Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We wonder how we could find out if the place we suspect Brother of hiding out is open tomorrow?  It would be so nice if it was, and if we could take a ride up to the country to finally recapture that kitten for the New Year.  Really, it isn't fair at all that he's managed to hide out for an entire year now.  Our fur has suffered terribly as a result, and don't think we won't be holding him accountable once he is drug home!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hunt Postponed

The Brother hunt got postponed again, and after we had out all of the nets suitable for entrapping a kitten, too.  So annoying.  We're thinking we're going to have to risk letting Betsy Bear behind the wheel if we ever want to capture Brother.  The grandhuman just doesn't seem to be working out for transportation.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Brother Hunt

The Brother hunt is hopefully scheduled for tomorrow.  We have been quiet all weekend, and talking of nothing but stitching, so we hope he doesn't suspect a thing.  We even got a new quilt book and flipped through it, oooohhhing over the nicest polar bear patterned quilt.  That netted us an angry text demanding we stop encouraging those bears in their warmth obsession right away.  Really, we can't wait to recapture Brother, and if he thinks he is getting this blog back when he moves back in, he has another thing coming!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Monday Plan

We have high hopes of heading to the country, to check out this kitten, and if it is Brother, to recapture him, on Monday.  The only problem we foresee with this is keeping Brother from getting suspicious and figuring out we might have located him once more before we can get there to grab him.  We don't want another escape.  Maybe we ought to offer to help the human with a few sewing projects.  The sound of stitching would likely distract Brother nicely!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Country Kitty

You won't believe this, but we have just received news that there is a kitty in the country that looks suspiciously like BROTHER!  Do you think he might have decided to hide up there, thinking it was the last place we would suspect him of being?  There's a nice rabbit at the same location as this kitty.  We wonder how we could find her email, to check and see for sure if this kitten is who we suspect it is.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


We got the nicest comic today, when we went to the bookstore with the human.  We were hoping to find a rabbit book, but we stumbled across the comic series featuring Brother's favorite feline instead.  They had a bunch of issues, but we only grabbed the most recent today.  Maybe we'll go back for some more this weekend.  And we will read them and chuckle, knowing how annoyed that Brother would be, by our getting our paws on those comics instead of him!  This issue was really good too, with the kitty actually TALKING!  Even that flying comic dog hasn't managed to become chatty, yet.  Such a shame Brother isn't going to get to see the books, but it's what he deserves for deserting. NO COMICS!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Has anyone else heard from Santa recently.  We're not sure what happened last night.  We were being good little bunnies, and hopped right to bed after watching a church service on tv, but when we woke this morning, Betsy was on the warpath.  Apparently Santa never showed up last night, and she was unable to rob him.  Do you think the lack of a tree really did lead him to skip us?  Or maybe his sleigh broke down from the weight of the coal he was delivering to Brother.  We can't be held accountable for sleigh repairs caused by that fugitive cat, right?

Monday, December 23, 2013


We just got some lovely news about some yummy hay that bunnies are fond of.  We're thinking of planting a large patch in the back yard now, and possibly doing away with Brother's catnip patch.  Oh, we can see it now, a big batch of hay, and bunnies hopping in, to party, eat and play with us!  We bet we could make loads and loads of bunny friends with a yummy crop like that.  Does anyone know how long it takes hay to sprout?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Update

No sign of that rotten cat today but we are still optimistic about his impending recapture.  Hehehehehehehe!  We just learned of a possible way to get FREE teddy siblings, you see, and we're sure Brother won't be pleased at all about that.  We expect him to poke up his pointy ears soon, to try to prevent this, and then we will have him.  Hmmmm.  Maybe we ought to work a bit harder on the free sibling thing, do you think?  It would be so nice to recapture Brother for the holidays.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brother's Troubles

It's so nice to report on Brother's troubles.  After the problems that cat has caused for us, he deserves every one of them, let us reassure you now.  First, Betsy took what we told her about the lack of a tree leading to Santa not dropping by seriously.  She has now placed a price on Brother's head.  We suspect that some poor bears might be forming a cat hunting squad even as we speak, in the hope that assisting Betsy will convince her to spare their honey supply this year.  And, even better, we got five new siblings today, a bear, a mouse, two penguins and a polar bear, bringing the sibling count up to 798!  And even better, one of the penguins is named PINKY!  When Brother texted, to demand why he was hearing unexpected pawsteps in the house, we gave him the happy news of our new penguin sister, and her takeover of his name.  And how we might be about to give her all of his stuff too.  His bed, his fish, everything.  Wouldn't that serve him right for deserting?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Brother's Doomed

We do hope Brother has enjoyed his freedom, for we have found the perfect way to ensure his recapture.  The human has been depressed over that rat, and hasn't wanted to put the tree up.  So, this afternoon we told Betsy that we believe the lack of a tree will lead Santa to skip our house this year.  We expect it won't be long until she puts things together and realizes the only way to get the tree up, and to ensure Santa arrives promptly for her to rob is to recapture Brother.  That cat is DOOMED!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Human Today

The human is feeling better today.  We can only assume this means that Brother gave in to some cat like instincts and batted the voodoo doll under something where he can't retrieve it without the aid of a broom.  Now if he would just try batting at the cell phone he is using.  Now he's texting to complain about the amount of READING he is hearing!  How does he hear reading, and really, why does he think that it is some disaster he must prevent?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Poor Human

The human's bad leg is bothering her again.  The pain hit her suddenly today just as we were planning to visit the fabric store and then go interview a few bunnies to select one to move in.  We're not sure how he could have done it, but we are suspicious that Brother caused this problem.  Do you think he might have got his paws on a voodoo doll?  The human describes the pain as stabbing.  Couldn't a voodoo doll cause that?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Continued Texts

Brother continues to text us, demanding to know what these interviews we keep discussing are for.  Now he's threatening to report us for possibly hiring gardening assistants.  We don't know who he thinks he is going report that to, and why he thinks it is a crime anyway.  This could be fun now that we think about it.  Brother is going crazy wondering what we're up to, and honestly, we think it serves him right, after all of the trouble he has caused!

Monday, December 16, 2013


We've been getting texts from Brother all day, demanding to know why we keep discussing interviews and setting up appointments for interviews, and what are we doing that we need to interview people?  He's accused us of looking to employ garden help this year to make the thing our biggest yet.  Any idea how long we should let him continue to think that before we give him the news we are interviewing BUNNIES to take his place?

Sunday, December 15, 2013


We've been showing the human pictures of cute little bunnies looking for homes, and she's looking very, very tempted by some of the sweet rabbits.  So now we are getting texts from Brother demanding to know why he is hearing the human cooing over something that doesn't sound feline.  How long do you think we should make him wonder before telling him he might be about to be replaced by a nice RABBIT?

Saturday, December 14, 2013


The perfect idea for recapturing that cat just hit us.  We can turn him in to SANTA!  Santa is sure to know where he is.  He'll be stopping to drop of a truck load of coal for that cat, after all, so he has to know his location.  We can ask Santa to snatch him and drop him off!  With his thick gloves and coat, Brother won't be able to use his claws on Santa, and the sleigh will be rather high up so Brother can't escape!  Perfect!  Santa can capture him, and leave him tied under the tree for us!  Problem solved!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Didn't Catch Him

We didn't catch Brother today.  At first we were glad that those bandages we stocked up on wouldn't be necessary, and we wouldn't need an emergency trip to the teddy adoption center, but then the human started sobbing.  She really, really thought she would find Brother today, and when she didn't, she was just devastated.  She's been sobbing ever since and we don't know what to do.  When we get our paws on that cat for this....  We have a lot of bandages.  Maybe we could use them to tie him up, before he could turn his claws on us.  Hmmmm.  That could work.  And we know there are claw trimmers here.  Tie Brother up, do a bit of trimming and we would have a disarmed kitten.  And see if we ever let him grow his claws back when we get our paws on him!  We are going to be lucky if we don't end up soaking wet from the tears!  He should be ashamed!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tomorrow's Hunt

We might be going out to hunt Brother tomorrow.  How annoying.  You know he's going to put up a fight if we find him.  He'll probably dig in his claws to try to keep from being drug to the car, and will make a horrible scene.  We fear he might even loose those claws upon us, if we help the human recapture him.  What are we going to do?  We don't want to be clawed and have to make an emergency trip to the teddy adoption center for first aid!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bunny Plans

Does anyone have any suggestions for how we can best convince the human that a bunny would be the perfect replacement for Brother?  Really, rabbits are entirely superior.  They can use a box just like a cat, but bunnies are so much less messy about it, and since we eat salads, we're so much easier to feed!  A bunny would be the perfect friend, we are sure, but for some reason the human keeps mentioning hunting that cat down.  How can we get her mind of felines and onto nice rabbits?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brother Hunt Scheduled

A Brother hunt is scheduled for Friday, unless we can convince the human that a bunny would make a much better sibling before then.  We've shown her a few bunny pictures, and she's looked a bit tempted by them.  We think we'll up the rabbit picture viewing for the next couple of days, and hopefully we'll be able to guide the human in a bunny direction.  Wouldn't that serve Brother right, if he was replaced by a rabbit?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tomorrow's Plans

The human is talking about going to hunt down that rat of a brother of ours tomorrow, after her doctor's appointment.  We're just not sure about this, though.  After all of the trouble Brother has caused, and how damp our fur has gotten from the human's tears over that troublesome cat, do we REALLY want to let him move back in?  We think we might need to spend the night showing her pictures of bunnies looking for new lodgings instead.  Another bunny would be so much nicer as a sibling, and we're sure a fellow rabbit would be appreciative of such a nice home and such loving siblings too!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rotten, Rotten Brother

Our poor human.  She has had an awful weekend, missing that horrible, terrible cat and sobbing.  We're feeling quite damp and much annoyed.  How can Brother just desert and abandon our poor human like this?  We really ought to turn the law loose on him.  And maybe pull up some pictures of bunnies looking for homes.  Do you think that would cheer the human?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oddest Thing

We just read the oddest thing, about an elephant falling down a well.  Really, how big was this well, that it allowed an elephant to tumble to the bottom?  And there were pictures of him, standing up at the bottom, not cramped at all!  Granted, he was a baby elephant, but still, those are still pretty large.  What in the world were the humans who constructed this well thinking digging such a large thing?  Big enough for an elephant.  Well, their neighbors are going to know the first place to look for their children should they go missing now.  And we are sure the elephant's parents are looking for a good lawyer to represent them in their suit against these humans for improper well construction and creating a safety hazard.

Friday, December 6, 2013

More Complaints about the TV Bunny

We're still getting complaints about that nice bunny on the TV show.  How long is Brother going to keep bringing that up?  Now he's complaining about the clothing the bunny is wearing, and demanding to know if this is part of some sort of plot to convince humans that bunnies need little outfits and little shoes and who knows how many little accessories.  He also believes this bunny is somewhere on our family tree.  Hmmmm.  That sounds paranoid to us.  Do you think we could use such paranoid thinking to get Brother locked up?  At least then maybe he wouldn't be able to harass us nearly as much!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tonight's TV Complaints

We don't know why whichever human is stuck with Brother keeps allowing him access to the television remote.  Can they really enjoy an hour of television accompanied by such loud kitty complaints?  We're sure it takes away from the show tremendously.  We know the texts we keep getting bombarded with are sure hampering our TV viewing.  The nicest bunny was on tonight, and needless to say, Brother sent a pile of texts, complaining about the rabbit, the number of lines he had, and the continuing absence of the show's cat.  Really, the show is based on Alice in Wonderland.  Isn't there a mention of a rabbit hole in the title of that book?  Why is he so shocked to see a bunny on the screen?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today's complaints were about hearing the rustling of wrapping paper being applied to presents.  We don't know why Brother thinks he has some right to complain about that, though, after his horrible desertion and refusal to move back in.  We're starting to get suspicious about the human's cold now, too, and we're wondering if Brother could have arranged to infect her.  We've lined up several nice rabbits for interviews to take Brother's place, but the human can't meet them until she is feeling better.  It would be just like that cat to somehow spread a disease to prevent a nice bunny from getting a home!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Complaints

We're still getting more complaints from Brother.  Now he's demanding to know if we were serious about the human being finished with her shopping list.  Really, he heard ALL of the checking of people being crossed off.  List is done, and before December even started.  We wonder if being so super helpful will get us promoted to Santa's extra nice list this year.  We know Brother is heading for the extra naughty list.  If anyone needs coal, check with him, because he is probably getting a ton this year with how evil he has been.  Now, since we have helped the human finish her list, time to start shopping for the rabbits on our bunny list!  We think we will need to hop to the food co-op soon to start gathering seed to finish that list!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Sorry we didn't post this weekend.  We were a little distracted, rechecking the human's list, and then she got a cold, a lovely gift from the grandhuman, we are sure.  Anyway, Brother is still texting us non-stop.  Now he's complaining about the amount of books he is hearing us downloading.  He seems to think it will only encourage the human to read, and not supervise us.  Really, for a cat who seems to find the notion of moving back in so terrible, Brother is spending a lot of time focusing on what's going on in this house, don't you think?