Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hope There was no Ear Damage

We really hope that none of our readers suffered ear damage from the kitty shrieks.  Probably we should have posted and warned you earlier that much noise was a possibility, and to guard your ears accordingly.  We're very sorry about that.  Anyway, our class went very well, and we already have another session booked, which Brother has been ranting and raving about and threatening to damage the cell phone with a truly frightening amount of texts insisting that we stop what we are doing this very instant.  So very annoying.  And then when we hopped up to the store a couple of days ago, to buy a packet of needles, we got to talking to the nicest lady who hired us to finish up the quilting on a quilt for her.  We picked it up this afternoon, if you were curious as to what the loud shrieks were about.  We hope they didn't ruin anyone's dinner.  We're going to have to do some repinning and adjusting, because a naughty cat assaulted the batting on the quilt, but we think that the actual stitching will go well, and should bring in enough money for that embroidery machine we have been dreaming of.  And with what we have earned for our stitching teaching, plus the money for this quilt, we are very close to having the funds to cover Brother's recapture as well!  We are so looking forward to getting him back into our custody once more.  Maybe we will work on that repinning tomorrow.  The sooner we get it, and then the stitching done, the sooner that Brother can be drug back, and we can't let him in until the quilt is finished, and safely back in the care of its human owner.

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