Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Sorry we haven't posted in a few days.  Just wanted to give you a report of current happenings.  First, Easter went well for a change.  Betsy was unable to escape from the grandhuman's room, so our leader was able to actually deliver his baskets to those they were intended for for a change.  We hope that the shock of actually getting their basket this year wasn't too much for anyone.  Leader was also very impressed with our continuing efforts to find work, which is continuing well.  We dropped in yesterday and talked to the lady in charge of the program again, and got a look at the potential pattern we might be teaching.  It's very nice, and we're really looking forward to teaching it if we're hired for it.  We hope if we are that we will have a chance to assist the students in selecting their fabric as well, instead of their just bringing it in already picked for the class.  That would be so much fun to help with that and show people how to make different colors and textures work together.  Also, we hopped by a nursery yesterday and bought a couple of lovely herbs that we needed, if you were wondering about the kitty shrieking.  And then we visited the homeless shelter and took in a needly panda, bringing our sibling total to 909.  We're thinking of going by the fabric store again tomorrow, so please cover your ears accordingly.  And we might go by the teddy adoption center too, so much kitty shrieking is anticipated.  Brace yourselves.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Is everyone ready to be visited by our leader tomorrow?  We're actually hopeful that Betsy won't be able to snatch his baskets this year.  The Grandhuman took her to her room and is letting that bear lounge on her bed, so we think it might be more difficult for her to sneak out, at least without giving up on her fooling the Grandhuman into her continued belief that Betsy is a good bear.  We so hope that means she won't be able to harass our leader this year.  We have so much we are eager to share with him and he isn't going to be in the best mood if he must be rescued from one of Betsy's traps again.  We are thinking of possible classes we could teach if we had that cutting machine, and quilt kits we could assemble for those classes.  Really, there's so much that we could do with one of those machines.  We have to get it!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Friday's Apology Round

We just wanted to offer our apologies for the shrieks this morning.  We went to a yard sale to check out a cutting machine.  Brother didn't take it well.  We don't know why he was so upset.  It isn't like we bought it.  It was priced way too high for what was with it.  Seeing it, though, has made us determined to get one.  We even have a few more ideas for how we could use it to earn the money to pay for it.  We could offer classes with it in various locations or we could host cutting parties for people to come, use it to cut their fabric, and maybe have some fun fabric trading as well.  There are so many things we could use it for.  Really, we have to get it!  We would be foolish not to, and now we are kicking ourselves for not going ahead and purchasing one at the quilt show.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Weekend Warning

We would like to suggest you keep your ear protection on at all times this weekend.  We suspect it is going to be a noisy one.  Our leader, the Easter Bunny, will be hopping by on his rounds this Sunday and he is sure to be impressed with all of the stitching work we have done and our plans to seek employment teaching stitching.  And you know how Brother takes our leader being happy with us.  Please protect your ears.  The screams are sure to be massive.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Idea

We have a lovely new idea relating to that machine that is designed to speed up quilt cutting.  If we had it, we could offer classes in how to use the machine, to encourage others to purchase them as well, as a time saver and a hand saver.  We think such a class would go over very well, and could pay for the cost of the machine and for the dies that we were thinking of purchasing as well.  We might have to ask about that, should we get hired to teach.  If we could earn back the cost of the machine, we would almost be foolish not to buy it, wouldn't we?  We just hope Brother doesn't learn about this new idea of ours.  We can only imagine the screams that would result.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Apologies

Sorry for the shrieks today.  We were working on a few quilts to show as more examples of the lovely work we can do, as part of our plan to get that job teaching stitching.  Anyway, we were hard at work on that, and thus one of the baby bunnies had to answer Brother's mass of texts demanding to know what we were up to.  And this little bunny told Brother to stop because we were hard at work and couldn't be disturbed.  So now we are getting messages demanding to know what that baby rabbit meant by work, and have we actually dared to seek employment, and if we have, we better get that notion out of our little bunny heads right away.  He's being just awful!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

This Weekend

Sorry for all of the noise this weekend.  We hopped to a quilt show.  Brother didn't take it well at all.  We just hope he doesn't figure out how close we were to purchasing a machine to aid in cutting the pieces for quilts faster.  We would never hear the end of it.  We didn't buy it, but we are still looking so we might need to issue a noise warning here soon.  We also dropped by the teddy adoption center and took in two new bunnies in need of a good home.  Our sibling count is now up to 908.  We're sure you know that we got more siblings, though, with that cat's shrieking about how he was hearing more bunnies hopping into the house than he had heard hop out the front door and what in the world did we do.  Very annoying.  And in an especially annoying happening for the cat, we stopped buy the fabric store and applied for work, hopefully providing sewing instruction to others.  It will be a few weeks until we know for sure if we have the position or not, and what classes we will be teaching.  Paws crossed we get it, because it seems so much fun, and the person we talked to seemed to want to assign us to a mini-quilt session, which we are very experienced in.  Brother didn't take that well either and is ranting about the horrors of a business actually hiring rabbits, and don't they know what could happen if they let us get our little paws on money?  We would suggest you keep ear protection handy for the next few weeks.  You are probably going to need it.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pancakes and Apologies

We hopped out to a lovely pancake event this evening, and afterwards we dropped by that thread sale again as we realized once we got home that there were a few specific spools of thread that we forgot to pick up.  We would like to offer our apologies for the resulting screams.  So annoying.  We had no more than got home and started to put our new thread away than the texts started, demanding to know why he was hearing the sound of the thread box being opened, and spools being added, and what in the world were we thinking purchasing more thread.  Please keep your ear protection handy.  While we were getting the thread, we saw some lovely fabric that the human really liked.  We would have bought it if we had had our coupon handy,  Maybe this weekend, though.  So be prepared for resulting shrieks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today's Shrieks

Sorry for the shrieks today.  We hopped to a fabric store we usually don't visit and it turned out they were having a thread sale.  We got six lovely spools full of quilting thread, including a really fat spool with 1200 yards of thread on it.  The kitty reaction to this was as expected.  We're very sorry for that.  He's just been so annoying and loud lately.  And we expect this forecast of kitty shrieking to continue into the weekend because we have high hopes of hopping to a quilt show.  Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ear Protection Fast!

Please get your ear protection on fast before the volume of kitty shrieks does permanent damage to your ears.  We're very sorry about the unexpected noise this afternoon.  We hopped out to the grocery store with the human to stock up on carrots, and we happened to pick up the nicest magazine.  We were just wanting to read it for some fun articles, but when we were going through it we found the most interesting section discussing online classes and how you can earn money by producing classes for people to take online.  Brother did not take our learning of that well at all.  He's currently threatening to see the magazine, the site that provides these courses and the grocery store in court of encouraging bunnies.  We are absolutely sure that is not a crime, but until he calms down, we would suggest strong ear protection.  Really, we are so sorry.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sorry for the Weekend

Sorry for all of the noise this weekend.  We hopped out and bought another kid for assembling a second full quilt.  And it was such an excellent price, only ninety-nine cents, too!  We were so thrilled when we spotted it.  If you wondered what the screams were about on Saturday, it might have been due to that, or possibly due to our hopping buy the fabric store in search of more thread.  Or the quilt blocks we cut out and pieced when we got home.  Or the quilt for that lawyer we are close to finishing.  That's probably good news for everyone Brother is disturbing.  We have high hopes that when we present it to the lawyer that he will agree to serve a cease and desist order on that cat to get him to stop harassing us.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Sorry if the screams disturbed anyone this morning.  One of the local Presbunterian churches was having a sale today.  They're a very bunny friendly denomination so of course we hopped by.  The sold us a lovely, giant sack full of fabric for we believe around twenty cents.  Such a lovely deal.  And then we dropped by another place and got the pattern and fabric to construct an entire quilt.  We are a bit upset with that, though, because when we got home we checked and saw that they had slipped an empty package into the middle where we couldn't see that it was empty, so we are lacking the needed fabric for that block.  We might take it back tomorrow to get that straightened out.  Over all, though, it's been an excellent sewing day for us.  And a bad one for that cat.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Sorry for today's screams.  We devoted our afternoon to doing a search on libraries, in preparation for getting our paws on a few more cards.  We want to pick the best possible library options for card collection purposes, which required visiting more than a few sites.  Brother didn't take it well and we kept getting annoying texts demanding to know why we were looking at yet another library site and to get off of there at once.  We think we have a few nice options now.  We just have to pick the one we want.  And possibly book a few bus tickets.  Expect even louder screams if Brother hears us clicking on the bus site.  You have been warned.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Off to Bed

We're off to bed in a few minutes, so please brace yourself for the start of kitty complaints.  We are expecting them to start when the first bunny dozes off, with Brother demanding to know why he's hearing bunnies snoozing, and what horror do we have planned tomorrow that we needed to go to bed early tonight to be ready for.  We suggest stuffing your ears with cotton.  That's what we have done.  Here's hoping it muffles him enough so that we can actually sleep.


Sorry for the shrieks this evening.  There was a pancake event.  Very pancakes for every customer.  Naturally we had to hop to it to get some yummy carrot pancakes.  Brother was not pleased.  And he will be even less pleased to learn that while we were there we learned about a deeply discounted pancake event that's happening in a couple of weeks.  Paws crossed he doesn't find out about that for awhile.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kitty Shrieks Today

Sorry about all of the kitty shrieks today.  We helped the human with some genealogy stuff along with all of our stitching.  It was kind of funny, actually, First Brother was shrieking about hearing the sewing machine going, and demanding we get our paws away from it at once.  The he was shrieking about hearing us online, and was that a genealogy site we just clicked on, and to get away from the computer at once.  And then we picked up a needle and started doing some actual quilting, and he was shrieking about hearing that.  Really, we just did so many things that annoyed him today.  It was quite fun.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Warning for Tomorrow

You might want to keep your ear protection handy and apply it early tomorrow.  We're planning a lovely day of stitching and the cat isn't happy at all.  Also, we've purchased a new video game for the human and he's ranting about that too, and how we just did it to keep her distracted and to prevent her from supervising us.  We expect a ton of noise tomorrow so brace yourselves now.

Friday, March 4, 2016

This Afternoon's Noise

Sorry about the noise this afternoon.  We hopped out to catch the new bunny movie that our mouse siblings' big cousin just released.  Such a wonderful film.  It's called Zootopia and we highly recommend it.  Anyway, we turned the phone off while we were in the theater and when we came out, it was full of texts from that annoying cat.  First there were messages complaining that he had been hearing alarming amounts of stitching, and what were we up to.  Then there were messages saying he wasn't hearing stitching anymore, and wanting to know what we were up to again.  And then there were messages saying he wasn't hearing hopping and why wasn't he hearing hopping, and weren't we in the house.  And finally we received a bunch of texts in all caps demanding to know where we were because he knows we aren't at home where we belong, and demands that we get back home at once.  Really, Brother doesn't love here anymore, and we have no clue why he thinks he can dictate our comings and goings.  Wait until he finds out we were at a bunny movie,  He is sure to explode.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Early Wakeup Call

Sorry for the early wakeup call that you might have suffered this morning.  We finished a few throws off, and you can imagine how Brother took it.  We're planning to finish a few more off tomorrow, so you might want to sleep with your ear protection on tonight.  We're planning to start later than we did today but still, we're expecting the shrieks to be really loud, so you should definitely protect yourself while you have the chance.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sewing Machines

We had a lovely time looking at the new sewing machines today, which you probably already know from the volume of kitty shrieks.  Sorry about that.  Now we want one so badly.  The ones that do embroidery seemed to be very expensive, which is annoying but the others were just so nice.  Drop in bobbins, automatic threaders.  We want one!

Sorry for the Unexpectedly Loud Shriek

Sorry about the unexpectedly loud shriek this evening.  The human was talking about possibly purchasing a new sewing machine, one that could do more as far as making lovely teddy clothing and everything.  Brother was not happy at all with the direction this conversation took and shrieked louder than we thought possible.  We hope the noise didn't alarm anyone too much.  Please keep your ears covered tomorrow is all we can say.  We might hop out to look at sewing machines.