Friday, November 19, 2010

Human and Court

I ought to tell our neighbors, when nuts from that tree rain down on their house, and break all of their windows, that they should hold the local courts totally to blame. The human trotted up there, and of course the first thing she asked was the best place to look for records on the misdeeds of her relations. And the had the nerve to TELL her so she could trot right over and round everything up. She came home with a nice stack of papers, and now has plans to hunt down more records as soon as possible, either by visiting a courthouse in another location, or by ordering microfilm! Is there no end in sight to encouragement of that awful tree's growth?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday's Scheduled Horror

The human's going to be dropping into a courthouse tomorrow, I am afraid. She's supposed to be there for other reasons, but I just know that she's going to use the visit for genealogical purposes as well, to hopefully find out about some more misdeeds of her ancestors! Do you think if I called the courthouse and warned them bright and early, they could ban her?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Polar Bear Hogging

The polar bears' takeover of the desk, and their hogging of the heater continues unabated. The second it feels the least bit nippy, they flip the heater on, and lock the door so that trespassers can't sneak in an soak up some of their warmth. For purposes of heater usage, I have been declared a trespasser. Those bears ought to be ashamed, and the human ought to be ashamed for catering to them. And even worse, the desk and the polar bears' new den is right next to a large supply of fabric, just perfect for quilt purposes. I don't want to think of the disaster that might result from that!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Polar Bears and Desk Theft

Now the polar bears are getting in on the act. They have established a little, quilted den in the gap between the desk chair area and the rear of the desk, that used to be my perfect hiding spot. And they've convinced the human, too, to move one of the little portable heaters into her room, and it's pointed right at their new den, so it's all comfy in there. Really, the nerve of those bears, and here I am, with only one heater for the rest of the house, while they hog an entire one just for a tiny little den! And they have their door shut so I can't sneak in, too!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Estate Sale

Horrible news. The human has just learned that one of her cousins is having an estate sale over the weekend, and now she is dying to go, sure that she will be able to find family info and even worse, to connect with other relatives on this limb of that awful tree. What can I do to prevent this? somehow, I don't think I can manage eating the car keys!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Neighbor

Moving that desk into the human's room, and giving the bunnies another place to lounge was definitely a bed idea. They've put the idea into her head now that she should help them with their gardening plans, so she actually approached our poor neighbor today, while she was shoveling rock for a driveway, and mentioned needing shoveling assistance for a garden at some point. This poor human! She thinks the garden belongs to my human, so of course she agreed! We are doomed! the entire neighborhood is doomed! Our neighbor is energetic to say the least, and I'm sure would be able to do a ton of digging. The rabbits will probably be able to triple their garden plans if she assists! How can I warn her that helping with this is helping with the loss of her home come spring?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Desk Complaints

I hope those rotten rabbits are pleased with themselves. Since they amused themselves snatching that desk away, and having it moved into the human's room, I have had no place to hide. I'm so easy to spot it isn't funny. Really, they ought to be ashamed. Thanks to the loss of my best hiding place, I've been forced to stake out territory on a box of magazines, but they really don't work well for hiding purposes. I ought to hide those bunnies' carrots, just to teach them a lesson!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The human got a desk lagged into her room today, and she's already plotting how it will make writing easier. Needless to say, the bunnies were thrilled, and now one is lounging on top of the desk to make offering suggestions for the nightmarish rabbit stories easier. And what about me? That desk was one of my favorite hiding spots when it was in the other room! If I ducked down behind it, the humans could never catch me! Now I'll be easily spotted every time they want me for something for sure!

Monday, November 8, 2010


I have somehow developed a case of fleas, something that I totally blame Nick the Cat, the villain of the rabbits' tails of terror for. There's been another cat hanging around here lately that looks suspiciously like him. The feline is undoubtedly a relative, and undoubtedly here to cause trouble. I ended up getting lagged to the vet to deal with the fleas, I'm afraid, and my good claws were ruined once more. Really, when will those people learn? You would think after all of these years they would have worked out that growling and fighting means to leave the claws alone, no matter what the humans say. It will take forever to get them back into shape, and that's if I don't damage them further, placing a call to an attorney to seek a restraining order against Nick and his relations!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tomorrow's Horror

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best hiding place for a phone? The human checked with a library out in Kansas over the weekend, when she was pursuing information on that horrible tree, and they told her the person she needed to speak with would be in on Monday. I'm sure if she chats with this person, it will add even more branches onto that tree, as she's going to be asking for information on female cousins' married names. My only hope is that I can find a place to hide the phone and prevent this!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Horrible News

Horrible news. The human's Uncle Henry was convicted of grand larceny, and sent to the state pen for three years. You should have seen how happy she was to find this news. She was practically bouncing when she came home, and waving the papers around, that provided the information on his conviction. Now she's making plans to write the state archives right away to get any records they have on his jail time. And since she's going to be writing them, I just know she'll go ahead and ask for other records too. That tree is bound to grow by leaps and bounds soon. Really, would it have killed Uncle Henry to have stayed on the straight and narrow?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Human's Planned Birthday Horrors

The human's birthday is tomorrow, and to celebrate she has a horrible event, a trip to a genealogy conference planned, along with a trip to the court house to look up various records on her relatives. She's in her room now, looking at print-outs, and highlighting things in yellow that she needs to hunt down. I have never seen so much yellow marking in my life. And she's hopeful that if the court house visit goes well, that she'll get to visit the jail too, to hopefully find more records of her various relations' misdoings. I sense a lot more nuts on that tree soon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Novel Horrors Day One

The human didn't get a lot of writing done today, due to a death early this morning keeping her up unexpectedly. She does have a story all picked out, though, and feels she can fly through a chapter or two tomorrow. Needless to say, the rabbits were thrilled with this news. I don't want to imagine the encouragement and horrible ideas that will result!