Friday, April 14, 2017

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

We're very sorry for the lack of posts.  Really, we knew it had been awhile, but we didn't know it had been so long.  Our teaching is going well, but you probably already had some idea that it was, based on the volume of kitty shrieks.  We hope no one suffered any hearing damage due to him, especially during the week in which we amused ourselves stitching four quilts as samples for potential classes.  He didn't take it well at all.  But we are starting to chuckle when we hear him shrieking, because our fund for his recapture is growing nicely, and we are sensing that his being drug back where he belongs is nigh.   Hehehehehehehe!  We really can't wait for that.  Oh, besides the stitching, our family continues to grow.  We are now up to 987 teddies, we believe.  Anyway, we're very sorry for not posting sooner, and we will certainly do a better job in the future.

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