Saturday, January 30, 2016


Sorry for the noise last night.  We hope it didn't wake anyone.  We found the nicest deal on some books for the human and Brother didn't take it well.  He claims we are encouraging reading, and when the human is reading, she isn't supervising us and who knows what we could do.  We're starting to think Brother just likes to complain.  We could be sitting innocently doing nothing and we are sure he would still find something to complain about.  Very annoying.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Computer Trouble

Sorry we haven't posted for the last couple of days.  We've been having computer troubles.  The cat is highly suspected of being responsible. He's impossible, just totally impossible.  We made sure we could get online tonight, though, to warn you we might be visiting the country tomorrow.  Please guard your ears accordingly.

Monday, January 25, 2016


We are having plumbing issues tonight.  We don't know what in the world happened, but the bathtub refused to drain after the human finished her shower, despite everything that was done to fix it.  Do you think this could be some kitty act of sabotage?  But what would Brother have against the bathtub?  True, he didn't like to get in there, but he certainly liked to hang around outside and disturb the humans when they were trying to bathe.  Why would he want to break it?

Got Out

We managed to hop out of the house today, if you were wondering what all of the shrieks were about this afternoon.  We don't know what Brother's problem was.  All we did was hop out to eat with the human, and we did go by a lovely sale where we got some nice wrapping paper, but we see no reason for Brother to be upset about that.  Apparently he is, though, and you have our most sincere apologies for the noise.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Still Inside

We are still trapped inside and we are very annoyed, especially because more snow is in the forecast.  The polar bears are panicking, and we have serious worries about being trampled as they dart about keeping an eye out for snow and demanding to know if there's still time to flee to a warmer state.  Do you think there might be time to contact our mouse siblings' cousins and see if they would have room for us to drop in on them?  Their park's probably warmer than here, right?

Friday, January 22, 2016

This Evening's Snow Report

It is snowing again, and we are so annoyed.  We were hoping to hop to the library or the fabric store tomorrow, and now we might be trapped in the house!  This is absolutely awful!  We have been inside for almost a week to this horrible weather and now it looks like we might be trapped in here for even longer because of it!


We're very annoyed to report that we are suffering from snow here.  We were unable to hop to the library yesterday due to a lack of protective footwear for our big bunny feet, and today didn't work out well either.  And worse, more snow is due tomorrow and for the weekend!  We are extremely annoyed, and are sure that somehow Brother is to blame for this terrible weather.  It's all part of some kitty plot to trap us in the house.  Well, we just hope he knows that if we are trapped in here long enough, we might just go ahead and get started on sprouting this year's garden seeds!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sorry for the Shrieks

Sorry for the shrieks today.  Really, we weren't doing anything once more.  We're expecting some books at the library and decided to wait to hop down there until they arrive which will probably be tomorrow.  But that didn't stop Brother from yelling and demanding why we are being so quiet and what horrible thing are we up to?  That cat needs serious therapy is all we can say.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Library Plans

We're thinking about maybe hopping to the library tomorrow, or at the least calling them, to make more plans for our lovely little exhibit.  Please keep your ear protection on after the hour of nine in the morning when they open is all we can say.  We have a feeling you will need them.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

We Didn't Do Anything

We're sorry about the screams today.  Honestly, we didn't do anything besides hopping to get something to eat with the humans, but Brother pitched a fit anyway, demanding to know why we were being so quiet, and what were we up to, and whatever it was to stop it at once.  We're planning to start typing up stuff with important teddy information to use as part of our exhibit for the library tomorrow.  If Brother is being this annoying when we weren't doing a thing, we expect a true horror tomorrow.  Please protect your ears accordingly.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another Library Visit

We hopped to the library again today, to measure the space that we are going to have for our teddy display, and we are absolutely thrilled that it is way bigger than we thought it was.  We believe that it is big enough that thirty or forty teddies will be able to take part in the event at one time.  Or maybe more if we take turns working at it.  And we should have a lot of space for displaying teddy accessories and other lovely teddy items too.  We are so excited, but Brother is continuing to pitch a fit.  When we were measuring, he kept texting us and demanding to know why he was hearing measuring sounds, and demanding we stop right this second, and we better be measuring fabric and not exhibit space.  We're very sorry for anyone who was disturbed excessively by today's kitty fit.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Library Plans

We hope no one suffered ear damage from the shrieks today.  We hopped by the library to get some books for the human, in the event of snow this weekend, and they had a sign up, looking for potential exhibits for the year.  We promptly asked the human in charge, and now the entire month of July has been booked for teddies to pay library visits to show off to all of the library patrons!  We are so excited, and are already trying to work out who will go and how we will decorate the area we will be given for our teddy display.  We will need signs and decorative fabric to use for cloths for us to set on.  We're on after the lego display so we don't expect legos to leave the display area too messy but still, we want to protect our nice clothing.  We're hoping to hop out there tomorrow to take measurements to see what we will need to start hunting for for decorating purposes.  We know it's over six months away, but the good fabric is on sale now, so we need to get it while there's a good deal to be had.  We are just so excited, imaging all of those people seeing us, and what if we do an especially nice display and get on the NEWS?  It's going to be absolutely a ton of fun, but of course Brother is not taking it well at all and has been shrieking for hours about our plans, demanding that we call back and cancel, and at no good can possibly result from our spending massive amounts of time in a library.  And he's saying all of the attention, especially if we get on the news, will go to our fluffy heads, and that it will only lead to us letting more teddies move in, and that we better cancel right this minute, and we certainly better not buy fabric and decorations for this nightmare of a planned teddy show.  Please keep your ears covered for the immediate future.  We don't think he's going to calm down any time soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Warning for Tomorrow

Please keep your ear protection handy tomorrow, as we have high hopes of hopping out to a fabric sale.  We have learned of another throw quilt that needs to be made, and we need to get more fabric for it.  Please guard your poor ears accordingly.  A giant kitty fit is anticipated.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Today's Complaints

We spent another quiet day at home, so naturally Brother had to spend his day texting us, demanding to know why we were being so quiet, and what horrible thing were we up to?  Like we have said before, he is impossible.  And then this afternoon, the grandhuman lagged the mail in, and we had something from the teddy adoption center showing all of the teddies currently in residence and searching for good homes.  We hope the resulting kitty scream didn't disrupt anyone's dinner.  Anyway, we saw several lovely teddies we think would fit into our family nicely, and the adoption center enclosed a coupon to help with the adoption fee so hopefully we will have a few more siblings soon.  Please brace yourselves for the resulting shrieks accordingly.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sorry for Today Too

Sorry for today too.  Really, we only hopped out with the human to go to the grocery store, but still that cat started yelling at us to get out of there right away, and how he was sure we were in the vegetable aisle, and to hop away from that department at once.  We were in the BAKERY section, we will have him know, not the vegetable section, and we never set a single paw into that area.  We already have plenty of lovely vegetable snacks and didn't need to purchase more.  We were just trying to help the human purchase some cupcakes and we do not appreciate Brother being so annoying!

Monday, January 11, 2016

No Quiet Time

Sorry for the noise today.  Honestly, we weren't doing a thing that should have lead to all of the kitty shrieks, but we got them anyway, with Brother demanding to know why we were being quiet, and what were we up to, and whatever it was, to stop it immediately.  We're starting to think he just likes to yell at innocent rabbits.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sorry for Today

Sorry about the noise today.  We hope it didn't disrupt Sunday sermon for anyone.  We got an excellent coupon in the paper this morning for thread purchases, along with the news of a fabric sale later on in the week.  Brother wasn't pleased to say the least and pitched his usual kitty fit about the fabric store encouraging us and how we better keep our paws out of that store and off of the coupons.  He's pretty much impossible, and we hope the noise didn't bother anyone excessively.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sorry for the Continuous Shrieks

Sorry for the continuous shrieks today.  We hope it didn't bother anyone too much.  We hopped through the fabric department of a store, obtaining several little skeins of thread, new needles, and some liquid stitch to secure an annoying piece of velcro.  then we hopped to a fabric store and obtained several more spools of thread at a wonderful price thanks to a coupon we found.  Then we looked at possible accessories for holding our stitching items.  Then we started sewing on a quilt.  Brother isn't happy, and we sincerely apologize for the horrible noise he is causing as a result.

Friday, January 8, 2016


Sorry about the noise today.  We know we warned you to expect it this weekend, but we happened to hop through a fabric aisle at the store today, and Brother didn't take it well.  We don't know what his problem was.  We didn't buy anything, and we only looked at the thread and needles but we got an untold number of annoying texts demanding we get out of that aisle right away and why wasn't the store refusing admittance to bunnies?  Really, we are excellent customers!  Of course the store is going to allow us in with how much we have purchased from them and what nice, polite bunny shoppers we are.  Brother on the other hand, we can see why no store would want him on the premises, and he's probably given a bad impression of all kitties who might want to go shopping too!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wedding Sewing Plans Continued

We have a couple of potential patterns in mind for stitching into a dress for the human to wear to attend that wedding.  All that we need to get started now is the fabric.  We think we might hop out to look for that this weekend.  If you hear loud shrieks, you will know where we are.  We just have to check the coupon situation first to decide which store we want to go to in search of appropriate material.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


We're sorry for the noise this afternoon.  We hope it didn't alarm anyone to suddenly hear kitty shrieks out of nowhere after the day had been so quiet.  The human got an invitation to a wedding a bit ago, and we have decided to try our paws at stitching her an outfit to wear to attend it.  We already have lovely colors in mind and everything.  We just have to select a pattern and hop to the fabric store to purchase materials.  Brother is not taking it well, and is sending repeated texts demanding the human shop off the rack for an outfit, and for us to just keep out of the fabric store and away from the pattern packets.  We are buying things for the HUMAN!  What is Brother's problem with that?

Teddy Shampoo

We didn't get to the teddy adoption center today, which was kind of annoying because two of our new siblings had went with us so they could register their new address and get all of their paperwork in order.  We hope we'll be able to get down there either tomorrow or maybe over the weekend.  We're afraid that our not going to the adoption center didn't stop the kitty shrieks, though, as we hopped by the grocery store instead and got a lovely little bottle of all natural, organic shampoo for teddies!  They had it right up front by the vegetables so we spotted it right away when we hopped in.  We don't know what Brother's problem is with our getting some shampoo so some of our siblings can get their fur scrubbed clean, but he apparently has issues with cleanliness on top of all of his other issues so he was shouting rather loudly for us to get out of the beauty products aisle right away.  He needs therapy.  We swear he needs therapy.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Prepare Yourselves

We hope that all of you enjoyed today's peace and quiet.  We stayed at home and the human was napping for most of the day so we didn't get any stitching done, which means that Brother didn't have anything to pitch a fit about, but tomorrow, we are hopping to visit the teddy adoption center, so loud shrieks are expected for the evening.  Please prepare yourselves accordingly.  We're hoping the grandhuman will have a talk with the humans at the adoption center about doing something special for when we adopt our 900th sibling, so we anticipate it getting very loud to say the least.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

So Very, Very Sorry

We're so sorry for the exceptionally loud shouts today.  The store we visited had their seed out, along with potting mix for seed starting and other gardening items.  Brother did not take it well, and almost drive us crazy with texts demanding to know why we were talking about vegetables, and why was he hearing a rustling noise that sounded suspiciously like seed packets being flipped through, and to get away from that aisle of the store right this second.  He is absolutely embarrassing!

Thread Report

Okay, we did some checking and we have thread in the color we thought we were going to need to hurry to the store to buy so we're okay there.  But we've been checking some other colors and we might have to make a thread run tomorrow for a completely different color.  If you hear shrieks, you will know where we are.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

We just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year, although will all of Brother's complaints, it seems like the same year to us.  Sorry about that.  Anyway, we just wanted to warn you that we might have to visit a fabric store tomorrow in search of thread so please keep your ear protection handy.  Loud shrieks are expected.