Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hope the Warning was Heeded

We do hope that everyone heeded our warning and put on ear protection today.  We visited a quilt shop, a fabric store and a fabric department and with every stop we made, the kitty shrieks just kept increasing.  We're very sorry.  Brother should be ashamed of himself for such poor behavior.  And then to top things off, we hopped to the food co-op because the human needed a few things and he threw the shrieking fit to end all fits, demanding we hop right out of that den of rabbit encouragement at once before we got bad ideas.  We're not sure what bad ideas he thought we might get.  We did get some lovely little free samples of toothpaste, though, which we really can use for our lovely bunny teeth.  All in all, it was a very nice day, despite the kitty noise.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Warning for Tomorrow

We thought we better warn you now, we might be hopping by a quilt shop tomorrow in search of a few more supplies for our pending quilting class.  Loud kitty shrieks are anticipated.  Please guard your ears now.  We also might go to the country to check on the cottage, in anticipation of a possible weekend visit so we imagine he'll be shrieking about that as well.  Please brace yourself accordingly.

Monday, August 29, 2016

TV Complaints

We've found a lovely tv channel airing some of the human's favorite mysteries.  If you were curious what in the world was making Brother shriek so this afternoon, that was what it was.  He highly disapproves of the human watching television and says that such a thing will only lead to unsupervised rabbits and trouble.  It's probably a good thing he isn't living here at the moment.  The human seemed so happy to see her favorite shows and if that cat was here he would probably amuse himself trying to unplug the TV set.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Sorry for the Shrieks

We're sorry for the shrieks today.  We hopped down to the book store and got a giant quilt reference book featuring 4050 patterns.  Brother was not pleased with the purchase at all.  We hope his shouting and shrieking about how we better return that book right away and what was the book store thanking in selling it to us didn't ruin anyone's Friday.  And really, we had MONEY!  Why wouldn't the book store sell something to bunnies with the necessary funds in paws?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

We're sorry for the lack of posts.  Honestly, we didn't think it had been that long since we had posted, but obviously all of the continuous kitty shrieking had us a bit confused.  He's been totally awful, as I'm sure all of you know.  We went to that giant yard sale, and had a truly wonderful time, finding a giant pile of quilting magazines and patterns.  We just hope no one suffered permenant hearing damage as a result of the ensuing shrieks.  Goodness knows we feared that we would with our lovely big ears.  We spent two days attending an open house at the fabric store as well, encouraging people to sign up for stitching classes.  We kind of went to the open house early too.  Sorry about that.  We do hope you wanted to get up bright and early last weekend.  We got a lovely supply of new fabric at a deep discount while we were at this event and already have it all cut up for some new projects which Brother is as you can imagine ticked about.  Then we went out today and used some fabulous coupons at the fabric store to obtain more fabric, a new cutting mat for our planned class, a pressing mat and a template to make a wedding quilt.  The human has two cousins getting married soon, and we're sure we can put that to good use but Brother wasn't pleased at all.  Oh, and we let three new bears and a new monkey move in, bringing the sibling count to 956.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Giant Yard Sale

Please protect your ears now, because much shrieking is anticipated come tomorrow.  We are planning to hop out to that giant yard sale bright and early in the morning, and we are anticipating a kitty fit as a result.  We're very sorry about that and we hope the shrieking doesn't waken anyone to early.  You might want to protect your ears tonight, just in case you don't want an early wake-up call since we're hoping to leave early in search of lovely deals.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday Complaints

We're very sorry for the continuing kitty shrieks.  We started cutting out some fabric for Christmas gifts today and Brother didn't take it well.  Really, these are for GIFTS!  They are cute little placemats!  We know they are roughly the size of a teddy quilt, but they are PLACEMATS and they are for the human's relations!  That cat has no right to complain!

Monday, August 1, 2016

August Starting with a Shriek

Sorry about the shrieks to start the month.  We hope it didn't get things off to a bad start for anyone.  We learned today that the store that has hired us for stitching teaching is having another event in a couple of weeks to recruit students that we will need to attend.  We have a lovely idea for a project to take that is so easy to make and we are sure will get lots of attention.  Needless to say, Brother isn't taking this news well at all, and he's been ranting since he heard about how we better not set a paw out of the house to take part in this.  So annoying, and as this event doesn't take place for a couple of weeks, we don't expect things to quiet down any time soon.  Very, very sorry about that.