are highly suspicious of the timing, right before we hopped out.  Could this be a feline plot to frighten us away from such businesses?  We wouldn't put it past Brother.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Continuing GPS Issues

We have got to figure out how to prevent Brother from tracking our tablet's GPS.  Surely there is something we can do to keep him from finding us.  We hopped to the library today and immediately got hit with texts demanding to know why we were there, and why were we in there for longer than it would take to return something, and were we checking out books, and if so to drop them immediately and to leave at once.  Then we went to a second library and the texts got worse, demanding to know why in the world we would need to visit two libraries in one day and how he was definitely sure we were checking out books and to stop at once.  We're just thankful that the GPS doesn't show what section of the library we were in so Brother can't know for sure what books we were borrowing.  We have got to do something to block him.  He's getting seriously annoying.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sorry for the Noise

Sorry about all of the noise today.  Brother has been in rare form.  We hopped out to those church events like we mentioned we were hoping to do, and no sooner did we get in the hall doors than we started getting texts.  Apparently Brother had managed to activate the GPS tracking for our tablet, and was demanding to know why we were at a church as it wasn't Sunday, so we couldn't be there for a sermon, and were we there for some sort of event that might involve homeless teddies, and if so to just hop right out of the building at once.  We went to three church things, and at each one he kept texting us, demanding to know what in the world we were doing at yet another church, and to just get our cotton tails out of the building right away.  Then we hopped into a homeless shelter, and you can imagine how he took our presence in that location.  Finally we hopped to a movie, and turned off the phone, only to be greeted by an inbox full of texts demanding to know why we were in a theater, and how we better not be watching a bunny film, and why in the world do movie companies make such horrifying things anyway?  We have got to figure out how to prevent him from accessing the GPS tracking for our tablet.  Surely there is some way to do that, right, to prevent such annoying harassment?  Other than that, though, we had a nice day.  We met the nicest panda, bear, horse and bunny and invited them to move in, bringing the sibling count up to 916.  We also found a giant pile of quilting magazines for an excellent price.  All in all, it was just a fantastic day.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Scream Update

Sorry about the screams yesterday.  We hopped by the teddy adoption center and took in two new bears and a new Pokemon, bringing the sibling count up to 912.  Brother didn't take it well.  Also, we better warn you now that you should protect your ears now.  Several churches are having events tomorrow that we are hoping to hop to, that might lead to more siblings.  Much kitty ranting is anticipated.  Please guard your ears now while there is still time.