Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Today's Continued Complaints

Sorry for the noise today, and we are especially sorry for the fact it started so early.  We had to hop to the dentist with the human this morning, and for some reason Brother objected to that.  We got a ton of texts demanding to know why we were in such a business, and we better not be getting our paws on bunny sized toothbrushes and carrot toothpaste.  Poor human.  Her mouth is throbbing, and she can barely manage to eat at the moment.  Anyway, to cheer her afterwards, we went to a few quilt shops.  Which is what caused the shrieks at lunch time.  It was awful.  We got texts demanding to know what we were doing at a quilt shop, and why were we staying there so long, and to get out at once, and then what were we doing at another quilt shop and we better not be getting something cut and was that a third quilt shop he saw us hopping into via GPS and why in the world were these businesses allowing us in their doors.  It was so annoying.  We did find some nice fabric to make more quilts, though, and really, Brother shouldn't object so because two of these new planned quilts feature kitties!  Shouldn't he support us in stitching feline quilts?

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