Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bunny Books

We have high hopes that the publication of our bunny books is nigh. Which, of course, promises to lead to a kitten trying to stop publication and distribution, and to our swift recapture of our brother! Heehehehehehehehehe! Maybe we will pass out flyers to all cats, advertising the books, just to get Brother's attention. Soon we will have our books, and Brother back in custody! Oh, happy, happy day!

Very Sorry

We are very sorry for the shrieks today. We went shopping, and Brother was not pleased with what we bought. Really, what sort of disaster does he think almost twenty yards of fabric might cause? We're sure that whatever disaster he is envisioning, it isn't serious enough to call for such noise. We got a lovely striped patterned fabric that our zebra sister is in love with. Oh, maybe that's it. There's a minor flood over by the zoo right now, giving escaping zebras a clear path to sail right to our house. Maybe Brother thinks that fabric will attract them, and they might be headed here right this moment. Hmmmmm. If all of the zebras come, wanting clothes, I think we need to buy more fabric.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


We thought we would post some photos of the outfits that are making our brother scream so. We really do not have a clue what his problem is. We think he must need therapy.

Can you see any problem with these outfits?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Report

Do you think we ought to warn the churches to be on the alert for kitten attacks? Our brother isn't very happy with them at the moment. Our country trip was delayed due to rain, so we hopped to a few churches who were having sales instead and we found a ton of material for clothing construction. Needless to say, we heard a ton of kitty shrieks, and then there were the shouts when we met this homeless bear, who was visiting the church hoping to get some free honey from the food pantry. Naturally, we asked her to move in, bringing us up to 762 siblings! Such a lovely, lovely day. Too bad Brother doesn't agree.

Friday, April 26, 2013


The suitcase is out and packed for a potential trip! Oh, you should have heard the kitty screams when we hopped up on the boxes and drug it down for packing. We really don't think Brother has a right to complain, as long as he isn't living here, though. He escaped us. He has no right to try to dictate what we can our can't do in a house he isn't dwelling in at the moment, and he certainly has no right to try to say whether or not we can set a paw outside the door! If he really wants to prevent us from taking a trip, he ought to get his tail back here. We're sure if he returned, the human would want to stay at home with him for awhile. We don't know why he hasn't tried that.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Country, We Hope

We have high hopes that we will get to pay a visit to the country this weekend, and from the kitty ranting we think our brother is very afraid this trip will happen as well. We really don't know what he thinks we might do that is so alarming in the country, although the tomato store might have new plants in, now that we think of it, and they always have such great prices too. Oh, and there are a couple of places with fabric too, but we just don't see what the fuss is all about. Brother escaped us and is hiding. We think that he should be legally denied the right to complain about us and what we're doing until he moves back in!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poor Human

Our poor human. Her poor, poor leg is bothering her, to the point where she's been taking medicine to be able to sleep. Oh, and you should hear the kitty ranting. Brother seems to think that we are getting up to any number of things while our poor human is in a drugged slumber. We have no clue what he believes we might be doing that is so bad, but we heard yelling about sewing, fabric and we think he mentioned seed, too. That cat is so paranoid.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Plans, Lovely Plans

Our sister, Zenobia Zebra, has finally decided on the outfit she wants to wear. Really, it's taken her forever to pick something, so we were thrilled when she told us she has decided to go with the three piece skirt, jacket and camisole outfit, in suitable zebra colors. We just have to hop to the store tomorrow to pick up the material, and possibly material for our leopard sisters as well. We're so happy they finally picked something, after such a long debate, but you should have heard the kitty screams. Really, we don't think making clothing for one zebra is likely to lead to mass zebra escapes from the zoo and the construction of multiple zebra outfits, do you? Maybe we ought to buy some extra material just in case, though.

Monday, April 22, 2013

More Fabric and Clothes

Brother is not happy. Oh, the shouting and hissing we have heard today. We are sure he gave some kitties indigestion with his yelling when he spotted our big ears poking up from the back seat as we drove off this morning. It is his own fault, though. We told him what time he needed to be back if he wanted to spoil our plans, and he decided to sleep in! We had a lovely time today. We got almost six yards of fabric, and got the pieces for another dress cut out. And then we got a skirt and blouse sewed together! We just need to add elastic to the skirt, and make a camisole for it, and it will be perfect! A three piece outfit for under a dollar! Such a wonderful, wonderful deal and so easy to stitch up too. It's a shame Brother isn't happier for us.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


The kitty shrieks are going to deafen us. Really, Brother should be ashamed. We don't know how the kitties he is hiding with can stand all of that noise. He's taking our plans for tomorrow entirely the wrong way. We're paying a little visit up town tomorrow, and we will be alarmingly close to the genealogy archives. We might even hop in to look up a few obituaries! But then we might not have time since the humans want to visit that ill relation who makes her home near several fabric stores. Hmmmm, and the last time the humans visited her, the hospital even offered bear sized clothing. We think we like this relation. Heheheehehehe! Really, if Brother wants to stop this, and objects so much, though, he better get his tail back here soon. We leave at 8 in the morning to possibly visit the archives or a relative! He better hurry!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Brother is going to be so sorry he tried fleeing us. Really, he is. We got more fabric for clothing today, and made patterns for two new outfits too. So many lovely, lovely clothes. We don't know why in the world Brother has an issue with our wardrobe plans. He really needs to hurry back, though. With all of the sewing that we are doing, we will have suitcases stuffed with our outfits, and there won't be room for a thing for him. We're hoping to visit the head bear later this summer, and Brother will be lucky if there is enough room for his food bowls in the suitcases at the rate he is going! He might be forced to eat out of hotel styrofoam dish!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Today's Car Update

We weren't able to go anywhere today, due to the humans needing something else done on the car. There was much snickering when the grandhuman had to drive the car off to the repair shop, and we are highly, highly suspicious. If only the repair place was willing to dust things for little kitty paw prints. We're sure they would find them all over the damaged parts. And then we could turn the prints over to the LAW! They could capture Brother for us, and we would just have to post his bail afterwards!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Human Relative

One of the human's relatives has taken ill, and you should have heard the kitty shriek when the humans got the call. Really, just because this human lives conveniently close to several stores carrying fabric, we don't think that gives him the right to declare the entire thing a plot to aid our sewing. Anyway, the humans might have to run up there to visit the ill relation tomorrow. We're packing our stuff now in anticipation, and considering packing our ears with cotton to block the kitty fussing. Really, Brother ran away from us! He has no right to complain so!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Human Car Troubles

The humans are having car troubles, and with the length of time the repairs are taking, we're starting to get a bit suspicious. We were hoping to go to the country tomorrow evening, and then maybe do some more fabric hunting, and now we can't. Also, this is keeping us from taking the car on a road trip to visit the head bear. Needless to say, we are very, very suspicious about the timing of the car troubles. We think we will urge the humans to have their mechanic check for little kitty paw prints. Surely if Brother is trying to sabotage us, he would have left his mark behind.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Snip Snip! Shriek Shriek!

We got material to make t-shirts today. There were shrieks as we cut out the patterns for them, and then the noise when we started cutting the fabric.... Really, does our brother want us to trot around naked? We have to capture him soon, we really do. Mother's Day is fast approaching, and we think it would break our poor human's heart not to have him here by then. We don't know why he doesn't just get back in here. If he wants to sabotage our sewing, you would think he would find it easier to accomplish from inside the house.

Monday, April 15, 2013

More Patterns

We cut out more patterns today, and we thought the kitty screams would deafen us. Honestly, we were tempted to stuff our ears with the cotton from the human's medicine bottles. Luckily she got a new bottle today, so there was a large cotton pile to choose from for ear stuffing purposes. Really, brother should be ashamed. We cut out a pattern for little pants, and then got the pieces together for four more dresses. Oh, and we had time to meet a new bear friend, too! We have 761 siblings!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


We got two spools of ribbons to use for clothing construction today. Really, we're not sure why brother was upset about that. We thought he liked ribbon. We thought he might even come home to take a look and play with a bit of it. But he was shouting like we had committed some sort of crime by purchasing the ribbon. We really don't know what's the matter with that cat. You would think he doesn't want us to have nice things.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lovely Day

We have had such a nice day, although the kitty screams really were annoying. Honestly, when we catch that cat, we are going to have to punish him for such shouting. It is hurting our large, floppy ears! Anyway, the human dropped in on a few churches, who were having sales today, and we got the loveliest deal on a large stack of fabric for more clothing at one sale, and then at the other sale, we ran into a homeless teddy pup and her bear friend! We naturally invited them to move in right away. We also found some ready made outfits in our size there, that we gathered up. We met another bear a bit later for a total of three new siblings today, bringing the sibling count up to 760! Needless to say, Brother in his hiding place was not happy, and that's not taking into account how he reacted to the human's new genealogy materials. What a lovely day. The only thing we didn't get done today was recapturing him!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Replaced Thread

We replaced our stolen yellow thread today, and while we were at it, gathered almost seven more yards of fabric for clothing construction. We showed off pictures of our outfits to the human at the cutting table, who was very, very impressed. We probably should have been watching a bit more, though, because while we were showing off the pictures, someone, and we suspect a cat, sabotaged the printer while it was cranking out our fabric price tag. Everything had to be remeasured, and redone. So, so annoying, and don't think we won't be punishing a kitty, should we find that one was to blame.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Patterns

We drew up a pattern for the cutest shirt last night, and we're planning to make one for a ruffled tunic dress too. We're sure our hopeful new sister kitty will be so eager to move in here, when she hears about all of the lovely, lovely wardrobe options. And we have yards and yards of fabric in all colors, so she will have her pick of wardrobe looks. Well, the yellow might be a problem, seeing as our yellow spool of thread has gone missing, but the other colors are wide open. We expect a sister in no time, and then Brother will show up to complain, and we'll be able to grab him too! Why didn't we think of this before?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We've Decided

We have decided we have been making a strategic error in our plans to recapture our brother. We want another kitty sibling, preferably a sister kitten, to move in with him, but we have focused on snagging Brother first. We've now decided that might be a mistake. If we look for a nice girl kitten, and convince her to move in first, and lavish her with attention, it will surely upset that naughty brother, and send him rushing over to complain. And then we will have him for sure, and a sister to boot, just like we wanted! We think we now have the perfect plan! Perhaps we will offer a custom made wardrobe for a kitten tomorrow. That will surely lure a sister kitten to our doorstep in no time!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Kitty Screams

We hope the postal service is insured. The human copied some genealogy material today, and has it in an envelope, all ready to mail off to a cousin. She is hopeful that this will lead the cousin to wanting to buy some of her genealogy books, the ones that gave brother nightmares. Brother shrieked, from his hiding place, with each click of the copy machine. And now we fear for the mailman, we really do. Who knows what brother might be plotting, to intercept this piece of mail. Do you think we ought to offer the mailman our protection?

Monday, April 8, 2013


We just saw a post, looking for people to bottlefeed an excess supply of kittens! And the place where they are is just a short hop away, too. Do you suppose that is a good sign? The humans who are dealing with these kittens sound desperate. Surely if they are desperate, they would not turn away a batch of rabbits, eager to assist with feeding. Feeding kittens. Perhaps we can slip vegetable juice into their bottles, and convert them!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Protecting Thread

We have set up traps around the thread boxes. We are sure that our brother snatched our good yellow thread, and we are also sure that he is even now plotting to get his paws on our spool of orange thread. First he deserts us, and now he steals our thread. He should be ashamed, and don't think we won't turn him in to Santa for thread theft. The traps should protect the rest of our thread spools, though, and with any luck will snare that brother in the bargain. And we ought to leave him in the trap for awhile once we catch him, to teach him a lesson! Really, stealing thread. What is his problem with our having nice clothing?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Sewing

We are missing thread. More specifically, a spool of yellow thread has vanished. We're sure we had yellow thread but when we went to gather to spool for sewing purposes, it was gone from its assigned box. And now we are hearing little kitty snickers! That brother snuck in, possibly through an air vent, and snatched our thread! We've been forced to use a creamy ivory instead of yellow!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Teddy Kitty

Brother wasn't happy that a teddy kitty moved in today. Really, he has no right to object to our inviting kitties of our species to come here to live after how he deserted us, and refuses to move back in, but it didn't stop the little kitty shrieks as the teddy kitty hopped in the car. She's very nice, and immigrant kitty from Japan. She's currently soaking, and getting her fur all nice and clean. We're up to 757 siblings!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Really, if he is going to scream so, brother might as well get himself back home. We're sure he's offending other cats everywhere with his shouting. You should have heard the shrieks when we purchased a set of four bunny themed card games this afternoon. Bunny Rummy, Old Bunny, Go Chick, Crazy Eggs! Such lovely rabbit appropriate games. But they would be so much better if we had a cat to play with us!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Mail

The mailman brought the human a big envelope stuffed with genealogy material today. Needless to say, we heard a ton of little kitty shrieks when the mailman came trotting around and dropped that off. We're thinking of waiting outside to have a chat with the mailman tomorrow. We're sure, after his delivery of such material, that Brother will try to punish him. Do you think if we alert him to the potential for kitten attacks that he might be able to capture our brother for us?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Siblings

Brother is so unhappy, but really after how he abandoned us, and refuses to return home where he belongs, we don't think he has a right to complain. We were out today, looking for more fabric, and we passed by a homeless shelter. They sometimes offer material, so we popped in to take a look, and wouldn't know you it, there were four homeless bears there. They promptly asked to move in, and really, what else could we say but yes? We're up to 756 siblings. Oh, you should have heard the kitty shriek when they jumped in the car!

Monday, April 1, 2013


The first of our new outfits is almost done, and we couldn't be happier. Of course, we heard a little kitty shriek with each stitch. Honestly, we don't know why brother doesn't give up and come home. At least if he were in HERE he could try hiding our thread and preventing the clothing construction he seems to find so upsetting. Hmmmmm. Thread. There's an idea. Maybe we could leave a spool sitting out, and try to trap him that way!