Thursday, June 30, 2011


A couple of bunnies took time off from training to get Nick today, to take a hop down to the library to collect more books for the cottage improvement project. They came hopping back, lagging several sacks full, and with the happy news that they had obtained a movie for us to watch together, all about the wonders of flooring and its installation. A movie on flooring. I wonder what rating that thing has? And I suppose it will be too much to hope that the rabbits will provide a sack of popcorn for the viewing.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Someone called, selling roofing today, and unfortunately a bunny got her paws on the phone before it could click to the answering machine for censoring. No good will come from this, I am sure. The roofing person thought they were talking to a human and was happy to chatter on forever, giving the bunny details about how to measure for a roof, and the materials required. The lot of them hopped right to multiplying, as soon as the phone call ended, and now they have a list all ready for me, for the work needed for more cottage improvements. And, since cats are much better climbers than rabbits, I'm likely down to do the entire roof solo. Of course, there could be advantages to that. I could lounge up there, taking as long as I wanted, and the bunnies wouldn't be able to hop up to demand I hammer shingles faster. I could even do no work at all, and there would be nothing they could do. Perhaps I ought to go and have a chat with them now, and volunteer for this job!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't Decide

The bunnies are hard at work, constructing a fake rabbit's foot. When they're done, they're going to poke it under a bush out in the yard, to lure Nick and his relatives in. They're sure those cats won't be able to resist trying out their bad luck powers against a rabbit's foot, and to make the entire thing extra tempting, they are going to scatter shoes, borrowed from one of our horse siblings, and four leaf clovers all around. I'm not sure who I should be supporting in this, though. If the rabbits defeat Nick, it does mean that I will be drug off to the country to work on cottage improvement projects, but on the other paw, leaving Nick and his family on the loose can only end in disaster, ant invasions, diets and sweaty fur for me. I suppose it really isn't much of a decision. And surely I'll be able to find a hiding place at the cottage, if I'm drug there to be put to work, hopefully a place where my tail won't give me away like all of the hiding places down here!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rabbits Are Ready

The rabbits are ready for Nick the Cat and his family, and, I have to admit, after seeing them hopping about in the backyard, practicing maneuvers with their little weapons, that I am looking forward to seeing it, even if the end result of that cat being defeated will be my being put to work at various cottage improvement projects. Several of the bunnies are frighteningly good with those weapons. Nick is going to come out of this looking like a skunk for sure, and possibly smelling like one. The bunnies have recruited the penguins into their plans to repel Nick and his relations, and they have been hard at work all day, making something so foul-smelling that I want to remove my nose when I catch just a whiff. I wonder if I could videotape it when Nick faces off with the rabbits? I'm sure it would win some award for humor.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spoke too Soon Again

Well, I spoke too soon again. This afternoon, the bunnies decided that if they divided up, there would be enough bunnies for guarding the house and garden against Nick and his kind while a few of them hopped to the country cottage to take measurements for impending work. They came back with a paper full of figures for multiplication, a skill that all bunnies might as well have a PhD in. Anyway, they liked the figures, so now they are sitting at the table, paper in paws, mapping out a plan for the permanent defeat of Nick and his bad luck family. If the end result wouldn't involve my being put to work, I would honestly enjoy this. They have weapons out, filled with whitewash, guarenteed to hit a feline at 100 yards, long before they can bring their bad luck into play. Nick will be lucky not to come out of this looking like a skunk, is all that I can say.t

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nick Report

No sign of Nick, or his horrible family. Perhaps the bunnies and their vegetables have frightened that lot off before they could present us with more bad luck. And I have suddenly realized there might be another benefit to the trouble Nick and his relations have amused themselves causing this week. It means the bunnies are a bit nervous about leaving the house, thinking of all of the trouble that cat could cause while they're away. Of course, that does mean I have to deal with them, but on the up side, it means they can't capture me and drag me to the country to WORK! Perhaps I have finally found an upside to Nick's harassment and infliction of bad luck.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's Power Update

The power is still on, thank goodness, although I know Nick the Cat and his relations are up to something. Apparently, they weren't able to steal the bulldozer down the street, so they amused themselves snatching rocks instead, and blocking the sewers, and building dams in the creek to create a lovely flood. Needless to say, the bunnies were not amused to learn of this when they woke this morning, since some of the stolen rocks were decorations from their garden. I can only hope they didn't put their names, or our address on those rocks, or we might be in trouble. Anyway, the bunnies made up another list, and now they are all camped out at the windows, keeping a lookout for Nick and his family, armed with carrots and celery to repel them should they poke their pointy black ears up. I almost hope they do, so I can see the attack of the salad ingredients.

Power's Back Part 2

The power is back on again, although I know I spotted one of Nick the Cat's relations, from the sliding glass door, heading in the direction of some power lines that are leaning more than I'm sure is safe. That family is probably planning to snatch the bulldozer at the end of the street in order to knock the lines down, and do away with my electricity again. I just know it. While I still can, though, I will post here. So, has anyone seen this? The human stumbled on it a bit ago, and I let her set up the download, to run while I'm blogging. A game starring cats, and not one of the cute ones with virtual felines to tend either. It's about time, although that kitten in the title sequence does look a bit like one of Nick's relations. I wonder if some of them have gone to work for a game company? I suppose it's good for me if they have sought employment there, though. They will be too busy modeling for this game and sequels to lurk here, helping their family cause bad luck! I think I better keep my paws crossed that this game is a best seller, and spawns a ton of sequels. Perhaps then the kitten who is currently employed there will have to bring the rest of the family into the business, and my bad luck will be over! I urge you all to purchase this the second it comes out!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brother Posted Too Soon

It's Bebe Here. Our brother posted too soon. Right after he put his post up, the power went out again, so I was dispatched to the roast beef place to post an update. Nick the Cat is a definite suspect in these power issues. If the police weren't so busy, helping people who have trees through their dwellings thanks to that horrible, horrible cat, Pinky would demand they capture him right away, and drag him off to jail. As it is, we're trying to figure out what to do. The house is baking once more. Personally, we have no issues going to stay with the relative that has those two canine offspring, but our brother is sure they would be too chatty for him to cope with. So, we just might have to head for the cool of the country. I do hope Farmer Turley has some tomatoes ready should we get to drop in.

Power's Back

The power's back, and just in time. The human was threatening to go to the country or possibly to stay with the relation who has those naughty canines if she was forced to go without air any longer. And I was thinking I would have to don a pair of fake bunny ears to sneak into the roast beef place to post. I don't trust those rabbits with my blog, when I can't keep a close eye on them. Really, I have got to do something about this. I know Nick the Cat is to blame for all of my troubles. The bunnies were sitting around the table, with markers, crayons and paper penning an apology to their leader for the fact the egg hunt was messed up when the storm started, so I know they are innocent. Which leaves Nick and his horrible family with their bad luck powers as the cause of all of this! They probably thought the cover of complete darkness would be perfect for getting away with more crimes. Anyway, as soon as the giant tree blocking my path is removed, it looks like I'll be catching another ride on the bus to the courthouse to file more charges against that cat. Really, there was no air conditioning! My nice fur was starting to get sweaty!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Power Failure

It's Bebe Bunny here, reporting for our brother. They wouldn't let him into the roast beef place that has internet access, so he dispatched us to let you know what's going on. Our power failed last night, due to a storm, and a storm that we rabbits had nothing to do with, might I add. We do love rain dancing, I'll admit, but we didn't host a dance last night since we were busy trying to figure out how to make things up to our leader since he didn't get to visit the egg hunt like we promised. Nick the Cat is a prime suspect in this. Anyway, we don't have a clue when we will have electricity again, so until it is back on or until our brother finds a disguise to get into the roast beef place to post, we will be in charge of the blog.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Must Return to the Courthouse Tomorrow

Really, at the rate Nick the Cat and that awful family of his is going, I will have to invest in a bus pass. Now I have to go back to the courthouse tomorrow to add more charges to my suit against them, and to file for a restraining order. Really, this is just too much. I happened to look out this evening, and I spotted a member of that horrible family, creeping up the sidewalk, undoubtedly thinking their black fur would provide camouflage, with the contents of an ant farm, to be let loose upon me! Now, thanks to the ant invasion, the humans are planning to limit the amount of food in my dish severely, only putting it in at specific times, since they think that might be what is attracting ants! That sounds suspiciously like a diet to me and nothing good ever comes from those. Nick the Cat is going to pay for this! I don't care how many times I have to take the bus to the courthouse! I will get that cat!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


First thing tomorrow, I am going to file that suit against Nick, and all of his relations for their horrible infliction of bad luck. Really, it will be worth having to go so near the genealogy archives just for the chance to see that cat punished for all of this. Maybe I can even convince someone that causing so much bad luck is a crime, and he should be drug away to jail for a sentence of several of his nine lives? Oh, that would be truly funny! I just can't believe that horrible feline and his delinquent relatives did what they did to the egg hunt. Okay, I wasn't looking forward to being forced to hide eggs, but after all the trouble the bunnies made me go to, having to attend that class on egg hiding, I should have at least been able to use my new skill. I have a diploma and everything, presented to me by the head bunny, after all, even if it was an embarrassing experience on stage with all of those baby bunnies. Yes, Nick the Cat is going to pay for this. I wasn't forced to all of that trouble just to give him the pleasure of spoiling things with his bad luck talents!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Egg Hunt Report

I can't believe this. After all of the work and fuss, preparing for that egg hunt, and being forced to march across a stage in a black robe and hat upon completion of that egg hunting class, the thing was rained out I can't believe this. After all of at trouble I was forced to go to, and then for rain to ruin things. And I know the bunnies weren't to blame. As much as they love rain dancing, they were wanting to impress their leader with this hunt more, so they wouldn't risk anything that could have led to his cotton tail getting wet. I'm sure Nick the Cat and his relations are to blame, with their fondness for causing bad luck. They probably considered it some sort of high achievement in bad luck power, to overrun a rabbit plan, especially one their leader is involved in. His feet are probably considered to have especially strong good luck. Well, those cats will be punished. Bright and early Monday morning, I am marching down, or more likely riding the bus down, to the courthouse to file suit against that entire family for this bad luck harassment!

Friday, June 17, 2011

If the Zoo Asks

If the zoo asks, I was here all day, being forced to work by a batch of rabbits. I didn't even have a moment to look outside. They barely gave me a moment to drop my my food bowl to grab a quick bite before forcing me back to work. I was totally occupied, and thus could have nothing to do with the penguin disaster that hit today. The human had to go by the zoo not once but twice to get those goodie bag coupons. She says it was due to some sort of mix-up, but I know the real reason. I spotted a penguin waddling in to talk to the other penguins, holding an email from the zoo residents, asking for a second trip, since too many penguins were in residence to comfortably fit into the car, hidden under a blanket in the floorboard, in one trip. Two trips, and two car loads of penguins. I am afraid to look outside!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Horrors Continue

The horrors continue to come. The human is popping by the zoo, first thing in the morning, to pick up one of the last items for those awful sacks! The ZOO! I can just imagine what will happen with her dropping by there. While she's inside, picking up things, a crew of penguins will undoubtedly hide in the car to get a free ride over here. I'm sure my penguin siblings are up to something. They've been waddling around acting entirely too happy lately, and now I know why. They must have a party planned for the weekend, and this is how they're going to get their guests here! I won't get a wink of sleep due to party noise the entire time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Horrors! Horrors! Horrors!

I should report someone for cat cruelty. Oh, the horrors that I have experienced today. The seed envelopes are ready for the seed to be dumped in, and little seals stuck on to close them. The reunion booklet is ready for stapling. The CDs are burned and ready for labeling. So much work, and whenever I thought it was all done, a bunny would hop over with a little checklist, to present me with another chore. Tomorrow's delightful schedule includes stuffing goodie bags for children, and whatever additional tasks the bunnies can think up. They're snoozing now, and I'm sure getting more horrible ideas in their fluffy little heads!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

See Our Brother's Been On

Well, I see our brother's been on here once more, complaining. Really, he is just the most difficult creature any of us have ever met. After all our human does for him, isn't it the least he can do to help her with this reunion? We just need him to stick a star on, and then help with poking the big cemetery map labels on the map cover. Really, if he was industrious, he could finish in a few minutes. Honestly, the nerve of him, escaping while our cotton-tails were turned. We'll get him, though, never fear about that. All we have to do is keep an eye on his food dish. He'll eventually have to drop by there.

Monday, June 13, 2011

If the Rabbits Ask

If the rabbits pop on here and ask, I am not here, and you have no idea where I am. Oh, the horrors I have experienced today. I woke up this morning to find a batch of rabbits surrounding me. Before I could flee, they had my leash on me, and the next thing I knew, I was in an assembly line for those horrible cemetery maps again. I finally managed to escape while they were hunting more stars for poking on the map. They'll be hopping around any moment, looking for me, though, so if they ask, I am not here!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I knew the day was going to be bad when I spotted one of Nick the Cat's relations in the backyard, likely robbing my nip patch. Really, I should call the police on that entire family. Anyway, the human went out, and the next thing I know, she's coming back, lagging two more siblings for me. I am now up to 685 siblings. Apparently, she stopped by a homeless shelter to ask directions to a graveyard or something, and these two bears persuaded her to take them in. And worse, she found the graveyard, and the tombstone of the cousin she was looking for, so now she's all excited, talking about getting groups of relations together for a clean-up detail and everything. I'm sure that can only lead to trouble.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Did I do to the Church?

What did I do so wrong that the church is out to get me? Because surely they think I did something. Oh, you won't believe the horror that I experienced this morning, thanks to that place. The human dropped by this church, that was having some sort of event involving hot dogs, and she was promptly tackled by various animals with tales of woe about being homeless. I now have seven more siblings, including a monkey, a reindeer, a cow, three bears, and worst of all, another polar bear! I am up to 683 siblings. Woe is me! The only comfort I can see is the cow. She's a truly lazy creature. I asked her for milk, thinking I would be able to at least get snacks from her, and she refused, saying she doesn't do that sort of work. Maybe I can get the bunnies interested in reforming this cow into an industrious creature instead of their many plots to make me work? I'm sure they won't be impressed at all by her refusal to work at milking. They probably think she ought to produce milk and churn up cheese and butter from it too. At least I hope so. Tricking them into harassing her is my only hope!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrated too Soon

I celebrated the work being on hold too soon. The bunnies dispatched a rabbit to the store this afternoon to collect another pack, and now they are camped out in front of the printer, a group guarding the ink, and another shooting me dark looks, and scribbling on a little list, undoubtedly plotting more work for me, in retaliation for the fact they suspect me of sabotaging the printer. Really, I don't know why they blame me. Just because they found inky cat paw prints on a piece of paper that was awaiting printing, is no reason to accuse me. Any cat could have left those. And why aren't they accusing Nick the Cat or his relations? They love causing bad luck. I'm sure they would like to try out their bad luck powers against the supposed good luck of rabbits' feet.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy to Announce

I'm happy to announce that the printer ran out of ink before the bunnies could finish off printing the cemetery lists, and other items necessary for goodie bag construction. Needless to say, they're hopping mad and shooting suspicious looks my way. I have no idea why. There are millions of ways I could have ended up with ink on my fur that doesn't involve sabotaging the printer. So, until the ink is replaced, bag construction is on HOLD! No work for me! HURRAY!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stuffing Report

The bunnies got an early start on stuffing those horrible bags today, hopping in at five in the morning, and waking me up to get started with the stuffing job. FIVE! In the MORNING! What in the world am I going to do if another cat finds out I was awake at five in the morning for something besides a food bowl visit? Anyway, twenty bags were assembled before the bunnies realized that the cemetery lists hadn't been printed out for inclusion with the little maps. So, they had to let me go, while they went to work on those. I can only hope they run out of paper to print the lists, so my return to work is delayed indefinitely!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodie Horrors

In my worry over the work horrors the bunnies are plotting for me, the growing goodie horrors slipped my mind. Well, it slipped my mind until the rabbits hopped in to give me the happy news that the time for assembling the goodie bags is at hand. They hope to start with the assembly tomorrow, so they ordered me to report bright and early to the kitchen table to be issued my stuffing assignment. They told me to be there at seven in the morning! Seven! They expect me to be awake at SEVEN! And you know if I don't show up, and try to sleep, they will hunt me down to put me to work. I'm doomed. They already told me that the least I am going to do will be stuffing those dog magazines into bags.

Monday, June 6, 2011

This Afternoon's Report

The rabbits didn't go to the country today. Normally, I would think this was good news, but I'm very afraid it is an alarming disaster. The delay in visiting the country cottage can only give the rabbits more time to plot work for me. They're currently reading Overcoming Laziness, and I don't like the way they keep looking at me, and then scribbling on their little lists at all. I know that book is giving them horrible ideas, and the author should be jailed, for publishing something, devoted to forcing cats to work. Anyway, the bunnies are currently looking for some pillows to rest their big ears on when they go to the cottage, and the claim that as soon as they are purchased, we will leave, so I must figure out how to block pillow purchases from Amazon right away.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bunnies and the Library

I think the rabbits might have managed to get their paws on a library card of their own. Really, what in the world was that place thinking? The reason I fear this is because I was checking the library history, and an unfamiliar number popped up, that didn't belong to the human or grandhuman. And then, when I went to check it out, I found that this card had been used to borrow alarming numbers of books of interest to rabbits. Gardening books, home improvement books! And worst of all, books on WORK! Hard Work, Getting Hard Work out of Cats, Overcoming Laziness, Improving Cats Through Work! They borrowed books on how to make me work! What was the library thinking? And what in the world am I going to do? I have to get rid of those books before the bunnies can read them and get horrible ideas!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Continuing Bad Luck

I found another note from one of Nick the Cat's relations, happily announcing the arrival of a bad luck special, double my bad luck with no extra charge. Really, those cats ought to be ashamed of themselves, dumping so much bad luck on a fellow feline. Shouldn't they be crossing streets, and terrorizing humans or something? My bad luck is definitely on the upswing, though, because the rabbits are currently lurking by the washing machine, getting ready to wash up a bunch of bedding for use at the country cottage. The church that sold it to them should be ashamed of themselves! I'm sure there are three full sets there, enough bedding to provide for the napping comfort of frightening numbers of rabbits! They might even be able to invite some more bunnies over for a visit, since they will have a nice place for them to snooze! And they expect me to sleep right next to them, too! Sleeping with rabbits. I'm sure I won't get a bit of rest.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Library and Rabbit Encouragement

I must sue the library right away. I know I have an excellent case against that horrible place. Would you believe that they let the bunnies hop in this afternoon, and hop out again with a giant home improvement book? Really, it took two rabbits carrying it to get it home. I think that says something about the size. What in the world was the library thinking? They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Surely they knew that card wasn't in the bunnies' name, or maybe they went ahead and issued them cards since they seem so fond of the cotton tailed troublemakers. Anyway, the bunnies promptly presented me with the book when they got home, with little sticky notes to highlight various pages, and told me I should start studying it now, since they have high hopes of visiting the country on MONDAY!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Continuing Woes

The air conditioner is fixed, or at least that's what the repairman is claiming. I'm not sure how far he can be trusted, but since it is slightly cooler in here, I suppose I will try to be a bit less suspicious for the moment. At least I didn't have to do what the rabbits suggested, and tie a fan to my tail to try to keep cool. But, no sooner did the air conditioner repairman leave, than another horror reared its head! The bunnies are wanting to head to the country again in the next day or so! And I know I saw them looking for my leash, which makes me highly suspicious that they plan to drag me along for work purposes. They're going to make me glaze windows and who knows what else. They have several books on home improvement thanks to that horrible library, so I know they have an entire list of chores. And what if another cat sees me?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Air Conditioner Woes Continued

The air conditioner is still messed up. The repairman finally arrived, but honestly, I am not optimistic at all. My fur will probably need to be dry cleaned after this. And, to make matters worse, the human is talking about going not to a hotel, but to camp out with a relation, the human my dog cousins live with! She's already working on a story to be allowed to take me along, by talking about how I don't get to see the pups enough, and how we need to get to know each other! Not that I have anything against dogs, but these aren't the most disciplined canines around. I can see it now. They'll keep me up with barking all day, and I'm sure that when I want to be awake and watching television or blogging, they won't cooperate at all. Who knows, they might even make friends with the bunnies! Oh, that would be a disaster! What in the world is the air conditioner repairman doing, failing to fix this quickly before I can be inconvenienced?