Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lack of Posts

We're very, very sorry for our lack of posts on here lately.  Really, we didn't think it had been nearly as long as it apparently has.  We had a computer issue with the laptop charger, and were limited to using the tablet for internet access for awhile.  It was very odd.  The charger was fine, and then suddenly one day we noticed that the cord had a break in it.  If we didn't know better, we would think something, or some feline, to be more precise, had chewed on it in order to damage it.  We've been doing a lot of work nearby of late, though, so surely we would have noticed if that cat had pulled such a stunt, don't you think?  We're back now, though, and with excellent news too!  We sold a big batch of quilts just a few days ago and are hard at work getting another quilt ready for selling so we have high hopes for recapturing Brother and dragging him back here soon.  Please protect your ears accordingly because we  are about to start stitching again.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Apologies for the Noise

We're very sorry for the noise this morning.  We hope it didn't disturb Sunday sermon for anyone.  The human's pastor said something this morning that every Sunday is really a celebration of Easter, and Brother wasn't pleased.  He ranted forever about how he was trying to encourage rabbits and how he was wanting to grow the congregation by getting bunnies to hop in, and how the collection plate would be packed with carrots if such a thing occurred.  Most annoying.  Anyway, we think he's quieted down a bit, but we have to baste some quilts in a little bit in preparation for an insane amount of quilting tomorrow so much noise is anticipated shortly.  Please guard your ears accordingly.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Still Awaiting Information

We're still waiting to hear from that person who is hopefully Cousin Avis's granddaughter.  Here's hoping she replies soon.  In the meantime, we definitely suggest keeping your ears guarded because Brother is pitching a giant fit.  While awaiting a reply, we poked around and found some pictures that are hopefully of Cousin Avis, and possibly Cousin Marshall too.  We do hope we hear something soon. Cousin Avis is probably a hundred, after all, and just think of all of the family information she might know.  If you hear a loud kitty explosion, it will mean we have gotten our reply.  Please protect yourselves accordingly, because we expect the fit if we locate this cousin will be larger than that storm currently menacing our mice siblings' large cousins.

Friday, September 8, 2017


We're sorry for the shrieking this afternoon.  We hope it didn't harm anyone's ears too much.  We just discovered the happy news that Cousin Avis is ALIVE, or at least she was four months ago.  She is probably one hundred, but we're very optimistic about her, and we just sent a message  to someone we hope is a granddaughter seeking more information.  Brother isn't taking it well at all, though, so please protect your ears accordingly in preparation for a response.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We'll Try to do Better

We're very sorry that we haven't been posting recently, and we will try to do better.  We've been working a lot, though, which you probably knew from all of the kitty shrieks for the last few weeks.  We're very sorry about that.  Hopefully we will have him recaptured soon, though, so the noise will die down somewhat.  Anyway. we hope everyone had a nice eclipse viewing.  We liked it, but Betsy Bear's complaints did dampen things somewhat.  We chose to view the eclipse from the nicest library and park, and apparently they had been warned about Betsy, because they had security lighting hooked up.  The most she got her paws on was a few cookies so she has been annoyed.  We are sure numerous other bears breathed a sigh of relief that they made it through with their honey supplies intact, though, so that was a good thing.  Anyway, we will hopefully be posting more in the future.  Unfortunately, we will also be working more, so please guard your ears accordingly.

Friday, July 21, 2017

So Sorry!

We're so sorry for the disturbance today.  We probably should have warned you a couple of days ago that such noise was a possibility, but we were hoping for the best.  We got a call a few days ago from someone wanting us to make a quilt for her, and Brother actually took the news kind of well.  He was ranting, of course, but not as much as we feared, and he seemed to be content with hoping that the project would be a complicated, low paying task that would keep us occupied and out of the fabric store and away from sewing other stuff for awhile.  We met with the lady who wants to hire us today, though, and it turns out the project is an easy nine patch, and might grow from one quilt to six.  We are thrilled, and hoping to piece the blocks over the weekend.  And Brother is furious.  Please cover your ears now.  We're expecting a very loud weekend.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Poor Human

Just a quick message tonight.  The poor human's leg is suddenly bothering her, and she's planning to go to bed early, which means we won't be able to be online for long.  Poor human.  We don't know what happened, but suddenly she's in pain and her knee feels like it's about to give on her.  Do you suppose someone foolishly let Brother get his paws on a voodoo doll?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ear Warning

Sorry we're a little behind on posting here.  We spent a week in the country and then the human had to spend a week recovering from her week in the country so our internet time has been limited.  If you heard a lot of kitty shrieking around the fourth, although with any luck those fireworks covered it up a bit, that's what Brother was complaining about.  And if you heard any shrieking yesterday, we were poking at the family tree again.  Very sorry about that, but we made some nice discoveries, so more shrieking will probably be happening soon.  Guard your ears accordingly.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ear Protection

Please check that you have sufficient ear protection now, as July is shaping up to be a record month for kitty ranting.  We're taking part once more in a month long event at the library that is sure to lead to him pitching giant fits about the dangers of rabbits being allowed massive, unsupervised access to books.  And then there is the continuing growth of the family tree.  The newest source we have found for encouraging tree growth is working very well, we are happy to announce, and branches are sprouting rapidly.  As we are sure the kitty shrieks had alerted you too.  Please make sure your ear protection is adequate now, is all we can say, because we don't see the noise abating any time soon.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sorry About Last Night

Sorry about all of the noise last night.  We hope we were able to warn you in time for you to protect your ears.  Really, that cat is most embarrassing with his ranting and raving about cousin Edward and Cousin Malcolm and how he will see any and all of them in a court of law, or more likely their survivors since we were gathering our information on them via obituaries.  Anyway, the human isn't feeling the best tonight, and is thinking about going to bed as soon as we help her make some goodie bags, so hopefully tonight will be a bit quieter as far as Brother throwing fits, anyway.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cover Your Ears

Cover your ears now!  Hurry while there is still time.  It might take Brother a few moments to work up to a real shriek fest so go fast while you have a chance!  We just discovered a way to uncover a ton of info on the family tree and he is sure to be unhappy to say the least, so protect yourselves while you still can!  Go fast!  We think we hear him starting to rant about Cousin William E. so there isn't much time left!  Cover your ears now!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bear Paw Quilt

We're very sorry for any kitty shrieks that might have disturbed you today.  We've been studying a book showing how to make a bear paw quilt, and we are planning to make it, as hopefully we will be teaching this block, and at least one more block showcased in the quilt soon.  Brother has been ranting, though, about how this quilt is just an item to encourage bears, and how it will only serve to attract more siblings to the house.  Really, he's being very annoying, and we're thinking of going out for fabric for the quilt in the next few days, so please protect your ears accordingly.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Sorry for getting behind on posts once more.  As you probably know from all of the kitty shrieks, we have been quite involved in stitching activities.  We had an open house that we attended with a ton of stuff, and then a class.  And then there was the lovely quilt shop hop that called for traveling all over the area visiting quilt shops, learning new things and buying new quilting materials.  If you were at all curious about why Brother spent a week shrieking nonstop, that was it.  We also hopped to the country for a weekend, and took in another sibling, bringing the total sibling count up to 991, which are other things he wasn't pleased with.  And then there was the quilt show yesterday, where we gathered a large selection of new books, more fabric, and the cutest new ruler.  And might have learned of a way to lure more people into our classes.  Anyway, we hope the volume of shrieks didn't hurt anyone's hearing too much.  We do suggest you keep ear plugs handy, though, because the family reunion is scheduled for next week, and we have some quilty activities planned for it, in addition to genealogy activities.  We're expecting the volume of kitty shrieks to be alarmingly high.  Please guard your ears accordingly.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Class Problem

Sorry we haven't posted this week.  We've been rather upset.  We had a class scheduled for last weekend, only when we hopped in, all eager to teach, someone had called in, claiming to be us with a wild tale about illness, and had canceled our class!  The only one we can imagine who might have dared to do such a thing is Brother, and we are not happy with that cat at all.  We suppose he thought if he kept us from earning money, we wouldn't be able to finance his recapture.  Well, little does he know, we already have enough money to drag him back here, especially since if we report how rotten he is, he will probably be discounted!  Calling and canceling out class.  He should be ashamed of himself!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Easter Apologies

We know this is a bit late, but we want to apologize now for the Easter disaster.  We've been trying to keep our ears down so as to not be declared guilty by relation or we would have apologized sooner.  For anyone who somehow missed the news, our poor leader, the Easter Bunny, was hopping down the Bunny Trail to deliver baskets when he was caught in a snare.  He suffered a sprained paw, banged ears, and of course was robbed of all of his baskets.  The rope used to construct this snare had a tag on it labeling it the property of Betsy Bear, as if you couldn't guess who was behind it.  We have never been so embarrassed in our lives and thus have been trying to keep a low profile.  Hopefully things have blown over a bit, by now, though, so we can get back to posting.  We have a class to teach tomorrow, so beware of kitty shrieking, especially as it looks like a large class.  Oh, and on a happy note, we are now up to 990 siblings!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

We're very sorry for the lack of posts.  Really, we knew it had been awhile, but we didn't know it had been so long.  Our teaching is going well, but you probably already had some idea that it was, based on the volume of kitty shrieks.  We hope no one suffered any hearing damage due to him, especially during the week in which we amused ourselves stitching four quilts as samples for potential classes.  He didn't take it well at all.  But we are starting to chuckle when we hear him shrieking, because our fund for his recapture is growing nicely, and we are sensing that his being drug back where he belongs is nigh.   Hehehehehehehe!  We really can't wait for that.  Oh, besides the stitching, our family continues to grow.  We are now up to 987 teddies, we believe.  Anyway, we're very sorry for not posting sooner, and we will certainly do a better job in the future.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hope There was no Ear Damage

We really hope that none of our readers suffered ear damage from the kitty shrieks.  Probably we should have posted and warned you earlier that much noise was a possibility, and to guard your ears accordingly.  We're very sorry about that.  Anyway, our class went very well, and we already have another session booked, which Brother has been ranting and raving about and threatening to damage the cell phone with a truly frightening amount of texts insisting that we stop what we are doing this very instant.  So very annoying.  And then when we hopped up to the store a couple of days ago, to buy a packet of needles, we got to talking to the nicest lady who hired us to finish up the quilting on a quilt for her.  We picked it up this afternoon, if you were curious as to what the loud shrieks were about.  We hope they didn't ruin anyone's dinner.  We're going to have to do some repinning and adjusting, because a naughty cat assaulted the batting on the quilt, but we think that the actual stitching will go well, and should bring in enough money for that embroidery machine we have been dreaming of.  And with what we have earned for our stitching teaching, plus the money for this quilt, we are very close to having the funds to cover Brother's recapture as well!  We are so looking forward to getting him back into our custody once more.  Maybe we will work on that repinning tomorrow.  The sooner we get it, and then the stitching done, the sooner that Brother can be drug back, and we can't let him in until the quilt is finished, and safely back in the care of its human owner.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sorry for the Lack of Warning

We're very sorry for the lack of warning on tonight's kitty shrieking fit.  Honestly, it wasn't planned at all, what resulting in the fit.  We were just helping the human to double check a few things that she already had some information on, and what would you know, but there had been an update leading to the discovery of information on Cousin Iva, Cousin Thelma and all of their kin.  So now Brother is shrieking about how he will see those horrible relatives in court, and their survivors too, for writing such detailed obituaries about them and daring to publish them.  Anyway, we're sorry we didn't warn you earlier about the potential for kitty fits.  Please take this as a warning for excessive kitty noise tomorrow.  We might poke at the tree a bit more, you see, and we also have some quilting to do.  We're expecting a nightmare of shrieking. You have been warned.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tonight's Shrieks

We're sorry for the shrieks tonight.  At least it wasn't early enough to wake anyone, though.  We just got a text from the human in charge of our stitching classes letting us know that we have two more students signed up for instruction.  Brother didn't take it well at all.  But we are pleased about one thing.  As a cat, he doesn't have the talent for math that rabbits have so Brother hasn't figured out yet that three students should put us nicely over the top of the figure we need to finance his recapture!  And we might even be able to start putting funds towards that lovely little embroidery machine we're wanting too!  And even better, the class is still a week away, so we have high hopes more people will sign up.  Please brace yourself for more shrieks in case that occurs.  Or in case Brother gets his paws on a calculator and figures out that his recapture just might be nigh.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Brace Yourselves

Please brace yourselves for a torrent of kitty shrieking lasting until next weekend.  We are hopefully going to be teaching a stitching class then, and Brother is not taking our employment well.  We are also concerned that at some point he is going to put things together and realize that if we continue to gain work and earn money that we will be then able to pay to get him back into our custody as soon as he is hunted down.  Hmmmm.  You know, one good class could finance his recapture quiet nicely!  Won't he be just so pleased about that!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sorry for the New Year's Shrieks

We hope the shrieking last night didn't disturb anyone unduly.  We have some hopes that the sounds of fireworks muffled it a bit, but really, with how much Brother was shrieking we're not sure it was enough to drown him out.  He was in rare form, is all that we can say, and just because we found a way for the human to get a few free books, and because we've been encouraging her to engage in a bit of lovely reading.  He are really getting concerned for the health of the phone based on the number of texts he sent, demanding to know why he was hearing so many tappings of page turning, and why was so much reading taking place, and what were we plotting.  Very, very annoying, and we think he might have heard about that library event we took part in too, because he was ranting about libraries as well, and how they were dens of rabbit encouragement, and he would see them in court for such awful behavior.  Anyway, we thought we better warn you, we got the human another free book just a bit ago, so the shrieks will probably start again soon.  Please protect your ears accordingly.