Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sorry for the Lack of Warning

We're very sorry for the lack of warning on tonight's kitty shrieking fit.  Honestly, it wasn't planned at all, what resulting in the fit.  We were just helping the human to double check a few things that she already had some information on, and what would you know, but there had been an update leading to the discovery of information on Cousin Iva, Cousin Thelma and all of their kin.  So now Brother is shrieking about how he will see those horrible relatives in court, and their survivors too, for writing such detailed obituaries about them and daring to publish them.  Anyway, we're sorry we didn't warn you earlier about the potential for kitty fits.  Please take this as a warning for excessive kitty noise tomorrow.  We might poke at the tree a bit more, you see, and we also have some quilting to do.  We're expecting a nightmare of shrieking. You have been warned.

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