Monday, May 30, 2016


The human went out to a movie this afternoon, and when she returned home, she was experiencing an alarming itching. She's not sure if something might have bitten her, or if she was exposed to something and this is the start of hives, but either way, we are very concerned. We have lesson plans to write out, but the human has been forced to take antihistimines and is planning to sleep for who knows how long, so how will we be able to use the computer? This is absolutely the worst timing ever! We're almost tempted to think the cat is responsible.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sorry for Not Posting

We're very sorry for the lack of posting lately. The internet has been having issues, making it difficult for us to get online. Kitty sabotage is suspected. Anyway, here's an update on us. We are now signed up to teach four stitching classes showing people how to make various quilted items and teddy merchandise. And we are hoping to design more possible classes soon, which will bring in even more money for us. And will sadly result in even more kitty shrieks, we are afraid. We're participating in an event next weekend to hopefully convince lots of people to sign up for our classes, which is going to be a lot of fun. And we're hopeful it might result in that cat's recapture too. He's threatening to organize a protest. And conveniently, we will be in a fabric store with a lovely supply of netting material. As soon as that kitty shows up, we can purchase some and use it to snag him! Hehehehehehehe! We bet that has never occurred to him. And it will serve him right if we net him and he has to spend hours entangled in a net while we sign people up for stitching instruction. Maybe we can even offer classes on net making, if people see how handy nets can be! Also, we have taken in six new siblings, bringing our total to 931. That's about all the things we have to share for now. Hopefully we will have more updates tomorrow!

Friday, May 13, 2016


We are annoyed. That rotten cat has figured out how to use GPS to zoom in on our location and figure out the general area were are in, in stores! We feel like we are being stalked now. We hopped to the book store this evening, and promptly got bombarded with texts demanding to know what we were doing in the aisle that we were in, and he wasn't entirely sure if it was the quilt aisle or the genealogy aisle, but either way, for us to hop right out of it, and to hop right out of the store that instant. We are seriously annoyed now. There has to be a way to keep him from accessing out GPS and using it to be a kitty stalker! One bit of good news amongst the annoying news, though. Our new batch of thread arrived and it is even nicer than we anticipated. We're thinking of placing another order soon if this works out as well as we think it will. If you hear shrieks, you will know that that is what we did.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

This Week's Noise

We're very sorry for the noise this week. We've been working on lesson plans and watching quilting videos and reading books to get ideas for those classes we will be teaching, and Brother hasn't been taking it well. Also, we placed a large thread order late Sunday night. We hope the resulting shriek didn't wake anyone up. Anyway, we are very excited. We have tons of plans for things to teach, and we are just so eager to get started with our first class. And that rotten cat is threatening to protest outside of our first class, which might make him a bit easier to recapture if he actually goes through with his threat, which will be one good thing, anyway. We're hoping to visit a few quilt shops tomorrow and over the weekend, so we thought we should warn you about that now. The kitty shrieking will probably be at nightmarish levels all weekend as a result.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Really Very Sorry

We're really very sorry for all of the noise that started on Friday and continued non-stop through the weekend. We got the job as stitching instructors, and Brother isn't taking the news of our employment well at all. Rotten cat. Well, we aren't happy with him either. The human has been sobbing about him all evening, and missing the pest, and generally being miserable. We are good bunnies and don't like seeing the poor human heartbroken like that, and it is all that horrible cat's fault, so the least he could do is to cease with his complaints about the dangers he is imagining if we work and get our paws on money.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sorry for Yesterday's Extended Rant

We're very sorry for yesterday's extended rant.  We had to hop in to the fabric store for an interview to show off some of our stitching.  Brother didn't take it well.  The following are just some of the texts we got.

Why is the GPS showing that you are at the fabric store yet again? You were just there on Saturday! Get out at once!

Why is the GPS showing that you are still at the fabric store? It has been an hour! It is Tuesday! There can't be a line at the cutting table! How much are you buying? The lot of you just drop any fabric in your paws this instant and get out!

It has been two hours! Why are you still in the fabric store? Are you interviewing for that job? You couldn't still be shopping. The store is not that big. Is someone actually planning to hire the lot of you? Get out of there right this minute! Nothing good can come of rabbits gaining employment!

Finally! You were in there three hours! You bunnies should be ashamed of yourselves! At least you're leaving now, though, and.... Wait, is that the library you're at? Get out! Get out of that den of rabbit encouragement at once! I know you're not going to pick up any decent literature there! Get out!

He was being awful. We don't want to think of what he will have to say when we have to hop back. There was some sort of scheduling mix-up and the lady we were supposed to meet wasn't there, even though we did wait for three hours. So we'll probably have to go back again, possibly this weekend, to see about showing her our stuff. Please brace yourselves now for the kitty fit that will ensue.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Apologies for Yesterday's Noise

Sorry for all of the noise yesterday.  A few churches were holding events that we hopped to, and you know how Brother reacted to that.  We kept getting texts with each church we stopped at, demanding to know what we were doing, and it wasn't Sunday, and to get out of that church at once.  He was just awful.  Anyway, we met the nicest bear at one of the churches, and then we met two more bears when we dropped by the local homeless shelter, bringing our sibling count to 925.  Also, we stopped by the fabric store and had a long chat about our hopeful employment there teaching stitching.  We have an appointment to go back this week to take samples of our work for display.  We suggest you keep your ear protection close at hand for the next few days.  You know how Brother will take us doing that.  Anyway, we're very sorry about all of the noise, but we're afraid it won't be quieter any time in the immediate future.