Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sorry for the New Year's Shrieks

We hope the shrieking last night didn't disturb anyone unduly.  We have some hopes that the sounds of fireworks muffled it a bit, but really, with how much Brother was shrieking we're not sure it was enough to drown him out.  He was in rare form, is all that we can say, and just because we found a way for the human to get a few free books, and because we've been encouraging her to engage in a bit of lovely reading.  He are really getting concerned for the health of the phone based on the number of texts he sent, demanding to know why he was hearing so many tappings of page turning, and why was so much reading taking place, and what were we plotting.  Very, very annoying, and we think he might have heard about that library event we took part in too, because he was ranting about libraries as well, and how they were dens of rabbit encouragement, and he would see them in court for such awful behavior.  Anyway, we thought we better warn you, we got the human another free book just a bit ago, so the shrieks will probably start again soon.  Please protect your ears accordingly.

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