Sunday, September 29, 2013


Really, nothing will satisfy that cat.  We have never met a more contrary feline, we really haven't.  First, he complained about us being too quiet yesterday, and now he is complaining about hearing us typing, too fast for us to be researching quilt stuff.  He's demanded to know if we are assisting the human with something, and if so, he wants us to stop at once.  Like we said, he is such a trying kitty.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with our helping our human get good book deals, so he should stop complaining at once!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Today's Report

We thought today would be quiet on the Brother front.  The humans snoozed most of the day so we didn't get to go out.  We didn't even get to do stitching or cutting.  We were sure that meant no texts, but oh, no.  We have been getting bothered all day by messages from Brother, saying we are too quiet, and what are we up to.  Really, will nothing satisfy that cat?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Grandhuman's Repair

The grandhuman got her hernia fixed today.  Our poor human was forced to sit for five or six hours straight, which is not good with her poor, damaged leg, so tonight's post will be short since she wants to curl up and snooze.  Really, a hernia.  We're sure the cat is to blame.  He was a rather plump feline.  Lagging him about could result in such a thing, couldn't it?

Thursday, September 26, 2013


We just noticed something.  The new air conditioner, the one in the human's room that makes it the only habitable room in the house, it has only a thin, sliding mesh blocking access to the outside.  It's too high up for us to convert one side to a door for our bunny friends, but we've been thinking of inviting the woodpecker in.  His hole is nice, but don't you think he would like moving in here and being our new sibling so much more?  We have a nice wooden apple basket he could make into his new nest.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today's Shopping and Sewing

We're surprised that phone Brother is using is still capable of sending texts after the bundle he zapped off today.  First we got a message bright and early this morning, when the repairman showed up to fix the washer.  Brother seemed to have the impression that this repairman was there for something sewing related, and demanded he be evicted at once.  REALLY!  He knows we don't prewash our fabric, so we don't know what he thinks the washer repairman could have been doing for us.  After that batch of texts, we hopped to the store and wouldn't you know it, we found the nicest new ruler.  We don't know how, but that resulted in even more messages saying that he could hear us measuring!  How can you hear measuring?  And then there were the messages objecting to page flipping as we read a new stitching magazine, and we're just bracing ourselves for a ton of messages once Brother learns that we have found a new way to whip through a quilt four times as fast.  That cat needs serious therapy.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lawyer Again

We might get to visit that nice, nice lawyer again next week in the insurance doesn't cooperate about fixing the air and heat.  Kitten screams have been filling the air over that, and over the six yards of fabric we got today for sashing and borders for quilts.  Anyway, we think if Brother hasn't returned by the time we hop to the lawyer, we will have papers drawn up and served on him, charging him with desertion and demanding his return.  Won't he love that, being hit with a suit?  

Monday, September 23, 2013


We're surprised the person stuck with Brother hasn't dumped him off on our doorstep yet.  Surely between the cell bill for all of those texts, and then the fit he pitched this morning, when we finished cutting out and bagging pieces for two quilts, and sashing for another quilt, well, surely they are getting plenty annoyed with him.  Maybe we ought to poke out a basket, in case they might like to dump him and run.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Expected Screams

We're expecting many annoying screams and texts shortly.  Really, we probably should have bought a bag of stuffing when we were at the store earlier for ear protection purposes.  Brother has been up in arms all day.  We hopped to lunch with the human, and naturally Brother had to send multiple texts demanding we return home right away.  We swear, if it was up to him, we would be poked in a burrow and never allowed out.  Anyway, we really did go out to eat, and the salad bar was lovely, but afterwards, the humans went to the store, and, well, we did find a couple of battings we had to have and a bit of fabric.  Was that so wrong?  We're surprised Brother didn't break the phone texting to complain about that, and we're sure he's going to pitch a fit shortly when he hears the snipping of scissors.  That cat needs serious therapy.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Clothing Material

At least the grandhuman talking on the cell phone to various relations is cutting down on the amount of time we are tormented by texts from Brother is all we can say.  That is one plus.  But then he made up for not being able to get through by an enormous text dump complaining that he heard a couple of us hop out despite the rain this morning, and then he heard us hopping in again carrying large sacks, and why was he hearing the sounds of fabric unfolding and then pages flipping?  Well, we got a lovely pile of material to cut up to make little clothes for a start and then two sewing books with lovely quilt ideas.  And for the best price too, two dollars and twenty cents for the lot!  We were very pleased, but now Brother is sending text after text demanding to know what were are up to, and insisting we stop at once because he is sure whatever we are doing, it is annoying and troublesome.  Really, we're halfway tempted to turn the phone off.  Let him not be able to get through to bother us for awhile and see how he takes that.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Well, the grandhuman has a hernia.  We're not sure how, but we suspect the cat of somehow being responsible for this.  If would be just like him to try to cause difficulties.  Well, the joke might just be on Brother.  Thanks to this hernia, the grandhuman will be off work for awhile, which will give us time for a nice LONG trip to the country!  And we just might recapture a certain kitten before departing.  So if Brother ends up in the country for an extended vacation, we are sure he will only have himself to blame.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


The forecast is still calling for rain.  How annoying, and we are sure all Brother's fault, but we are working on a plan to earn money in spite of him, by trying to find a way to sale our rummage sale items online.  We can just hear the kitty shrieks!    Here's hoping it works, though.  The grandhuman would be really, really happy to move a few things out and, of course, we bunnies would love getting our paws on a bit more money.  We have our eyes on some nice goodies for the country cottage, you see, and need more financing for them.  If we can get something to give the human better internet access up there, we think she might agree to move, so we really need to raise cash.  Oh, there go the shrieks again.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Oh, this is just awful.  We were happily planning our sale for the weekend, and what did we see on the news but RAIN in the forecast!  First it was 40% and now it has crept up to 60%.  We fear it will hit 80 and then 100% soon at the rate it is going.  We can't sale anything in the RAIN!  We wonder if we ought to suspect Brother of arranging a rain dance to prevent our earning money?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lawyer Again

We hopped to the lawyer again today, and you should see the number of texts we have gotten from Brother, demanding to know what we are up to.    Oh, Brother is in for it now!  Things went really well with the lawyer, and we gave the human extra good luck via our big bunny feet, so she's very happy with us now as well.  And our stitching is going very well too.  Good sewing progress, a lawyer on our side and a human as well.  Brother better be shaking in his fur is all we can say.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Today's Harrassment

Well, the car is seeming like it's okay, but Brother is working on some serious harassment once more.  Really, we wish he had never figured out how to text.  We do hope he breaks a claw soon.  That might cut down on the messages.  Anyway, he sent a message a bit ago saying he heard more paws in the house than expected, and had we allowed more siblings in.  What does he expect?  The monkey and the bear were very nice, and it would have been horrible of us to make them remain homeless when we have a cozy spot here.  We're up to 779 siblings.  And then he sent another message wanting to know why we hopped home with that roll of brown paper last night, and why we keep popping out to check the rummage sale stuff we have stashed away, and are we plotting another sale?  Not that we plan to share the news with that cat, but yes we are, and the paper is for duplicating quilt patterns to sale to others, to encourage sewing!  Encouraging sewing and putting money in our little bunny coffers, just a perfect plan, don't you think?  And we would like to remind Brother once more, he DESERTED!  We can do whatever we want, and he has no right to complain after abandoning us the way he did.  Really, if he thinks what we're planning is so wrong, why isn't he hurrying to move back in and stop us?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Car Sabotage

The humans thought the car was fixed yesterday, only for it to start acting up again this morning, right as we were about to suggest a nice ride in the country.  Needless to say, Brother is suspected.  The repairman was here all afternoon and he said a coil had been damaged.  Who would have thought making Brother assist with inserting all of those coils into books would turn out so badly?  We ought to put him to work, to earn the money to pay for the repairs when we recapture him.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Won't Believe This

You won't believe this.  We were on our way to the country, the car was packed with stitching materials, and we were all snuggled in the back seat anticipating a wonderful weekend of sewing.  We were on the road and then all of a sudden the car started jerking horribly.  We had to come home and unpack so that the humans could rush the car to the repair shop.  And what did they learn when they got there?  There was WATER in the gas tank!  WATER!  Who wants to bet we will find a watering can with kitten paw prints on it?  This has Brother's paw prints all over it, we are sure!  Ruining our trip to the country, he ought to be ashamed!

Friday, September 13, 2013


We're very sorry about the shrieks this afternoon, and we hope no one was unduly disturbed by them.  Really, when we get Brother back, we think we will have to force him into therapy for these issues he seems to have with our going to various businesses and just looking at things.  We were at the local mission again and what did we spy but this giant cone with what looked like thread on it.  It was gigantic, probably a foot across at the bottom so you can imagine the amount of thread we were picturing, but much to our disappointment it was some sort of yarn, or maybe thread of a type unsuited for sewing.  Just our looking at it was enough to make the cell phone start buzzing, though, with Brother demanding to know what we were doing, and to stop at once.  Really, he has serious issues, is all we can say.  Therapy is definitely in order once we recapture him.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Also Did Yesterday

Yesterday really went well, although Brother certainly doesn't think so.  We also managed to find a lovely deal on a self-cleaning litter box for him.  We just have to get the humans to trot to the store to collect it.  And since this is at the store that is having the backing sale, who could blame us for picking up a few things for ourselves as well?  A large supply of backing, and potential inducement to get that cat back into custody.  What could be better?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Rulers

We got three lovely rulers, and a template with seam allowances marked today.  We heard much shouting, and threats to see us and the store who dared to sell us such items in court, but we know there is nothing Brother can do.  We have already consulted a lawyer.  We hopped to his office on Friday and were reassured that sewing is not a crime and that desertion of siblings and human is.    Anyway, we have enough measuring instruments now to feel safe from more ruler sabotage, thank goodness.  Now to get some serious stitching done.  We found the nicest sale on backing too so we really need to get to sewing.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brother Slipped

Brother slipped, and gave away his location.  Hehehehehehehehehe!  We knew he would eventually!  It has been worth putting up with his little spy devices, just knowing what he is hearing us doing would cause him to slip and reveal where he is eventually.  We hopped out this afternoon and rode along with the human to her doctor's appointment, and afterwards we went to the local mission looking for new friends or sewing supplies.  We managed to find FOUR giant spools of thread for attaching quilt tops to batting and backing!  FOUR!  We were celebrating when we got a text from Brother demanding to know what we were up to and did he hear us winding thread onto a spool.  So now we have a phone number for him!  We knew he would give himself away eventually if we were patient bunnies.  Now to figure a way to retrieve him!

Monday, September 9, 2013


There is a lovely sale on rulers for quilt construction this week that we hope to take advantage of.  Since Brother tried to sabotage our ruler to prevent work, we think we ought to invest in a backup or several backups to prevent more issues.  We were able to fix the sabotaged ruler so it would measure correctly once more, but we wouldn't put it past Brother to make a second attempt.  Really, why does he want us to be poor bunnies?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Weekend

We've had a lovely idea for how to make more money.  We're thinking about having a little sale up in the country!  We're sure we would get lots of visitors, and thus make lots of money, because we wouldn't have as much competition.  The country and rabbits earning money, we think you can imagine the level of kitty screams in response to that.  But really, as long as he is absent, what can Brother do to prevent it?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sale Report

The sale went well today.  We were expecting Brother to show up, to try to yank money out of our paws.  We had the soda all ready to spill to entrap him, but we guess this morning's paper upset him enough to distract him from attacking us.  A bunny made the front page, you see, as a contestant in the local bunny beauty pageant at the fair.  We heard shouts about encouraging rabbits, and a disaster in the making.  Do you think we should warn the fair to beware kitten attacks?

Friday, September 6, 2013


The forecast calls for loud kitty shrieks tomorrow, so you might want to plug your ears now.  We're having a lovely little yard sale, and Brother is not happy.  The grandhuman wants some stuff cleared out before Brother moves back in, so we plan to move things out tomorrow, and Brother doesn't seem to be taking it well.  Not only will getting rid of things lead to his recapture sooner, but it will put money into our paws, which he seems to think will only lead to a disaster, but oh, well.  We already have the signs, and if Brother pops his pointy ears up to try to hinder us, we have a soda ready for spilling to trap his paws in stickiness.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hope No One Was Bothered

We hope no one was bothered by the kitten shrieks this afternoon.  Due to the sabotage, and our visit to the quilt shop, we learned about the nicest little pins, and had to hop out again this afternoon to pick up  a box.  Really, the box is so cute, and the pins are so nice, but that didn't stop the shrieks.  Really, though, Brother has no one to blame but himself.  If he hadn't tampered and tried to sabotage our work, we would have never learned of these pins.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Visited the Shop

We hopped to the quilt shop this afternoon, to try to figure out how Brother has sabotaged our little project.  The first and closest shop was closed early when we got there, which makes us highly, highly suspicious.  We had to race to another shop on the other side of town or risk losing another day of work.  Luckily bunnies are fast, but it was annoying to have to go out of our way, none the less.  Anyway, the ladies at the shop are sure that our seams were sabotaged by Brother.  He must have tampered with our ruler, so that when we measured and marked the seams, things were off is all that we can figure.  So, so annoying.  But hopefully we are on our way now.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Job Sabotage

We have been hired to stitch a quilt, and we are suspecting someone, we are sure the cat, of trying to sabotage our efforts.  We don't know what else could be wrong.  It has to be something Brother has done.  We have stitched this pattern for fun before and it went together just fine, but now that we are going to be getting money for it, our seams are off, our corners don't meet, and it is in short a disaster.  The human tried to assist us and ended up in tears of frustration.  What does Brother have against our earning money?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thread Again

Well, the thread sale ended today, but we still had time to gather another few spools.  We really thought Brother would try to attack us, to snatch our thread away.  We had even made plans for how we could use a spool to trap him if he tried to pounce.  Apparently it must have occurred to him, that coming near us when we were armed with objects that could be used to trap him wasn't a good idea, so we just got tormented with kitty shouts all day.  So annoying, but we're thinking of visiting a quilt shop tomorrow, possibly the one where the nicest pup works.  Perhaps the dog can help lure Brother in and we can trap him then!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


We happened to hop by the local home improvement store today, and they had the cutest houses available.  Here's one of them.
Two stories, plenty of room for sewing and seed starting purposes!  Just the perfect little dwelling for rabbits.  Wouldn't Brother be annoyed if we got our paws on such a place?