Monday, November 30, 2009

Word Count Day Thirty

I would like to suggest a moment of silence for the poor, poor neighbors, who are soon to loose their homes. The human wrote chapter six today and part of chapter seven. She wrote 3060 words, bringing her total up to 23,241 for the second rabbit story. For the month of November she's written 105,099 words total. Have you ever heard something so alarming, and she has a number of horrible plans to top that total for next month!

Novel Horrors Day Thirty

The month is almost over, thank goodness, but I'm afraid that it's put so many bad ideas into the human's head it isn't funny. She's been poking around online looking for a little word counter program like the one on the horrible novel writing site, and she's hopping to top the number of words she wrote this month when she gets to work in the morning on next months' writing. Oh, and there's a horrible rumor going around, too, that this thing could become a year round event! Do we really need that much horror?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty-Nine

Act One is finished, and in only six days too, one day faster than she did things for the first book. The human wrote 4256 words, bringing her total up to 20,181. Have you ever seen a number so large? She's hoping to get at least another chapter, if not two more, done in Act Two today, and with the amount of caffeine she has left, I'm afraid she just might manage it.

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-Nine

I want that horrible movie theater prosecuted for this! They sold the human a giant soda, and even worse, they offered free refills. She is never going to sleep now, and I shudder to think of all of the writing that she's going to accomplish. Our poor neighbors. I hope they've put a new home on their wish list for Santa, because with this amount of encouragement of the rabbits, their current dwellings are doomed. Do you think they'll take it the wrong way when they get up in the morning and find their siding dotted with little post-it notes marking what the bunnies are planning to plant there for next year's garden? With how awake the human seems at the moment, she'll probably be able to get started on Act Two tonight, putting her way ahead of schedule.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty-Eight

The human wrote 3082 words today, finishing off the fourth chapter, and bringing her up to 15,925 words. She's hoping to finish Act One tomorrow and hit 20,000 words. At the rate at which she is going, I am very afraid she will do it. My only hope is that the movie she is going to see with a friend tomorrow will distract her from thoughts of bunnies, at least for a bit.

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-Eight

I managed to distract the human with a video game for a bit hoping it would make her sleepy so she couldn't write, but she somehow managed to creep out and obtain caffeine, and is now wide awake. I hope the store who sold her that soda feels terribly guilty. The bunnies are working on a seed list thanks to the encouragement this book has given them. And the human came in from collecting the caffeine muttering something about good fortune promised in her horoscope. I wonder what sign our neighbors are? Somehow, I suspect they're the one who's horoscope says, property loss expected, disaster in your future.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty-Seven

The human wrote 2175 words on chapter 4 of the horrible, second rabbit novel today. Her total is now at 12,843 words. And in even worse news, she now says she knows all of the twists and characters that she needs to bring in to get through act one. That probably means she'll be able to crank out the rest of the words for it at an alarmingly fast rate. I shudder to imagine how fast this book might end up completed. And she's already making plans to start hunting for an agent! Can you imagine how much having an agent devoted to rabbit writing will encourage the bunnies?

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-Seven

Those rotten sales. I hope those stores feel so guilty, and those horrible customers should feel guilty too, for being on their best behavior and keeping the lines moving in a speedy, orderly fashion. The human was back by noon, and now she's planning to get right to work on the novel as soon as she takes a brief nap. I don't like the amount of caffeine that terrible clown as supplied her with either. I just know that horrible creature is up to something.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty-Six

The human wrote 3712 words on the second rabbit story today, finishing up the third chapter. The total word count is now at 10,698. She was thinking of working on the next chapter but she decided to go to bed early in order to hit the sales tomorrow. I can only pray they're good so that she will stay out all day and far away from the computer. She already has the next chapter planned in her head, along with the turning point for the end of Act One. If she keeps things up at this pace, she will have Act One finished by the end of the weekend and will be speeding ahead through Act Two. Isn't this high of a writing speed against some sort of a law?

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-Six

The parade didn't work as a distraction, and, in even worse news, the human was allowed a extra large slice of chocolate cake, made with Coca-Cola when she went out for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Believe me, I will be reporting this restaurant promptly for supplying her with so much caffeine. She will probably be wide awake, typing on that horrible novel all night at this rate. She's almost through with chapter 3, and she claims to have chapter 4 plotted out in her head already. Maybe the sales tomorrow will distract her. It is our neighbors' only hope of ending this horrible encouragement of rabbits.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty-Five

The human finished chapter 2 of the second novel. She wrote 2511 words today, bringing her to a total of 6986 for the story so far. She thinks she next chapter is going to just fly, so I don't even want to think about how many words she'll crank out tomorrow. She's talking about trying to break 10,000. Maybe I can distract her somehow with a parade.

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-Five

The novel is moving along nicely according to the last report, or at least I assume that's what the bunnies dancing about shouting about their pending fame means. I am holding that horrible clown, Ronald McDonald, responsible for the human's typing tonight. He foolishly supplied her with large quantities of soda, and she's thinking of staying up all night to write.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty-Four

The human wrote 4475 words for the horrible sequel to the bunny novel today, and she was terribly pleased with how fast the words were flowing once she got to typing on the awful thing. What am I going to go if she's able to keep up that pace? She's starting off faster on this novel than she did on the last one!

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-Four

I want that bakery prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! The human just got back from her accomplice gathering, and you can't imagine how wide awake she is after all of the caffeine the bakery let her have access to. She will probably be awake all night and I shudder to think of the amount of noveling that she will accomplish. I swear, I ought to buy Betsy a bus ticket and send her down there to appropriately punish the bakery for such horrible activities. They should be ashamed. I won't even comment on her horrible accomplices. They even talked tonight about setting up meetings to continue things once the month is over. And here I thought I would be safe come December!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty-Three

The novel is now at 80.063 words with the human still having five or six more chapters to go through for her initial edit, which can only lead to at least a few hundred more words being added to the total. Really, I have never seen anything so alarming in my life, and she's started to work on the sequel as well, claiming that she's got the entire basic first act already mapped out in her mind. I really must turn in the names of the horrible humans who came up with this awful month of noveling horrors to our poor neighbors, who will surely loose their homes over this. I don't even want to think about the terrible person who wrote the book with instructions on completing a novel in a month and then dared to sell a copy to my human. That one should really be ashamed, and possibly held accountable in a court of law when the neighbors loose their home due to rabbit encouragement.

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-Three

The human is almost finished with going through the novel and making any immediate corrections and additions. The entire thing is going to well, that she plans to start right in on the sequel in just a little bit. The claims that she's already got the first two chapters of two sequels mapped out in her head, which can only bode ill for her being able to crank them out fast.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty-Two

The human finished the novel. She wrote 12,091 more words to bring the total up to 79,560 with 21 chapters total. She's going to go back over the thing looking for places where she needs to add after taking a little nap so I expect her to have 80,000 by nightfall. Oh, our poor neighbors are doomed, and since she finished this book so fast, she's sure that she can crank a sequel out even faster.

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-Two

She's finished, well practically finished. All she's got to do is to finish the last chapter with the wrap-up, and then check back to make sure she didn't leave any plot holes anywhere, and the entire horrible thing will be finished. I will be spending all of next week hiding from rabbits celebrating the completion of this book. Really, the human should be ashamed. I'll post later with a word count.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Continuing Word Count Day Twenty-One

Chapter Eighteen is finished with 3451 words, bringing the human's total to 67,469 words. She's now 12,531 words away from her goal. She's definitely planning to write all night now, and she thinks those last few bits of words will just fly at this point. I'll probably have a second novel to report about by tomorrow's novel horrors update.

Continuing Novel Horrors Day Twenty-One

The human is almost through with Chapter Eighteen, which means she has roughly 2 more chapters to go in this novel horror. As soon as she finishes the chapter, she's going to take a nap, and then there have been alarming mentions of working all night to get the rest of the book done. I wonder if I can hide her clock?

More Sheep Issues

The human got another sheep magazine for research purposes today. Really, those magazines should be ashamed of themselves, endangering those poor sheep by sending magazines like that out here where polar bears can see them and research flocks. I will probably be called to testify when the sheep file suit. And, in even worse news for the poor sheep, the human is thinking of emailing a local sheep owner named in the magazine, to ask a few sheep related research questions. This can only end up being terrible news for the sheep who live with this person, since in the book the human is planning, the sheep in question are noted for their wool. I wonder if I should send an email to all of the local shepherds named in the magazine with a warning not to reply to any questions? I'm sure the polar bears are planning to email them questions too, pretending to be a human.

Word Count Day Twenty-One

The human wrote 2287 words this morning, bringing her total up to 66,305 words total, only 13,695 words away from her goal of 80,000. She's already got more work planned for when she wakes up from a short nap. She's going to be able to finish the entire horrid thing this weekend. I just know it.

Novel Horrors Day Twenty-One

The human was feeling a bit better this morning, which doesn't bode well for our neighbors. The bunnies have sent invitations out to all of their little rabbit friends for a party to celebrate the novel's completion. I can't even begin to imagine the disaster it will be for our neighbors to have that many rabbits, all hopping around, partying, and I'm sure they'll want to do some gardening too. That always seems to be a popular activity at bunny parties. And what about the turkeys? I have the pool house rented out to a flock of turkeys hiding here to avoid that awful holiday next week. They're sure to have issues with a loud party going on right in front of their rental!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Word Count Day Twenty

The human wrote 3737 words today bringing her total to 64.018. She was hoping to write more, but her leg was giving her trouble, and that slowed her down. She's only 15, 982 words away from her goal of 80, 000 words, though, so if she gets to feeling better tomorrow, she's sure to make it this weekend. I wonder if I have time to hide her ice?

Novel Horrors Day Twenty

Things are still proceeding according to plan with that human's horrible, horrible book. She's just about through with chapter 17, and now has the nightmarish goal of being finished, and hopefully starting the first chapter of the sequel by Sunday. My one hope of the novel being disrupted is the fact that somehow the human messed up her leg, and it is rather difficult to write while balancing bags of ice all over it. The rabbits have a horrible party planned to celebrate when this thing is done, and I just know they're going to try to force me to attend.

The Sheep's Case

I think those poor sheep have a wonderful case against someone for their upcoming wool loss. Poor, poor sheep. They seem so proud of their wool, and now they are going to have it all snitched. The human got two magazines devoted to sheep this afternoon, and I just know I heard the polar bears creeping around this afternoon while she was nappinng, taking a look at it and making maps of where to find these poor sheep. Really, that magazine should be ashamed of themselves, and the human should be too. And in even worse news, the human's thinking of finding a shepherd to talk to via email to ask more sheep related questions. Really, what is she thinking?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Word Count Day Nineteen

She finished chapter 17 with 3039 words bringing her total count up to 60,282. She is now 19,718 words away from her goal of 80,000 words, and she expects the next chapters to just fly. She would have written more tonight, too, but her doctor's appointment ran long. I can only hope the appointments she has planned for tomorrow run long as well or I am sure she will finish this thing by the weekend.

Novel Horrors Day Nineteen

She has the entire thing plotted out now. The thought of a perfect twist to handle two of the chapters that she isn't sure of, and now the entire thing is plotted out. All she has to do is to type it up, and with it plotted out in her head, I'm sure that won't take long at all. Our poor, poor neighbors. The rabbits have a large party planned to celebrate this being finished and I just know that part of the celebration will involve work on getting the ground for next year's garden ready. Or, even worse, ordering more SEED!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Continuing Word Count Day Eighteen

The human finished chapter 15 with 3233 words. Her total as of now is 6983 words for the day, bringing the overall book total to 57.243. She is 22,757 words from the 80,000 words she is shooting for completing the book at. Our poor, poor neighbors. What if she is able to write that many words everyday, now that she's managed it once? And she claims she has ideas for at least three of what she hopes will be the last five chapters, and she knows generally what will have to be in the other two. Have you ever seen so much horror? You don't want to know how the rabbits are celebrating and the party they have planned for the novel's completion.

Continuing Novel Horrors Day Eighteen

The sheep are doomed. The human heard from several sheep magazines, and all of them are sending her research materials for one of the books she is planning as a sequel to her horrible, current bunny work. Those poor sheep. I'm sure the magazines will have ads, that will probably provide addresses of pastures and website information. The polar bears will be able to get online to find the wooliest sheep, and then they can get directions to their pasture for wool gathering via Mapquest. Can those sheep sue these magazines for their upcoming wool loss?

Word Count Day Eighteen

The human just wrote 3750 more words thanks to the insomnia that she's claiming I gave her, bringing her word total to 54,011, 25,989 words away from her goal of 80,000 words. She's finished two more chapters so far, and now she's threatening to start on chapter 15. If things continue the way they have been, she thinks she has roughly six more chapters to go.

Novel Horrors Day Eighteen

The neighbors are doomed, and is all my fault. I wonder if they will be able to file a lawsuit against me for this? The human is still wide awake, and busily typing. She's now claiming that the shock and trauma of my taking off like that have caused insomnia. Frankly, I blame the soda that bakery she had her accomplice gathering at sold her, but she isn't listening right now. Not that it really matters, because whatever is keeping her awake has led to her coming up with exactly how she wants to end this horrible novel. She has the last two chapters all plotted out in her head, along with a few of the twists she wants on her way to get there. It's just a matter of her getting the horrible thing typed out now. If she really does have insomnia, she could be finished by the weekend at the rate she's going, and have lots of time left in the month to get to work on one of her planned sequels. Maybe I could beg the mailman to take a letter to the neighbors since I don't dare set paw outside the door anymore.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Word Count Day Seventeen

The human wrote 3148 words today bringing her up to 50,261. She's only 29,739 words from her goal of 80,000 words for the entire thing. And, in even worse news, she is claiming that the shock of my attempted escape has got her wide awake, so she's thinking about staying up for the rest night and doing more writing. Our poor, poor neighbors. Maybe I can distract her with a video game.

Novel Horrors Day Seventeen

My plan to disrupt the human's novelling didn't work as well as I hoped. She went out this afternoon to another accomplice gathering, and came trotting home all ready to crank out alarming amounts of words. I darted out the door the second she was in, thinking that if the humans had to spend the night hunting me, then no noveling could be done. I'm afraid I was caught much sooner than expected, though, and now the human is declaring that she ought to write an extra chapter just to punish me for traumatizing her! Can the neighbors blame me if she does? I was only trying to stop her.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Word Count Day Sixteen

The human wrote 2143 words today, bringing her total up to 47,113. That is only 32,887 words from her goal of 80,000 to finish the book. She's getting alarmingly close, and the month is barely half over. She's got plans to attend a gathering of her accomplices tomorrow, and I'm sure with their assistance she'll be able to get over the 50,000 word mark easily. I have never seen something as alarming as this thing in my life.

Novel Horrors Day Sixteen

The human is going ahead full steam with doing research for the sequels to the rabbit novel. She's been poking around online trying to figure out how to get free magazine issues on such topics as alpacas, sheep, goats, gardening and something on wool that I'm sure the polar bears snuck in there. Have you ever seen such a dangerous research list in your life? I swear that things get even worse around here with each thing she writes. Now I'm going to have to worry about polar bears going wild due to writing along with the bunnies. I am one little kitty. I can not be possibly expected to keep the entire lot of them under control.

Word Count Day Fifteen

The human did 3226 words, bringing her total to 44,970. She's still right on track, unfortunately, even with the trip home yesterday and being busy looking up research and stuff for that terrible sequel with those alpacas and everything. I wonder if I ought to trot down to the neighbors with the human's word count? She's only 35,030 words from her goal of having the novel complete by 80,000 words, and I know that the bunnies have horrible plans to celebrate its completion.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Novel Horrors Day Fifteen

The human is making so much progress on her novel that she thinks she's going to definitely start working on one of the planned sequels within the next few days so as to not loose momentum. I have never hear something so alarming in my life. And in even worse news, I am very much afraid it will be the bunny novel she has in mind featuring a herd of alpacas, since she came home from her accomplice meeting crowing about plotting the first two chapters on the way home. In case anyone doesn't know what an alpaca is, they're basically sheep, but taller. They claim they're relatives of the camel, but with all of that wool they trot around with, they can't fool me. They're tall sheep! I'm sure all of you can imagine the problems with the human working on a book with such wooly subjects. Not only will it attract the bunnies due to the rabbit issues, but it will also attract polar bears due to that wool! And, in the worst news yet, the polar bears found a nice fat brochure while they were raiding that arts and crafts center, all about alpacas and even listing the homes where some of these poor animals live. They're already begging the human to take a research trip.

Poor Kentucky

I would like to offer my sincere apologies first to the hotel that my siblings stayed at last night and then to the poor state in general. The hotel had a lovely breakfast buffet, had, of course being the operative word. Those poor, poor desk clerks arrived this morning to find that all of their waffles had been snatched and their honey and porridge supplies completely cleared out. Then, to make matters worse, the bunny hopped off with all of their tea! I hope that hotel is insured, and I hate to imagine how the poor maid will react, having to remove so many honey stains from sheets due to Betsy eating in bed.

Then, to make things worse for the state, the human decided to start at an arts and crafts center on the way home. It's connected to a college, but that apparently hasn't helped too much, because they actually had bags full of wool there! The polar bear cubs had went along on this trip, so I think you can safely guess what happened. The place foolishly was offering fudge for sale too. I hope they weren't too upset to find that gone, and I'm afraid to mention the decorative gourds I heard of. I just know the rabbits tried to crack them open for seeds.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Word Count Day Fourteen

The human wrote 2501 words today, according to the report the rabbits just emailed me, bringing her overall total to 41,918 words total. Her count is down a bit for the day, but the bunnies say that's just because of how busy she was with the ride up and meeting the accomplices and everything. She's already planning tomorrow's writing to get the word count back on its upward trend.

Novel Horrors Day Forteen

The human attended that gathering of writing accomplices today, and the bunnies who stowed away with her just emailed me, telling me all about all of the horrible ideas she's got from this meeting. Really, the humans in charge of it should be ashamed. And now the human's tucked into a hotel room just down the road from a garden center, and you know she's going to be so busy working on her new material that she isn't going to supervise those bunnies. I shudder to think of what they will do with garden supplies so close. The human should be ashamed and all of her little accomplices should be too!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Word Count Day Thirteen

The human wrote 4661 words today, bringing her up to 39,417 total. I wonder if a disaster can be declared due to that many alarming words? She's almost halfway done, and it seems her words per day are increasing every day, which can only bode ill for her finishing this thing and starting more horror.

Novel Horrors Day Thirteen

The human's writing speed is increasing, which doesn't seem to bode well at all. She is almost at the halfway point, and is crowing terribly about being way ahead of schedule. So alarming. I just know she'll start work on a second horrible novel for the bunnies and probably more writing than I want to consider for the bears as well. And, in even worse news, she's attending a meeting of accomplices tomorrow. Should you live in the state of Kentucky, I suggest you flee at once. Betsy Bear will be traveling with her.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Word Count Day Twelve

The human finished Chapter 9 with 4266 words bringing her up to a total of 34,756 words. She says she's right on track with things as far as the novel structure, too, and she thinks she could even be just a tiny bit ahead. That doesn't seem to bode well. If she gets this one done faster than expected, then what does that say about how fast she will be able to crank out the next novel?

Novel Horrors Day Twelve

The human is hard at work on the novel, and has high hopes for finishing chapter nine tonight. Oh, I don't want to think of how encouraged the bunnies will be if she does that. I do hope our neighbors listened to me and made sure that rabbits weren't excluded under the terms of their homeowners' policies. And, in even worse news, the human just submitted a story featuring the bears hitting a national park. She's planning to work on the dinosaur one over the weekend and potentially send it in on Monday. And the company she sent to is making a movie out of their last book! I don't think they make enough x's and r's to properly rate a movie featuring Betsy Bear and isn't it cruel to let her loose in a national park? Don't those poor park rangers have enough to cope with, what with forest fires, and poaching and littering? Must they face Betsy too?


If the poor, misfortunate soul who happens to have our mail route is reading this, might I suggest looking into the benefits of retirement or perhaps a transfer to a nice, safe route in deepest, darkest Africa where all you'll have to worry about is delivering packages of veggies to one Mister Mokele Mbembe. I am very sorry to say that Amazon has taken to carrying large quantities of bear items at a very good price, so needless to say, my siblings have large amounts of shopping planned. I hope the postal service provides major medical insurance.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Word Count Day Eleven

The human wrote 3303 more words bringing her up to 30,490 so far which has her right on track with this thing. I have never heard anything so alarming in my life. And what if she finishes early and starts another novel? Oh, we are doomed. She's already through chapter 8 and still going strong.

Novel Horrors Day Eleven

The human expects to hit 30,000 words tonight, and I shudder to think of how many she will have by the weekend. She might even pop over to meet some accomplices tomorrow to get more terrible encouragement. And, in even worse news, she heard back from someone and is now getting ready to send in a horrible story featuring the bears and the dinosaurs. I'm sure it will only serve to encourage the dinosaurs and they're vegetarians! Anything connected with vegetables should be strongly discouraged around here. Oh, I just know they're going to want to visit this person to discuss the book, and what will I do, trapped with that many vegetarians? There should be LAWS!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Word Count Day Ten

The human wrote 2437 words today for a total of 27,187. You won't believe how many of those words involve the rabbits either, and their actual detecting involvement. She's already well over a 100 pages into this thing and still right on course. I'm sure she's going to reach 40,000 by week's end if this keeps up. Have you ever heard of something so alarming?

Novel Horrors Day Ten

The human has heard back from one of those people who are also writing with non-human characters and she's received more alarming suggestions about what she can do with the story and how to get those horrible bunny characters involved in the detecting than I want to think about. Really, I ought to turn them in to our poor neighbors for such horrible encouragement of bunnies. My one comfort was that it was raining and the human didn't get to meet her accomplices in person this afternoon.

Continuing Novel Horrors Day Nine

I just found that the human has posted a message to her group of accomplices, looking for others who are using non-human characters and talking about the bunny story. She's already got replies from two people. I just know they're going to encourage further rabbit writing, which can only be bad news for all.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Word Count Day Nine

The human's at 2374 words for today bringing her to 24,751 total. She was hoping to write more, although she's still on track, but her sinuses were bothering her and she wasn't able to type as much as she wanted. She's planning a big writing day tomorrow to make up for the sinus slowness of today, though, along with hopefully meeting with her accomplices. Oh, such horror is not to be imagined!

Novel Horrors Day Nine

She's still writing, and most alarmingly, she's writing an extremely rabbit heavy scene at the moment. Oh, this doesn't bode well at all. The entire book is too encouraging for those bunnies in the first place, and every time a rabbit character gets page time and lines it just gets worse. The human should be so ashamed of herself. Encouragement is highly dangerous to rabbits.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Word Count Day Eight

The human wrote 4051 words today. Is that enough for our poor neighbors to get disaster relief based on bunny encouragement? The humans has 22,379 words total so far, and it's only the eighth of the month. Those poor neighbors. They are doomed. I wonder if I should go and post a word count on their door so they know to run for their lives?

Novel Horrors Day Eight

Thanks to a time mix-up, the human missed her gathering of accomplices for today. I'm afraid all that means is she'll try even harder to get together with them the next time, though. Anyway, since she couldn't meet the accomplices, the human amused herself trekking to a bakery for a little writing session on her own. I hope that poor bakery was insured and the ice cream store two doors down from it too, because the human took Betsy Bear with her.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Word Count Day Seven

The human wrote 2523 words today, bringing the horrible bunny novel to 18,237 words so far, each word more encouraging to the rabbits than the word before it. Really, I have to figure a way to lock the computer so she can't get on it. She's made it through to what she calls the turning point at the end of the first act, which seems a horrible sign. Act two is scheduled to start tomorrow, and goodness only knows what horrors it will bring since it is supposed to be twice as long.

Continuing Novel Horrors Day Seven

In other horrors of the day, at least the human wasn't able to make it to her horrible gathering if accomplices due to a football game, which you would think would be good news, but I'm afraid it only gave her time to think and develop horrible ideas. She's attending a writing workshop next week, and thanks to her horrible thinking, she has now got some idea in her head about dropping by some place in person to try to sell one of her books. She thinks if they can just meet her, she's sure they'll want her teddy series, so she's making plans to email and see about trying to set up an appointment. And if she sets up an appointment, I just know I will be drafted to go along and supervise those teddies! Have you ever heard something so alarming, me trapped in a hotel with them, and you know what Betsy does at hotels. Isn't making a cat participate in such against some animal cruelty law?

Novel Horrors Day Seven

The human is finishing up her first week of novel horrors today, and she says she's right where she was hoping to be on the novel. Oh, have you ever heard of anything so horrible in your life? I just know she's going to be able to finish the entire, horrible thing in a month. She's almost through with the first quarter of it, according to her, which is a terrible sign. If the bunnies are so happy when she's written a quarter of a novel about them, what are they going to be like when she's finished? I just know those bunnies are going to get horrible ideas thanks to all of this rabbit themed writing and then what are our neighbors going to do for homes?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Word Count Day Six

At least the human had that horrible church to distract her today, so she didn't write as much. She still did 2229 words, bringing her up to 15796 so far. At this rate, I fear she actually might finish the rabbit novel this month, and I fear how a completed book would encourage the bunnies. I wonder if I could borrow the computer battery for a few days?

Novel Horrors Day Six

The human did some checking, and it turns out that that horrible batch of accomplices of hers are having meetings all weekend for the purposes of encouraging writing. Naturally, she's planning to attend everything she can. Really, they should be so ashamed. The rabbits are already highly encouraged, and have obtained more seed for research purposes.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Continuing Word Count Day Five

The total word count for today now stands at 4671, bringing her up to 13153 words so far. Have you ever seen something so frightening as those word totals? And, in even worse news, the human's already making plans to meet with her group of accomplaces at least once this weekend. I'm sure they'll encourage her to word heights that I don't even want to think of.

Continuing Word Count Day Five

The human did more writing this morning and cranked out 1142 more words, bringing her up to 11686 total so far. I hold that horrible clown Ronald McDonald responsible for this. He let her get her hands on excessive caffeine last night which gave her a terrible amount of energy for writing. Really, I ought to turn the Hamburgler or even worse, Betsy, loose on that clown to punish him.

Word Count Day Five

Like I said in my previous post, the human wrote 2062 words this morning, which brings her overall word count up to 10544. She has to have 50000 words for the novel writing thing she is working on, and she is hoping to get to 80000 although she didn't think she was writing to the speed where she could manage that in a month just yet. I have serious worries that she is, though. And what am I going to do if she writes tonight as well? Heaven only knows how high her word count for the day might end up being. Really, doesn't she have other things to do for her birthday besides writing such frightening amounts?

Novel Horrors Day Five

The human's birthday is today and as part of her birthday fun, she cranked out another batch of writing on that terrible rabbit story. She wrote 2062 words just this morning, and she is so thrilled that it isn't funny with her progress and how things seem to be fitting together as far as the overall structure and and the outlines suggested suggested in various books she's read on the subject of writing at a speed like this. I don't think you want to know how the rabbits are celebrating.

Continuing Word Count Day Four

The human did another 614 words on that story featuring the teddies and poor Santa, bringing her up to 1804 on that. I wonder if Santa can sue for being endangered so? I just know Betsy, that awful bear is going to want to drop in on Santa for book research purposes. Isn't it bad enough when she took all of his cookies and milk just for fun? Does the human have to now give her a justification for tormenting him?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Word Count Day Four

The human wrote 2204 words on that horrible rabbit story today, bringing her up to 8482 total so far, which means she is right on track with her progress for this horrible story. She's even got tomorrow's writing planned out, featuring rabbits actually doing some detecting. Really, have you ever heard something so alarming?

Novel Horrors Day Four

The human's about to get right to work on her horrible writing so I figure I figure I should update while I can. The bunny book is progressing according to plan, which is naturally making the rabbits happy. That doesn't bode well for our poor neighbors. And, in even worse news, the human has found that some people are working on more than one novel for this month, which is giving her horrible ideas. Really, will the horrors never end? I'm just glad my turkey renters are arriving to check into the pool house tomorrow. They'll keep my mind off of the writing horrors.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Word Count Day Three

The human got back from her writers' gathering with an additional 2081 words of the rabbit story bringing her up to 6277. Honestly, that thing gets more frightening each day, and I don't like how each additional word makes those bunnies bounce about happily celebrating. I keep hoping for writer's block to strike but I'm afraid the human seems on course so far. Does anyone know anything I can do to encourage a block? The bunnies are hoping to post to that terrible gardening list soon to ask other gardeners to take a look.

The Bakery

Betsy Bear returned from terrorizing that poor bakery, and to make matters worse, she brought back a menu as a trophy of all that she snitched. I'm afraid the rabbits got their paws on the thing, and saw where this bakery also offers soups, including loads of vegetarian selections. They're now planning to hop along on the human's next visit to sample the veggies. Oh, horrors! And pretty much every writer's event this month is scheduled in one of these bakeries! They're doomed!

Novel Horrors Day Three

The human is off to meet with her accomplices, and to make matters worse, they are having this meeting at a bakery! Betsy Bear is with the human! Really, I should just go ahead and alert the law now, because that bakery is doomed with that bear roaming free, and if the human's busily committing more alarming writing, you know that she isn't going to be able to supervise Betsy at all. That poor, poor bakery. I hope they have paid their insurance.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Word Count Day Two

The human wrote an additional 2000 words on that rabbit story today, bringing her up to 4196 total so far. Have you ever heard something so alarming? And she's planning to hurry off to bed early, too, so she can get up nice and fresh in the morning and devote all day tomorrow to writing work. She's even got plans to meet with some of her fellow writers or as they should more likely be called accomplices tomorrow for even more alarming writing than I want think about. Really, these accomplices should be reported at once, I know they're going to encourage her, which will only encourage the rabbits and Betsy Bear to cause more trouble.

On the Up Side

On the up side, the human is looking rather sleepy. I made sure her ability to get to caffeine was limited today, and then made sure to keep trotting into her room to meow and paw and generally disturb her so she couldn't get any sleep. She looks like she could drop off to sleep at any moment so perhaps the writing damage will be limited.

Novel Horrors Day Two

The human is making alarming noises about needing the computer to crank out another chapter of that rabbit story, so I need to make this post fast. Really, she should be so ashamed of herself for writing this, given how it's encouraging those rabbits. Our poor, misfortunate neighbors, the ones who have the dogs living with them, are going out of town tomorrow. They are going to come home to find that their house has been taken over by the bunnies for gardening purposes inspired by that human's book. Perhaps I ought to send them a note that they should keep going?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Continuing Word Count Day One

The human just did a bit more writing, this time on that alarming story featuring the teddies and Christmas. Her word count on that so far is 1190, and she isn't even halfway through the first chapter. Really, she should be ashamed of herself writing a book featuring that horrible Betsy and Santa. I just know it's going to result in poor Santa being attacked.

Word Count Day One

The human just finished cranking out the first chapter of the gardening book, and the rabbits are all hopping around celebrating. Her word count for this horrible thing is at 2196. I wonder if she will get extra credit for pictures of our poor neighbors and the loss of their homes? I've heard each picture is worth a thousand words.

Continuing Novel Horrors Day 1

Oh, and after the human cranks out her required word count for the day for the rabbit story, she's planning to work on a teddy story set at Christmas and involving Santa! Have you ever heard of something so dangerous? Betsy's already making noise about taking a trip to drop in on poor Santa for story research. Really, what in the world is the human thinking? We will end up on Santa's bad list for sure if the human lets that bear visit him and raid his sack for book purposes. Isn't it bad enough what she did to him last Christmas just for fun?

Novel Horrors Day One

The human has started on that horrible rabbit mystery for the novel writing month. Our poor, poor neighbors. Can they hold whoever thought up this month of writing to blame for the impending loss of their homes? The rabbits are encouraging the human to use the people on their little gardening list to help proofread this nightmarish story and you know when the bunnies send chapters around to be proofread, they're also going to be dropping hints about obtaining seeds. I know where some of these horrible people who encourage this noveling are going to be meeting. Should I alert the neighbors so they can go and catch them?