Friday, January 15, 2016

Library Plans

We hope no one suffered ear damage from the shrieks today.  We hopped by the library to get some books for the human, in the event of snow this weekend, and they had a sign up, looking for potential exhibits for the year.  We promptly asked the human in charge, and now the entire month of July has been booked for teddies to pay library visits to show off to all of the library patrons!  We are so excited, and are already trying to work out who will go and how we will decorate the area we will be given for our teddy display.  We will need signs and decorative fabric to use for cloths for us to set on.  We're on after the lego display so we don't expect legos to leave the display area too messy but still, we want to protect our nice clothing.  We're hoping to hop out there tomorrow to take measurements to see what we will need to start hunting for for decorating purposes.  We know it's over six months away, but the good fabric is on sale now, so we need to get it while there's a good deal to be had.  We are just so excited, imaging all of those people seeing us, and what if we do an especially nice display and get on the NEWS?  It's going to be absolutely a ton of fun, but of course Brother is not taking it well at all and has been shrieking for hours about our plans, demanding that we call back and cancel, and at no good can possibly result from our spending massive amounts of time in a library.  And he's saying all of the attention, especially if we get on the news, will go to our fluffy heads, and that it will only lead to us letting more teddies move in, and that we better cancel right this minute, and we certainly better not buy fabric and decorations for this nightmare of a planned teddy show.  Please keep your ears covered for the immediate future.  We don't think he's going to calm down any time soon.

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