Friday, May 12, 2017

Easter Apologies

We know this is a bit late, but we want to apologize now for the Easter disaster.  We've been trying to keep our ears down so as to not be declared guilty by relation or we would have apologized sooner.  For anyone who somehow missed the news, our poor leader, the Easter Bunny, was hopping down the Bunny Trail to deliver baskets when he was caught in a snare.  He suffered a sprained paw, banged ears, and of course was robbed of all of his baskets.  The rope used to construct this snare had a tag on it labeling it the property of Betsy Bear, as if you couldn't guess who was behind it.  We have never been so embarrassed in our lives and thus have been trying to keep a low profile.  Hopefully things have blown over a bit, by now, though, so we can get back to posting.  We have a class to teach tomorrow, so beware of kitty shrieking, especially as it looks like a large class.  Oh, and on a happy note, we are now up to 990 siblings!

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