Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can't Believe It

I can't believe this, and you can be sure I will be calling the authorities. First, the human went out to a buffet, and let one of the rabbits hop along, and get a take home platter to feed all of his fellow bunnies from the salad bar. What was that restaurant thinking, giving a bunny a take home container? Then, to make the thing a true disaster, she let the bunny hop into a store with her, a store that is another branch of the place that provided him cheep seed. And you won't believe what this place did. They patted his EARS! They said he was a good bunny and gave him a free sack of seed packets! He hopped home with free seed! That must violate some law! FREE SEED! I feel ill!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Country Libraries

The bunnies didn't get to the country this weekend, but I am a bit concerned about what they did manage to do. The lot of them did a bit of checking, and it seems that all of the branches of the country libraries are separate, requiring one card for each place, so now they are talking about hopping around to every branch, to collect a pile of cards, and thus a pile of BOOKS! Isn't the one library they visited bad enough? I don't even want to imagine what the other country libraries are like after how rabbit friendly one of them was. Really, they put it underground like a burrow. Why didn't they just hang up a sign saying they love rabbits, and put a little door to the side to make it easier for them to hop in? And one of the other places where a library is located is named after a vegetable, so I'm sure it is even more rabbit friendly. Doomed, I am doomed! They will get a pile of cards, and hop home with a mountain of books on vegetables and work!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sheep Show

The television people should be ashamed of themselves. They have really done it this time. Honestly they have. They aired a show tonight featuring human sized SHEEP! Giant sheep, and naturally, the polar bears came rushing in and got all worked up over the show. Now they have a horrible idea in their heads, and are clustered together, talking about the amount of wool such a sheep would provide, and how best to capture and sheer one of them. Next they will be going in search of giant scissors! Television should be ashamed!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tomorrow's Assault

The repairman didn't return today to fix the pool. I knew he was going to do that, I just knew it. Really, he ought to ashamed of himself. There is a wheelbarrow full of sand in our backyard now, just tempting black cats to hop the fence and turn into a giant litter box thanks to him and the bunnies are on the warpath. I have been ordered to the refrigerator to be issued a carrot and a stick of celery and the bunnies are negotiating with the woodpecker and some squirrels to take down a tree and crush the repairman's car. I do hope he's insured is all that I can say, but he so deserves what the bunnies have planned.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wonder of Wonders

Wonder of wonders, the pool repairman actually put in an appearance this afternoon. I was sure he had fled the country. Unfortunately, the pool isn't fixed. He claimed that it needed a part he didn't have with him, but he hopes he can find and bring back tomorrow. All I can say is that I hope that he does return, for he is doomed if he tries to escape again. The bunnies recruited some birds to trail him, and find the location of his dwelling. They're planning an assault on his house should he fail to return and repair the pool. I wonder if I should hide now. I suspect the assault plan they're drawing up might be slightly illegal.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today's Pool Update

The pool repairman is rumored to be putting in an appearance tomorrow, although after so long, I will believe it when I see it. In the event that he does show, the bunnies are preparing for him. The lot of them are arming themselves with carrots, with the intent of holding him prisoner until the pool is fixed. I have already been informed that I should report to the refrigerator first thing in the morning to be issued a carrot. Normally I would object to assisting the bunnies with anything, but I think I might have to go along with this. If that repairman doesn't do his job, they're going to invite a whale to move in for sure!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Pool Update

No sign of the pool repairman today. I'm starting to really suspect that he has changed his name and fled the country. I watched him from the sliding glass door, and honestly he had a shifty look about him, so I feel this is highly possible. Now the human is talking about taking him to court. The courthouse is by the ARCHIVES! She absolutely does not need to go up there! Maybe I ought to volunteer to help the bunnies hang up wanted posters of the repairman, although I'm not sure that putting the phrase "Wanted Dead or Alive" is entirely the way to go.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pool Update Again

The top of the pool remains clean, even though the bottom is a disaster. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not. The bunnies have consulted with our dolphin sister, and she keeps talking about how she's sure a creature much bigger than her, such as a whale, could clean the bottom easily. That doesn't seem a good sign. I want this whale talk stopped at once. We do not need a whale moving in. Can you imagine how much fish a whale would eat, fish that should be mine? My one hope is that the repairman shows up tomorrow. And if he does, I hope he is prepared, for the bunnies have chains ready to use against him.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pool Update

The pool is somehow clear, or at least the top of it is, much to the delight of the bunnies. The problem is that the bottom is still messed up, and thanks to our delinquent pool repairman, who I suspect has skipped the country, the vacuum will not work and allow it to be cleaned. So, the bunnies are looking at alternatives. The most alarming one at the moment is inviting a whale to move in. They believe that such a creature could dive to the bottom easily, to remove the algae remains and get the pool sparkling clean. They want a WHALE to move in! I don't want a whale sibling!

Friday, September 21, 2012


You will never believe this. I thought with the coming of fall that I was safe from gardening, but I was horribly wrong. Another patch was dug today, and kale, collards, turnips and mustard was planted in alarming amounts. And I just spotted the bunnies reading an article in the paper, and discussing other things to plant tomorrow. They're talking about putting out PEAS! I'm sure that peas are aggressive vegetables! When are those rabbits going to stop gardening?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Annoying Library

I was pawing through the computer heading for the blog, when I happened across the bunnies' bookmarked country library site. You won't believe the number of rabbit friendly titles that place offers. What could a library possibly need with 15 copies each of The Joy of Work and Overcoming Laziness, except to provide rabbits with reading material to torment cats? And they make it so easy to order more books too, with just a paw click. There must be someone this place can be reported to. Rabbits do not need such a bunny friendly organization running loose!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The bunny hopped out with the human again today, so I was living in fear of more seed purchases. What he returned with, though, oh how I wish it had been seed! The human let the bunny get a book, this book

The Rabbit Handbook! It's a guide to the wonder of bunnies and how bunnies should be waited upon. The bunnies are flipping through the pages now, and are talking about forcing me to read this rabbit work next, so I will learn how I should behave towards my cotton tailed siblings. Do you know what other cats would do if they knew I read a bunny book? I will see this author persecuted for publishing such a book, and then failing to prevent it from falling into the paws of rabbits! Any of number of laws have to have been violated!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And Yet More Trouble

A black cat must be nearby. I'm sure one of those evil felines is in the area, and I will have the authorities loosed on them for inflicting so much bad luck upon me, just see if I don't. I know it has to be against some law to do this. One of the bunnies hopped out with the human to the doctor today, and on their way home they stopped at the store for mosquito repelling candles. They found the candles, but then the bunny found something even more frightening. SEED! Seed, and extremely reasonably priced seed too. When he hopped home he was lagging a sack full of little packs, 18 total, which only cost 32 cents, including tax! Sniff, sniff, sniff! So, so many vegetables and at such a good price. Only a black cat bent on causing bad luck could be to blame for this! I'm sure it was one of Nick the Cat's relations!

Monday, September 17, 2012

More and More Trouble

The country stay is turning out even worse than expected, and I thought those 732 siblings were as bad as it could get. But now the human's got all fired up over some family info she found up there, and she's poking more at that awful tree. Really, people ought to be ashamed of encouraging her so. Our poor neighbors are sure to find a nut from the tree smashed through their living room ceiling when they return from the vacation that I can only hope is nicer than mine. Some cousin even dared to have pictures of relations in the write-up the human got copies of from that archive, so now the human's all fired up to chat with this relation, and get better pictures. Another trip to the country is sure to occur, and what if I am drug along this time? I could be taken as an accessory to that tree's frightening growth spurt!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grr! Grr! Grr!

The humans are back from the country once more, and the bunnies were forced to relinquish my computer. It was so annoying, being stuck with the cell phone, and getting texts from the bunnies about the wonders of the country every five minutes, and how they can't wait for me to join them there. And I'm very much afraid I might be heading there soon. The only issue that was keeping me here was the fact that the hot water is out up there, meaning the humans must come home for showers, so my feeding is taken care of. But then my human remembered the campground down the road, with its bathhouse, so that might not be an issue any longer. Growl! The bunnies shared that news when they hopped in, along with the news that the porch needs sanding, and that they are sure I will just love that job. Oh, and they ran into some other bears in the country too, so I now have 732 siblings. What a rotten vacation!

Friday, September 14, 2012


I managed to somehow escape being captured and drug to the country, but I am still unhappy. First the bunnies took my computer along with them when they hopped up there, and left me with an old cell phone so they could send text messages on how the work is progressing, and how nice the country is. Well, they're not fooling me! I know the country is not nice with all of the vegetables and rabbits running free. Anyway, the humans came back for more clothes a bit ago, so I was able to post this. Now I have to hide again, in case the bunnies told them to pack me among their wardrobe selections when they return.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Must Hide, Must Hide Tonight!

I have to find a hiding place right away. Surely there is somewhere good that the bunnies won't think of checking for me. Oh, it is truly a nightmare. The humans lagged a large pile of wood to the country this morning, and they have their bags packed to return there tomorrow to work. WORK! And I heard the bunnies talking a bit ago about capturing me, with two bunnies on my front paws and two on my back to drag me along to assist with this work. Where in the world can I hide?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pool Repair

The library, that den of rabbit encouragement, has done it this time. They supplied two books on swimming pools, and on pool repair. The bunnies are eagerly reading them, and carrot shaped bookmarks are poking out of the books in alarming numbers. And I don't like the way the bunnies keep looking at me as they read and then how they start whispering. I'm sure I heard one of them saying something about how the cat could squeeze beneath the pipes to work on clearing them. I'M the CAT! They're planning to put me to work! And worse, they're planning to put me to work near water! My fur will be ruined! Isn't there a human that is supposed to be doing this?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back with Dreadful News

I am back with horrible, awful news. The human went to the country with the bunnies today, just like the posted last night I am truly sorry to announce. Her first stop was at the archive where she got 40 pages of genealogy material to cause that tree to grow alarmingly. A nut is going to fall off of there at any moment, I just know it, and we will all be squished. And, then to make the situation worse, she went to the library for a card. And you should have heard the bunnies talking when the hopped back. It seems the country library is located underground, much like a rabbit burrow! A totally bunny friendly establishment, although I don't know what else I could expect from a place out in the country. I don't want to imagine the sorts of books they stock there, probably a ton of garden stuff for their cotton tailed customers.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Country Tomorrow, We Hope

We're hoping to go to the country tomorrow, so the human can get that library card, and so she can go to the archives. Our brother's pitching a fit. We don't know what in the world he thinks might happen at the library, or maybe it is the archive he is concerned about. Either way, he's running around, acting like the sky will be falling, or nuts will be dropping off the family tree at any moment. Most annoying.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Country Soon

Josie still. Really, our brother just looks s funny. Where the flea medication was applied, his fur is sticking straight up like he has a little mohawk on his head. We asked him if that meant he might like to help us with a rain dance, since he has the look down, but you won't believe how he objected. Enough about that, though. We have high hopes for going to the country next week. The human really wants to go, and to do some research on her family tree while she's up there too. We'll have so much fun! And maybe we can introduce our brother to some nice country cats. Surely some felines up there know the meaning of the word work!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Josie Rabbit Reporting

Hi, it's Josie. Our brother will be off for a few days. A flea was spotted this morning, so medication had to be applied. And until it soaks in, he isn't allowed in our human's room, so we bunnies will be running the blog. And we couldn't believe what our brother had to say about our greenhouse plans. Really, what is his objection to a greenhouse? We have high hopes that we could grow a giant pumpkin in it, and possibly watermelon too!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Habitat Visit

Habitat for Humanity visited today, and wonder of wonders, they didn't drop off any new residents. They did something much, much worse, and really, our neighbors ought to call the law on them for their horrible actions. They provided the human with information on constructing a GREENHOUSE from those old glass doors the humans were trying to get rid of. Do you know what will happen if the bunnies get their paws on a greenhouse?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I heard the human talking a bit ago about visiting a library in the country to get a card to obtain books from up there. That is not good, is not good at all. If the human is able to obtain books from the horrible country library, that means she intends to stay up there for awhile, and means my being captured and drug along are highly likely. And what if the human makes friends at the country library? Then they will want to host her bunny books, leading to rabbit encouragement! And I don't want to think of the number of rabbits that must patronize that library. The one here certainly allows enough bunnies to hop in for reading material. I'm sure the country is much worse.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The human entered some points she got for a program my litter supplier offered today, and is now checking out the goodies the points can be exchanged for. I was fine with this, but then when I popped into her room to see what merchandise she might be looking into obtaining, I spotted the bunnies, looking over her shoulder and offering suggestions. Now I am horribly alarmed. Who knows what the bunnies will suggest the human get with the points that I earned! Do you think a cat litter company would carry vegetable related merchandise?

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Few Weeks

I just heard the human discussing going to the country for an extended trip in a few weeks. She was talking about spending days and days up there, with ME along for the trip! And if they spend a good bit of time up there, I very much fear that I will be going. I might get out of being drug along for an overnight trip, but for longer, it is either go or be shipped off to jail. I wonder if the vet has forgiven me yet for my last visit?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pool Update

The pool is back to its usual green color, and the rabbits are royally ticked. I do hope the pool repairman has doubled his insurance, and has updated his will for the bunnies have horrible things planned, should they get their paws on him. My one comfort from all of this is that the green pool is distracting the rabbits nicely from their urges to hop up to the country, with me along for the ride.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bunny Books

Okay, I am alarmed. I heard the human just a bit ago, discussing the plots for some of the bunny novels with the grandhuman. Discussion means that she is thinking about those frightening bits of rabbit encouragement! Thinking can only lead to writing, and writing can only lead to those rabbits getting even more fired up than they already are. She's even wanting to go to the country for a bit of research!