Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Human's Family Tree

The human is plotting to go and research that awful tree again tomorrow, and I just know it's a terrible idea. Besides the fact that she will make that tree grow even bigger, which is very scary considering how large it already is, they had a minor flood at the archive, and the microfilm room is reporting a mold problem. I just know it will mess up her allergies and then who will serve me while she's sneezing her head off?

Seed Sale

The rabbits found a place that is foolishly selling seed for five cents a pack. Does anyone know how is best to go about making a snare to snag their big feet and keep them from hopping off to shop? Goodness knows how much seed they might end up coming home with at that low, low price!

Library and Rabbits

The bunnies checked out the online catalog for our local library today, and they were dismayed to see that there were only two books describing the wonder of bunnies, while there were books galore about cats and dogs. Needless to say, they're holding ME responsible for this as the closest feline, and I shudder to think how the dogs next door might be punished. Is there any way I can demand the library buy a carton of bunny books immediately? They're threatening to feed my bag of cheese to the squash!

The Zucchini Part 2

The zucchini is getting ready to flower, I am very sorry to say. The bunnies reported that they found the beginning of flower buds when they were out there fussing over everything. Oh, flowers are the worst possible thing you can find on a zucchini! It surely means that fruit is imminent, and have you heard that if you keep it picked, zucchini and squash will keep producing? I shudder to think of how many veggies they might end up with considering how many plants they have out. They poked out more squash, tomatoes and cucumbers this afternoon. I so fear for our neighbors' safety.


The rabbits have decided that their little plants must be watered twice a day. On the up side, perhaps this means they're planning to cut back on rain dancing, but on the down side, it means that I am going to be disturbed even more as they troop out the door at six in the morning to tend to plants before it gets too hot. And what if they decide the plants need meals twice a day? I'm sensing a potential for big time disaster here for sure!

Killer Cruise

The bunnies managed to get one decent book, anyway, Killer Cruise by Laura Levine. It has the nicest cat named Prozac in it, and offers instructions on how felines can go on cruise lines. So nice. I'm thinking of booking a cruise now thanks to this book. The food they offer sounds wonderful, and if I was safely on a boat somewhere, I wouldn't have to think of those terrible, terrible plants. So, where do you think would be the best kitty cruise destination? I've heard very good things about Disney's cruise line and their own, personal island. I'll bet that place is packed full of cheese since it's visited so frequently by the large mouse.

Monday, June 29, 2009


The library is totally to blame for this. Their free sack giveaway is seriously encouraging the bunnies and Betsy Bear, who all want sacks for various vegetable and snitching crimes. And now they're wanting to get ME involved. It was bad enough when they were demanding I lag their little forms down there to turn in to collect sacks for them, but now they're wanting me to read a few books as well, so I can qualify for sacks as well! And of course, they're taking for granted that I will then let them put these sacks to use for their own purposes. So annoying, and they've even started gathering books to force me to read! On the up side, though, I suppose a book might be a nice distraction from watching the garden grow and take over.

Cat Mother

I'm really getting concerned about my cat mother. She lives next door, as I've mentioned before, and her dwelling is actually downhill from us. At least if it were uphill, the plants would have to put some effort into it to invade, but going downhill will be way too easy for them. I think I'm going to have to ask my mom to go ahead and head up here with her stuff. Once those plants get headed down the hill, they'll pick up speed fast, I'm sure, and she'll never escape.

Another Cucumber

Another cucumber was picked this afternoon, and the rabbits think that several more will be ready for picking purposes soon, especially once they start serving the plants their little meals. Can I be blamed if these cucumbers do in some of our neighbors? And honestly, I don't know what the bunnies are thinking accusing the birds of bothering their tomatoes. Those tomatoes are right by the cucumbers, and no sane bird would risk going anywhere near those invasive vegetables for fear of becoming lunch!

Monday Planting and Seeding Report

The bunnies filled another bowl with seed today. They tossed in paws full of the cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon seeds they got when those humans foolishly purchased fruit for that family reunion. I don't even want to think of the disaster that will surely result if those things sprout. As for planting, more plants in the squash family were poked out and pretty much everything but the newest plants have second and third leaves. Our poor, poor neighbors. One of them was out working in the yard today. I really ought to call and tell him the yard work is all for naught.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seeding and Planting Update

More tomatoes were planted this afternoon along with frightening quantities of squash and cantaloupe. Some fennel went out too. I can only pray that stuff isn't dangerous. And in even worse news, a store foolishly sold them value packs of watermelon, zucchini, yellow squash, sugar peas, regular peas, and spinach. The yellow squash, watermelon and zucchini were moved into a bag for starting purposes along with a pack of cucumbers and some chili peppers that the pizza place left unguarded. Goodness only knows what they were thinking, not keeping the pepper under lock and key. I keep trying to reassure myself, though, that the remaining bagged seed is on the hot water heater and will sprout quickly. My eviction plan will still work. My seed eviction plan will still work!

Dancing up a Storm

Those rabbits have done it yet again. They've danced up another storm, and they're disrupting the radio terribly, making them report on all of the damage they've caused with their dancing, instead of producing music. They even managed to break a highway the humans just got fixed. Oh, the bunnies should be so ashamed it isn't funny! Of course, they aren't, though. I think they might be planning to have some friends over later to have a little dance under the carport.

The Library

The library is giving away sacks with every four books read. Have you ever heard anything so nutty? Needless to say, the rabbits are wanting a few sacks for vegetable gathering purposes and Betsy's saying she needs some for snitching. Unfortunately, after the bunnies' last raid on the poor librarians' display of books on gardening and vegetables, the rabbits aren't exactly welcome there. It probably doesn't help that the library is on the street behind us, and I think I spotted some librarians measuring things this afternoon to gauge the danger they're in from plants. And as for Betsy, there was much complaining about various books and sticky paw prints on them, so she's having to keep her distance too. So they're expecting ME to cart in their forms for them, and get their sacks! Have you ever heard of such? Next they'll be expecting me to read all of the books necessary to get them sacks too.

More Baggies

They filled another baggie with seed, and the bunnies are crowing that they're sure they can still squeeze a few more seed in there to germinate. I must keep reminding myself it's on the hot water heater so it will surely sprout fast. The seed eviction plan is still on track. It's still on track. They popped into baggies two value packs of jalapeno peppers, a value pack of pumpkin, a value pack of collards, a value pack of parsley, rutgers tomatoes, kohlrabi and a pack of sugar pumpkins. They have okra and peas, both value packs, waiting to go directly into the ground. And would you believe that some foolish store is selling seed for 50 percent off?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The First Cucumber

The bunnies picked their first cucumber today, and it was a large one. Oh, this is about the worst possible sign I can imagine if those cucumber plants are starting to bear fruit! And did you know that as long as the rabbits keep picking, the plants will keep producing plants? We are so doomed it isn't funny. Should I send a picture of the cucumber in question to the neighbors with a warning to flee now and save themselves while they still can?

Bunnies vs. the Birds

Disaster is brewing in the backyard. The bunnies suspect some birds I've been trying to get as tenants of sneaking around and eating their tomato plants. They have noticed some have gone missing, and they've seen digging in their tomato bed. Granted, the bunnies didn't find any bird claw prints, but they're sure it was them, and they're royally ticked. They're talking about taking shifts standing guard in the backyard to protect their plants, and work on that scarecrow is going ahead full steam. They're talking about slingshots and water balloons next if the birds don't get lost! What do I do? I need those birds for my business, but the bunnies can make my life miserable if they lose more plants!

They Bagged More

The bunnies poked more seed into a bag this evening. They have in fourteen different things in their little baggie: cauliflower, hubbard squash, spinach, broccoli, acorn squash, fireball tomato, table queen squash, rutgers tomato, cantaloupe, cherry tomato, eggplant, pepper, butternut squash, yellow squash and zucchini. My one comfort is that they poked it on top of the hot water heater to speed germination, so I should be still on track to evict the seeds from the house within the week.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lunatic on the Family Tree

A nut has been found on the family tree, which probably shouldn't surprise me as much as it does, given the size of that awful tree. One of the human's uncles has invited them out to gather veggies. The rabbits are all hopping about now, and begging Betsy Bear to loan them her extra snitching sacks to hold all of this lovely, vegetable bounty. I just hope this poor, misfortunate relative is prepared for the disaster he is about to face. He made the mistake of installing a swimming pool, too, so the rabbits can take dips while lagging off his entire garden. I don't even want to think of what will happen if he has any seed on the premises.

Friday Cucumber Update

They moved more cucumbers outside today, and I shudder to think of the numbers. Then, to make matters even worse, they popped pretty much everything they had in their little baggies, into bowls to sprout and grow a bit more before being popped outside for invasion purposes. I'm afraid to ask how many cucumbers are in the bowls now. My one comfort in all of this is that hopefully within the week, they'll have most everything outside. At least if it's all out there, as long as I keep all doors and windows firmly secured, I'm safe from their plants.

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Dogs, I heard that all of you had to go in to work with your humans today. I'm very sorry to hear that all of you were punished in this manner. And may I especially apologize to any dogs who are so misfortunate to have humans who work anywhere near reasonably priced seed? I'm very sorry for anything my rabbit siblings might have done to you, or the stores where your humans are employed.


The lawnmower wasn't fixed this afternoon, thank goodness. Unfortunately, the human is still making noises about a visit to the country, if for no other reason than to cemetery hunt. Honestly, her cemetery hunts are just way too dangerous! Rabbits are never supervised properly while she's poking about for graves, and Betsy is allowed to wander off and torment anyone she can find. Perhaps I ought to hide the keys.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Country

If anyone here prays, please pray that the lawnmower isn't repaired by tomorrow afternoon. If it is, there are rumors the humans might head to the country cottage, and I will surely be caught and drug along. It's in the heart of tomato country up there, and I shudder to think of what the bunnies would get into. Our poor cousins, the two farmers Turley, are still having nightmares about the last visit the rabbits made, I believe. And I won't even speak of the havoc Betsy wrecked with those poor, misfortunate lake bears, and the former, happy picnickers who were the victims of pirate raids.


The new store the rabbits went to was giving away free recipes. How alarmed do you think I should be? Josie and Lily Rabbit came hopping home with their paws full of recipes and ever since, I've heard the rabbits chattering, wondering if they've planted enough to try everything they got recipes for, and debating whether or not they should get more plants to cook according to the recipes. I can only pray they don't decide to hop up and get their paws on a few cookbooks as well.

More Tomatoes

The rabbits popped out I think thirty plus tomato seedlings when they got home this afternoon, and they probably have at least that many more in the bowl that they're allowing to grow bigger before putting out. I know some of those tomatoes are the delinquent indeterminate kind, too. Can I insist the bunnies attach stakes to keep them in line? I shudder to imagine how many tomatoes they're going to end up with before this nightmare is all planted.

New Store

That new store the bunnies were so excited about was open today, and of course a couple of them insisted on stowing away with the human so they could hop down there. They came back with the exciting news that the place is just packed with potential things to plant, and at very reasonable prices too! Honestly, what is with all of these stores, being so bunny friendly? The produce department even had little appetizer trays out so rabbit visitors could snack while they shopped.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noted About the Cucumber

Did you know that the cucumber plant sends out these little vines that grab hold of things as they drag their big vines forward in their plot of conquest? I wonder if all of the viney plants have these little grabby vines. If so, our neighbors, or more specifically, our neighbors' dogs, are really in trouble. They're less than fifty feet from a mass of watermelon plants that can grow to a hundred feet. If those vines have the little grabbers, the poor dogs will be captured and never seen again! Should I pop out in the morning and tell them to run now? I might be able to open their gate to aid them in this fleeing.

Wednesday Planting Report

The rabbits moved some peppers, I suspect jalepenos, outside today, along with more cucumbers, a few watermelon and a tomato seedling that was hanging out with the watermelon. How bad of a sign do you suppose it is that many of the tomatoes that they popped out last week have second, third and in a few cases fourth sets of leaves? So many of those tomatoes are of the indeterminate kind, too, which is the delinquent plant of the tomato world. Oh, and all of the cucumbers have second leaves, and many are working on their third leaves. I try not to think of the zucchini, and the squash is growing alarmingly along with the pumpkins. The watermelon looks nice too, in the latest terrible news for our neighbors. I just know it's going to head for their house as soon as it gets a few leaves on it. I just hope they don't have pay per view up there.

Cherokee Tomatoes Part 3

Those horrible, horrible rabbits got another of the indian tomatoes this morning along with more seed to send to that terrible seed bank place. Do you think our poor neighbors need to invest in storm insurance along with whatever insurance covers gardening and rabbits? The bunnies are sure that this type of tomato calls for nightly rain dances to make them feel at home in the garden. That doesn't seem to be a good sign.


Does anyone know how to best serve a notice to a frog? One of them has moved in rent free with the understanding that he would handle munching down mosquitoes and keeping the yard free of this pest. Well, the human has been eaten alive by them, and you won't believe how much having an ichy, miserable human slows down the service here. So, how can I serve notice to this frog to make him do the job he promised to do? Those mosquitoes must be removed!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Planting Report

The bunnies moved another bowl of something in the squash family outside today. I believe there were close to thirty plants, too. Do you suppose insurance covers that? They have a little bed they're filling with squash, and they're planning to expand it as their little plants grow bigger.

Cherokee Tomatoes Part 2

Even more bad news about those Cherokee tomatoes. They're of the indeterminate kind, which means they keep growing, vining and producing with no end in sight. Basically, my impression is that they're like the cucumber plant, only with eventual purple food on them instead of green. I'm a bit worried about the fact they're purple too. Some of the bunnies like the idea of color coordinating food, and are now looking for other varieties that might go nicely with their fur and clothing!

Cherokee Tomatoes

Oh, I shudder to think of the trouble the food co-op has caused this time. They actually sold two tomato plants called Cherokee Purple to the rabbits. These are indian plants, and I don't even want to think of how much good rain dances will do for them. Really, the food co-op should be so ashamed! And in even worse news, they sold them a four pack of habenero peppers, two louffa gourd plants and they actually gave them two tigger melons. Oh, this is going to be such a disaster it isn't funny.

Tomato Plants

I'm doomed, is all that I can say. That foolish food co-op that seems to love encouraging rabbit delinquency, is having a sale on tomato plants. Naturally, my bunny siblings are wanting to hop down right away to shop. Really, they just poked out some tomatoes yesterday! How many more do they need? I'm going to end up being forced to become a vegetarian for sure at this rate. My only hope is that they use some of the tomatoes to make sauce for spaghetti. At least that requires MEAT!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Honeydew Melon

The rabbits just finished plopping some honeydew melon seeds into a bowl to see if they can start them, and frankly, I am very, very worried. I checked their garden books to see how hazardous this plant is, and for some funny reason, the page on the honeydew is missing. I'm taking that as a bad sign.

Monday Planting Report

They moved a bowl of tomatoes and then a bowl of something in the squash family outside today. I think it might have been a mix of zucchini and pumpkin, or possibly butternut squash. Then, to make matters worse, they filled up five bowls with frightening amounts of tomatoes, zucchini, butternut squash, cantaloupe, Hungarian hot pepper and I don't even want to imagine what else. I shudder to think of what will happen when those hot peppers reproduce. The rabbits said the seeds were already hot in their paws, which seems to me to be a terrible sign of things to come.

Bunnies Should be Ashamed!

They really did it this time. Those rabbits danced up a storm, and now one of our relatives is without power thanks to those naughty, naughty bunnies! So, do you think I ought to report them? I shudder to think what they might eventually do if this dancing continues much longer.

More Rain Dancing

We got more rain today, along with a fair amount of thunder and lightning. It turns out that plants really love the sound of thunder, though, and the bright flashes of lightning must help with their growth. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can stop the bunnies from rain dancing up more bad weather, though? I tried hiding the book, but they had already made photocopies of the relevant pages! I spotted them with some party invitations too, in even worse news. I think they're planning to schedule a rain dance party for all of their friends!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weather Man Taking Shortcuts

Our local weatherman is taking terrible shortcuts in his study of the weather for the news forecasting. The station is right up the street from our house, and I know I spotted him with binoculars watching our backyard. He's seeing what rain dances the bunnies are doing back there, and then he's reporting it, claiming that all of those expensive weather instruments the tv station bought told him! Honestly, what horrible, horrible cheating.

Mailing List, Bees and Betsy Bear

Betsy's been keeping an eye on the rabbits' mailing list, and I spotted her just a bit ago making notes on people reporting lots of bees and their possible locations. I think she's planning to share this info with her cousins so they can capture the bees for the honey production line or possibly for ransom. I really ought to out that bear and the bunnies on the list. I really should. Granted, the bunnies really aren't doing any harm there, besides their getting stuff from the seed bank, but I shudder to imagine the havoc Betsy will cause! Those poor people. I hope they don't mind having to pay to get bees returned.

New Bag of Seed

The bunnies filled a new bag with seed this afternoon. The poked in value packs of cucumbers, spinach, jalepeno peppers, and pumpkin that some insane store foolishly sold them, homestead tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, rutgers cucumbers, two packs of kohlrabi, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and two more packs of a different type of cucumber called muncher. Has anyone ever heard of that amount of veggies proving fatal?

Rain Dance

I was doing some looking, and I found a book hidden under the bed that's all about rain dances. Do you think I should worry? We have been getting a lot of rain lately, that's proved to be very good for the plants, and the page in the book where it shows how to do the gully washer dance looks like it's getting rather worn.

Sunday Cucumber Report

The bunnies moved 130 cucumber seed to bowls this afternoon. How worried do you suppose I should be? I'm trying to avoid thinking about the tomatoes, watermelon, cauliflower, spaghetti squash and I don't even want to remember what else they might have moved as well, They would have moved more, but they ran out of dirt to fill their little bowls. Oh, and in even worse news, all of the cucumbers they have poked out are looking well. We had a storm this morning, and that was very good for them. The spinach and cabbage is looking up too, and I just know I'm going to be made a vegetarian at any moment.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cheese Sale

There was a sale on lovely, yummy cheese today. The only bad thing about this sale, which was really good as far as price, is that it was at the store that amuses themselves with low, low prices on seed. The bunnies came hopping home with rutgers tomato, homestead tomato, cherry tomato, two packs of kohlrabi, eggplant and two packs of a different kind of cucumber. Does the two packs of cheese they bought properly compensate for all of that seed?

Today's Planting Report

The bunnies moved more cucumbers, spinach and cabbage outside today. I so hope that cabbage doesn't work as well as they're hoping. I know I heard them saying that they could replace my cat food so easily with cabbages for a fraction of the cost, and I have no desire to convert the the vegetarian lifestyle no matter how happy the bunnies claim that it makes them. And in even worse news, more seed was moved to bowls. They moved table queen squash, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, eggplant, watermelon, cauliflower, and more cabbage, I believe. I don't even want to think of what will happen if it all sprouts. At least a couple of the neighbors seem to have moved out temporarily during their home repair work. I can only hope they aren't upset to come home to find their house was conquered by squash.

Reunion Number 2

The rabbits hopped along with the human to that reunion they attended today, and would you believe that they were left without supervision for hours while she showed off that awful, awful family tree? I don't even want to know what they got up to. Of course, I suppose it's better to have them without supervision and elsewhere than to have them here where I'm expected to watch them, but still! I just hope they didn't encounter and harass any cows!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Milk Can

The bunnies bought a special watering jug for the milk mixture they're planning to feed their plants. Have you ever heard of such a horrible thing in your life? Oh, and while one of the rabbits was out picking it up, he invited a raccoon and another bunny over for a party. Oh, it's going to be a disaster out there, with all of my siblings partying with their little friends, and milk being sprayed around by the gallon to feed those plants!

Not the Watermelon

Okay, I doublechecked, and it isn't the watermelon with the second leaves yet. It's pumpkin, which is just as bad, I suppose. I wonder if our neighbors will have enough time to pack their bags and leave town if I pop up tonight with a warning? I probably should go now, but frankly it's too hot. I don't have much time to warn them, though. The bunnies are discussing mixing up a lovely, milk dinner for their plants soon!

Missing Bees

Someone on the rabbits' mailing list was posting about a problem with missing bees. Do you think I should post and let them know where the bees are? I'm quite sure that either Betsy Bear or some of her bear mafia cousins have captured them, and poked them onto the honey production line. Do you think that the list would mind a cat posting? Granted, they let the bunnies post, but they've been fooled into thinking that the rabbits are a human.


Oh, I am in so much trouble now, it isn't even funny! Someone on the rabbits' mailing list just posted and said that pumpkins enjoy milk! So now the bunnies are thinking about hopping to the store to buy a gallon for them for a snack. They should be so ashamed of themselves, planning to feed milk to a big, fat orange vegetable when this little kitty happens to love dairy products. I just hope they don't decide the vegetables might like my cheese next!

Lost Groundhog

One of my groundhog siblings' little groundhog friends has managed to get himself lost. Someone just posted on the bunnies' mailing list that he's in their garden snacking on their beans, obviously thinking it's our yard and the site of the party he's been invited to. Those poor people should just count themselves lucky he hasn't knocked on their door yet to demand to know where the beverages are. Anyway, my siblings are debating right now the best way to get him down here where he belongs. Does anyone know how much the bus fare is for an out of town trip for a groundhog? Perhaps he could pretend to be a piece of luggage and stow away that way? I would demand he mail himself here to save money, but with how fat his kind tend to be, I shudder at the cost of postage.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spinach Update

The spinach the bunnies moved to a bowl several days ago is sprouting, and is looking very, very alarming! How worried do you think I should be about spinach? They're thinking of moving it outside tonight and then they're looking into digging a space for their cabbage too. I just know that when they get this stuff out with all of the rain we've been having, it will do well, and what will happen to our neighbors then, I'm afraid to even think about!

Tomatoes Part 3

Those tomatoes, the ones the bunnies rushed to bowls several days ago, are starting to sprout, I'm so disappointed to announce, and they think they'll be ready to be plopped outside in a few more days. Do you know how well those things do once they're outside? The ones they've got out now all have second leaves and are rapidly heading for third ones! Those rabbits are going to try to make me a vegetarian, I just know it!

Thursday Cucumber Update

The rabbits moved another bowl of cucumbers outside today, and came hopping in to happily announce that their plants are doing wonderfully, and second leaves are everywhere. I don't even want to think of how many cucumbers they have now. They moved more to bowls too, and currently have 2 fresh bowls filled. Shouldn't that many cucumber be illegal? I don't even want to think of the bowl of squash they moved out as well.

Speaking of Watermelon

I am very upset to report that the watermelon the bunnies poked out yesterday is doing well, and second leaves are beginning to develop. Apparently, severe weather and a ton of rain is good for them. Anyway, how worried should the neighbors be, or more specifically, how worried should their dogs be? The watermelons are planted roughtly 50 feet or so from their dwelling, and watermelon vines can grow 100 feet.

So Doomed I Don't Even Want to Think of It

The humans have a second family reunion this weekend. As if it isn't bad enough that reunions result in a stunning lack of rabbit supervision, they actually purchased a watermelon, a cantaloupe and a honeydew melon for this gathering. Do you know that those things contain hundreds of seed each? Each of them were cut up and made into little balls for serving this evening, and of course, the rabbits gathered all of the seed they could get their little paws on. They're planning to post to one of their mailing lists to learn the best way to dry it and plant it in just a bit. Our neighbors should just move now and save themselves some heartache.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Groundhog

Another groundhog has been spotted, and I just know that little pest is on his way to our house for some sort of groundhog gathering! Well, all I can say is, he is on a BUS line! If his short, little paws get tired from the walk to our house, then he can just flag a bus down. Groundhogs are short, and I'm sure he could get the child's fare rate. I am not paying for a taxi when there is a perfectly good bus available for him to take. Should I call the cab company to report my decision on this? Goodness knows, groundhogs can't be bothered to pay their own cab fares.

More Mailing List worries

The bunnies just posted an introduction on their tomato mailing list. I know I shouldn't panic, since tomatoes aren't generally delinquent veggies, but the bunnies asked for advice on pumpkins in addition to tomato discussion! What do I do if someone offers to assist them? The rabbits are using the human's name, so I know all of those other people are totally fooled into thinking they're a human too.

Wednesday Planting and Seeding Report

The rabbits hurried a bowl of something in the squash family and a bowl of cantaloupe and watermelon outside today. They're talking about hopping out in a bit to put out some more cucumbers, but I'm not sure if they will or not. It's storming, and I don't think they have enough wraps for everyone to keep their ears in place. They planted the cantaloupe and watermelon rather close to one of our poor neighbors. Should I go ahead and tell those poor dogs to snag their humans and run? Anyway, after popping this out, they hurried to refill the bowls with more cucumbers and butternut squash. I really hope our neighbors have their suitcases at the ready.


The human trotted off to the archives today to take a few more pokes at that family tree. So annoying and you don't even want to think of the number of relatives she managed to shake off. Honestly, there's something seriously disturbing about being phoned by your person so she can share the happy news of her discovery of a cousin's murder, and the subsequent write-up in the paper. Anyway, with her gone, I was left in charge of the rabbits. Honestly, what a NIGHTMARE! They wouldn't keep still for a minute, and kept hopping everywhere, making gardening plans and debating which seeds to start next. Since I was supposed to be supervising them, that wouldn't result in my being declared an accomplice, right? I'm just one little kitty, after all.


Did I mention that while the bunnies were poking things out this afternoon, they were doing this planting during the midst of a tornado warning? Honestly, all I kept hearing from them was how the wind was messing up their ears terribly as they hopped around poking plants into place.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Store

A new store has opened, some kind of whole foods store that the bunnies swear is like the food co-op. Really, why we need more than one of those frightening stores around, I'll never know. Anyway, this place is huge, and I don't even want to think of what they might have in it to contribute to rabbit delinquency. They're planning to hop down there on Thursday. That is, if there isn't a deal on a bus ride before then so they can hop down earlier.

Tuesday Updates Continued

They moved more stuff to bowls this evening. There were massive amounts of pumpkin, yellow squash, butternut squash, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers and more varieties of tomatoes than I want to consider hurried into bowls to fully sprout. And, to make matters worse, they promptly refilled the two baggies they had emptied with more seed! They added rutgers tomatoes, yellow pear tomato, homestead tomato, super mamande tomato, cherry tomato, san marzano tomato, beefsteak tomato, two packs of cabbage, two packs of zucchini, two packs of yellow squash, cauliflower, watermelon, two packs of cucumber, Hungarian hot yellow wax peppers, 25 pumpkin seed, and butternut squash. And to make matters even worse, they hope to move more stuff outside, so they can clear more bag space for additional seeds tomorrow!

Tuesday Cucumber Update

The bunnies moved another bowl of cucumbers outside this afternoon, and they're planning to fill the bowl with more seed in just a little bit. Does anyone know if planting in excess of 200 cucumber plants is illegal? I expect the bunnies to have that many out soon. I don't even want to think of the pumpkin stuff they moved outside as well. I hope my turkey tenants don't notice those plants when they come to rent this fall, is all that I can say.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Co-op Troubles

The food co-op is continuing to encourage the bunnies. Honestly, I'll bet if I risked going down there, I would find signs on the door saying 'Welcome Rabbits!' and 'We Love Bunnies!', not that I'm willing to risk that, though. Goodness knows, the number of rabbit shoppers must be alarming to say the least. Would you believe they're special ordering seed for my siblings, including more squash seed? They should be so ashamed of themselves for encouraging the rabbits this way, and helping to make the neighbors homeless!

Beans, Tomatoes and Cabbage, Oh, MY!!

The bunnies got two value packs of lima beans today and another value pack of roma tomatoes. That's in addition to the value packs of cabbage and pumpkin and the regular pack of peppers they got yesterday. The cabbage, pumpkin and peppers are already poked in for starting, and the tomatoes will join them soon. I wonder how painful being converted to a vegetarian is?

Sheep and the Country

While the bunnies were in the country, apparently they did something besides terrorizing people's gardens. Unfortunately, what they did was to spot a flock of sheep, innocently strolling around a pasture in all of their wooly glory. And, of course, the second they got home, they had to share the news of these sheep with the polar bears. They even offered to draw them a map to show where their little pasture is located! I hope those poor sheep have insurance is all that I can say.

Monday Afternoon Cucumber Update

There are now three bowls of cucumbers waiting to move outside, and the bunnies already have more cucumbers waiting to replace them in the bowls. How worried do you suppose our poor neighbors should be over these developments? I don't even want to think of the squash, cantaloupe, pumpkins, zucchini and watermelon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


How bad to you suppose 60+ cabbage plants are? The cabbage seed the bunnies rushed to that bowl is sprouting up big time. Do you know that cabbage plants can get to over three pounds each? What in the world are they going to do with that much cabbage? And should I be alarmed that they were checking out my cat food bag and chattering about how cheaply they could replace it with various veggies?

Sunday Afternoon Cucumber Update

The bunnies have counted 58 cucumbers in their little bed so far, and they say they look lovely. Do you know that as long as you keep picking the cucumbers, the vines will keep making more? Obviously, this is a perfect plant for bunnies. I shudder to think of how many cucumbers they'll have soon, and they don't have even half of their plants out yet!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mailing List Danger

The bunnies sent in a payment for shipping for their seed requests from the veggie mailing list. I'm afraid they placed 2 orders for fifty different kinds of seed total. How worried do you think I should be? About the only decent thing they requested was bushel gourd, which should make nice rentals for larger birds.

Today's Cucumber Report

The cucumbers who moved outside yesterday are looking rather nice, I'm very sad to report. Many of the earlier ones have very nice second leaves according to the bunnies, and they expect the new additions to sprout second leaves soon. They're thinking of mixing something up to serve them a big Sunday dinner tomorrow. The zucchini is getting rather frightening as well, and third leaves are definitely visible. I try not to think of the pumpkin and the yellow squash. Oh, and the twelve larger tomatoes were poked out as well. I wonder if I need to see about a hotel for myself and my cat mom soon. I think it might be safer than staying here and a forced conversion to vegetarianism.

Reunion Update

Four bunnies hopped along to the reunion along with Betsy Bear. I shudder to think of what trouble those rabbits might have caused. Bad enough the damage Betsy did. The lake was running nice and high, and loads of boaters were out. I am expecting to see a breaking news special on pirate attacks at any time. The human dropped by two cemeteries too, and given how distracted she gets in grave yards, I'm afraid to ask what the rabbits got up to. So many people up there had gardens out, and I'm sure they would take the bunnies collecting stuff from them the wrong way. Bad enough they hopped home with two packs of collards, a pack of spinach and a pack of corn. All but the corn is in baggies to start now.


The humans are making plans to go to a reunion this weekend, and it's unfortunately up where those poor lake bears live. I wonder how I can find the phone number for their den? Betsy's making plans to stow away, and you know she's going to drop by to snitch all of their food.

Bees and Gardens

It turns out the bunnies' new mailing lists are bad news for Betsy Bear, too! Some foolish person just posted something about bees and how important they are to gardens. Now that delinquent bear is making plans to trot around to gardens under the theory if the gardeners are really attached to the bees, they'll surely pay a large ransom for them. Should legal authorities be called in on this?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mountain Bears

There was a report in the paper today on how those poor mountain bears are getting into trouble, trying to hit humans up for food. Poor bears. I suppose they haven't made it to the ranger station yet to report those robberies they suffered at Betsy's paws. I would so hate to be them. I expect some of them to trot down here shortly to try to get their food back. Should I write them and warn them that Betsy's already ate it? It would be a shame for them to be caught and drug off in nets. That always gives Betsy such a laugh, too.

They've Done it This Time

The bunnies have done it this time. They poked more seeds into the baggie where they had transplanted the spinach, cabbage and cucumbers. To make matters even worse, they added MORE cucumbers! We are so doomed it isn't funny. They've been hopping about the place looking for jars, and making plans for pickles! My one comfort is the pack of tomatoes they poked in the bag as well was a small one.

Cucumber Trap Update Three

Forty or fifty cucumber plants were moved outside this afternoon. The others will likely go out tomorrow. And in even worse news, the bunnies checked their baggies, and the cucumbers and cabbage they poked in there two or three days ago was sprouting. They promptly rushed it into a bowl for better care. There were fifty more cucumbers! I think I might need to go down and get my cat mother to head on up to move in here now. With so many plants sprouting and going out, her current house is surely doomed.

Mailing List Bad News

Well, there's a new disaster looming thanks to these lists the bunnies have signed up for. Apparently there's a seed sharing program, and the rabbits have already sent in their first requests! They're using the human's name, and have fooled people into thinking they're humans too! To make matters even worse, they'll need to get seed to share in exchange, so they're thinking of a short, little hop down to the food co-op to gather some nice offerings. I shudder to think of the result of that.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mailing List Update

The bunnies just made their first mailing list post asking for advice on sprouting more stuff. I think they're using my human's name for the list stuff so people won't figure out they're rabbits! Oh, and they signed up for a second list too, this one devoted to the wonder of the tomatoes. Really, what are these lists thinking?

More Seed Starting

The bunnies poked more seed in baggies this evening. They've got homestead tomatoes super marmande tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, watermelon, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, two packs of butternut squash, yellow squash, zucchini, cantaloupe, two packs of cucumbers, and kohlrabi. They moved more cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini and yellow squash to bowls too. How alarmed do you suppose I should be by this? I'm trying to find a group of marines to handle this since their recruiting office is nearby, but I can't find the number for the team who fights invasive veggies online.

Cucumber Trap Updated

Remember those 80 cucumber seed the bunnies moved to a bowl on Monday? Well, the little things are sprouting, and some of them are already appearing quite large and frightening. They think they'll be able to pop them outside by the weekend if they keep up the good growth work. I think I'll head outside tomorrow to get some pictures of our neighbors. I wonder if I should go ahead and turn in a missing persons report now? I expect them to be gone by next week. I guess I better get to work too, clearing a space for my cat mother to poke her bed and other cat stuff. It's either move in here, or she's going to be living on the roof of her former home soon.

Today's Zucchini Report

The zucchini have their second leaves, and a third set is starting to become visible according to the rabbits. Oh, this is such a bad sign that it's not funny! Once they get second and third leaves, then it's just a matter of time before they start right to work on their invasion plan! The cucumbers are looking suspicious too, and the rabbits swear they've seen the beginning of second leaves. There are 20 of those out so far, and the eighty the bunnies moved a couple of days ago will likely be moving outside over the weekend..

Mailing List

The bunnies have joined a gardening mailing list. Really, don't they have any sort of qualifications for membership on those things? Surely they could demand that potential members send in a picture or something to make sure they don't have long, floppy ears and fluffy, cotton tails! I shudder to think what havoc them being on this list will cause. They're hoping to get some advice on pumpkin seed sprouting.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New York Times is Going to be Sued

Those foolish people at the New York Times published a gardening book, as I believe I've mentioned before. Well, in the last pages of this book, they discussed groundhogs, and said they aren't smart. Poor people. My groundhog siblings are discussing attorneys now for a slander suit. They also claimed if you trapped a groundhog and drove it far enough away, it wouldn't be able to find its way back to your house. I hope no one takes this advice as the truth is all I can say. I shudder to think of the cab bills they will get when the groundhogs flag down a driver and get transportation back. And they always insist on a cab, even if they're on a perfectly good bus line too. So annoying.

More Seed

The bunnies poked more seed into a baggie this afternoon after moving the seed that was already there to bowls. They poked in packs of butternut squash,cantaloupe, rutgers tomatoes, fireball tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. I think they're plotting to convert me to vegetarianism!

Morning Seed Bagging

The bunnies filled three more baggies with seed today. Can the neighbors have their insurance policies canceled, should their insurance agents find out about my rabbit siblings, and the planned loss of the neighbors' homes? They poked in baggies; rutgers tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, homestead tomatoes, zucchini, green pepper, jalepeno pepper, sweet banana pepper, broccoli, two different kinds of cucumber, watermelon, eggplant, two packs of table queen squash, yellow squash and cauliflower.

Produce Market

You would think produce markets would fear rabbits, but I'm very sad to say that our local produce market welcomes bunnies with open arms. Obviously lunatics are in charge of it or something. Either that or they have strong grudges against our neighbors there. The bunnies managed to get their paws on 12 big tomato plants today along with 4 big pepper plants. They think these bigger plants will provide lovely encouragement to all of their little seedlings. I shudder to think about what those seedlings might be encouraged to do by having big plant role models.

Upcoming Pirate Attacks

If you happen to live in Florida, I urge you to secure your homes, or better yet, to flee the area immediately. Betsy has been doing some looking, and she thinks she knows a way to get a deal on a bus seat down to take part in the Disney piracy. She understands that the seats on buses are fairly large, at least large in comparison to her bear size, so she's thinking she can share a seat with several other creatures to split the cost. The bunnies are trying to convince her to take them as seatmates right now. All in Florida should be on the lookout. Not only will massive pirate attacks be happening soon, but the bunnies have plans to raid that place at EPCOT with all of the plants, and any gardens they spot for plant supplies. They claim to have a cousin down there with a burrow they can stay in to save even more money.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Value Packs

A store foolishly sold value packs of seed to my bunny siblings this afternoon, and to make matters worse, the seed was on SALE so the rabbits got more seed for their money. They got corn, spinach, cabbage, jalapeno pepper, two packs of cucumber, pumpkin, roma tomato, beefsteak tomato, and Ace 55 tomato. All but the corn has been poked into baggies for starting already. Our poor, poor neighbors. I hope they really weren't serious about living in their homes this summer.


Oh, horrors! Disney is now offering a ton of activities involving piracy! Betsy's currently looking up the price for bears to catch the bus down there. She's eager to take part in all of these pirate raids, you see. Oh, that poor Pooh Bear is doomed with Disney encouraging pirate attacks! Poor, poor, silly old bear. I hope he has a good insurance policy.


I tried to call the police today to file a report on the bunnies' planned gardening invasion. Would you believe that the only home invasion they take reports on is if someone breaks down your door, ties you up and takes your television set? They say they can do nothing if squash, cucumbers and zucchini slither in, surround your bed in vines and camp out on your couch watching television. Well, they said they could take a report if they ordered pay per view, but beyond that, they can do nothing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cucumber Trap

The bunnies just moved 80 cucumbers to two bowls! Isn't it bad enough that they already have a host of cucumbers plotting the conquest of our poor, misfortunate neighbors' dwellings without them adding more? They then hopped about and did worse, though. Thirty+ plus butternut squash are in a bowl, and they packed three packs of yellow squash, rutgers and cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon and two different kinds of cantaloupe into a baggie for starting. Our poor neighbors. If you're the praying sort, please remember them, because I'm afraid they're heading for homelessness by next week at the rate my siblings are going.


The bunnies amused themselves digging up a fresh patch of earth today, and poked out a bowl of spinach. Does anyone know of possible aggressive tendencies of spinach? I've seen what that vegetable can do when that Popeye person eats it, and frankly, I'm very, very suspicious of it. The spinach bed is rather dangerously close to the poor neighbors' house, too. Poor things. They're working so hard on their home improvements. I'm sure it would break their hearts if I gave them the bad news about the bunnies' gardening plans, but really, they have to be warned! They poked out more pepper and tomato seedlings too, and I just know those things are going to be a disaster waiting to happen.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


A possum or perhaps a skunk has been murdered according to the rabbits. The humans were fussing around the pool house, when they stumbled upon the corpse. Honestly, couldn't that creature find a better place to be the victim of a crime? I am expecting renters come fall for that pool house, and what reasonable turkey is going to want to rent a place where a murder occurred? Bad enough that the rabbits are planting pumpkins that I'm sure are going to be an uncomfortable reminder of Thanksgiving. Anyway, the bunnies are suspicious of the dogs next door, thinking they might have done in this possum or skunk, and are demanding I investigate and take some sort of action. Honestly, what do they want me to do, call the cops and have them drug away or something?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seed Alarm

The bunnies poked two packs of yellow squash, containing over 80 seeds, into a baggie this evening. Then they poked in a pack of Swiss chard, enough cucumber seed to induce nightmares and something called spaghetti squash. Our poor, poor neighbors. Do you suppose it's to late tonight to call and issue an alarm?

Speaking of Boy Bunnies

Now that I'm discussing male rabbits, I have a sneaking suspicion that the bunny currently amusing himself hopping around our back yard is a guy bunny. I've never seen him with another bunny or with any little baby bunnies, which I think would be around if he was female. So I'm really suspicious that he's a boy. Honestly, what is up with all of these guy bunnies sneaking into the house, and hopping into the yard? With the number of girl bunny sisters I have, surely that counts as some sort of safety hazard!

Boy Bunny Revisited Part 2

Here's a photo of that rabbit that I'm sure is a boy when he was poking out some zucchini.

So, what does everyone think? He's still refusing to supply his name, although I've heard my sisters calling him Peter several times. They've tried to convince me they were just talking about their famous ancestor, but I know better.

Illegal Property

A pair of birds have installed an illegal property! I just spotted this nest, this afternoon!

So, does anyone have any thoughts about how to get these birds evicted? If they want to live here, there are birdhouses for rent. They can't just poke a nest out anywhere they want like that. Will I have to wait for the egg to hatch before giving them an eviction notice, though? How long does it take eggs to hatch? Can I demand someone sit on it to encourage faster hatching?


You won't believe what these foolish, foolish people just posted on the bunnies gardening board. They posted boasting about the number of BEES that are visiting them this year! Really, with how bad that board is about encouraging rabbits, do they have to try their hand at encouraging Betsy too? I spotted her a bit ago poking around online trying to find the location of the people with this abundance of bees so she can drop in on them. Of course, given the way they've been encouraging the rabbits in their plot to garden and take over our neighbors' houses, I suppose it WOULD serve them right if Betsy visited them, wouldn't it? I wonder if they're insured for bears?

Missing Persons Photos

Do I need to pop out to take pictures of our poor neighbors and their dwellings for the missing person and house photos that are going to have to go up soon? The bunnies popped two packs of zucchini, and packs of Rutgers and cherry tomatoes and butternut squash in a bag for starting this afternoon. I think I'm going to have to get some nice iron chains to attach to their big bunny feet to keep them from further expansion. They're thinking of hopping out to plant some more stuff later, and to feed the zucchini a nice, fat supper!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Plant Food Part 2

The rabbits have perfectly good plant food, although frankly I'm rather frightened of what it might result in, seeing as it's called Miracle-Grow. That doesn't seem like a safe name at all. Anyway, even though they have this fine, frightening food to serve to their plants as a meal, they have decided that it might not be totally the best. They're making plans to hop to the food co-op and to the seed store to check to see what other foods might be good too. I just hope I can find the email for the poor salescat at the seed store, to warn him they're coming. Do you suppose offering the plants an nice rich, variety in their diet could result in disaster? Well, disaster for our misfortunate neighbors, anyway?

Bear Attack Videos

Betsy found some rather alarming videos yesterday, showing various bear attacks. How worried do you suppose I should be about her watching things like that? I'm afraid it's going to occur to her to look for videos on bear robberies next, and goodness knows what ideas that might give her. Doesn't youtube have some sort of rating system? How can I report its failure?

Condolence Card

So, what's the appropriate condolence card to send someone who is about to become homeless due to my bunny siblings' gardening? I need to send these people condolences too, on their home improvement project, that is soon going to be overtaken by a swarm of vines. Poor, poor neighbors. And I received a report, too, that this home improvement project has left gaps while it is underway that would provide perfect paths for vines to sneak into their dwelling. Can I be held accountable if they wake up to find their bed surrounded by plants, and a squash watching their television?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Speaking of the Neighbors

Would you believe one of our neighbors just started a home improvement project? She's the one those dogs live with, the ones who are about to lose their doghouse to a bamboo patch. Why on earth she would start a home improvement project now, I'll never know. It isn't like she'll have a home soon, after all, especially if the bunnies feed their plants frequently. They planted the cucumbers alarmingly close. So, should I call her and warn her to save her money on this project and to concentrate on packing to flee at a moment's notice?

Tomatoes Part 2

The bunnies moved more tomatoes outside today. These are a bit scrawny, and they're claiming they must be fed at once. Does anyone know the dangers of feeding tomatoes? Does food possibly make them take on the invasive traits of such things as zucchini and squash? It's already bad enough that they're planting the tomatoes next to some of the cucumbers. I'm sure the cucumbers will give them horrible ideas.

The Zucchini

The zucchini that the bunnies moved outside is doing very well so far, although I don't like at all the way its little leaves are turned towards the neighbor's house. I think I need to tell my cat mother to keep a bag packed for a possible emergency evacuation. The bowl of cucumbers they moved are doing well, too, and they seem pleased with the tomatoes. Oh, and they swear they spotted a bean sprout yesterday where they snuck some seed into the flowerbed in the front yard.

Plant Food

Did you know that plants demand food now? The bunnies just bought a sprayer to supply their little plants with food, and they're lounging around now debating which foods will be best to get nice, big plants. I wonder if I should call the neighbors? I understand some of these foods can cause rather rapid growth. I just hope they don't feed the zucchinis too much. Or the pumpkins. And heaven help us all if the watermelons get a few good meals.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Bunny Complaint

Those rabbits had a new complaint waiting for me, bright and early this morning. I had invited another cat over, to see about recruiting him as a salescat for me when my catnip crops go on the market. Anyway, the rabbits claim that he is intimidating to their little bunny friends and relations, and want me to schedule all business appointments elsewhere. Have you ever heard of such?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bad News for the Neighbors

I'm not sure of how to break this to our poor, misfortunate neighbors, but the bunnies poked more zucchini in the yard today, and they added a bowl full of cucumbers as well. They're lounging around now debating what to feed their plants to encourage faster growth. How worried do you suppose the neighbors should be?

Cemeteries Part 2

Someone let the rabbits into another cemetery today, and I shudder to think about what might result from this little visit. The human got totally distracted by a surprise grave find and you know she wasn't supervising those bunnies properly. I can only hope they didn't meet some more of their bunny relations that might have been invited to hop over for a visit. Bad enough they snagged two more packs of yellow squash seed and a pack of pumpkin seed.

Groundhog Parties

Does anyone know how good groundhogs are at conga lines? Like I said earlier, one of the bunnies spotted a groundhog today, surely on the way to our house, I can only hope not in a cab I will be expected to pay for. I just know those groundhogs are planning some sort of gathering for the backyard. Please tell me that won't be having to listen to them conga too! Aren't the bunnies' constant conga lines bad enough?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rabbit Escape

One of the bunnies, the one I'm sure is a boy bunny, managed to sneak out of the house today. The humans had to run to a funeral home, and it's unfortunately just down the road from the seed store. Do you suppose I should send a note of condolence to the poor feline who has the misfortune to work there? Then they went to a cemetery and the rabbit met up with a baby bunny. I'm sure he offered to let that little thing move in here right away, and how in the world an infant rabbit will pay rent, I'll never know. I'm sure he will become a freeloader if he hops over. I don't even want to think of the groundhog the rabbit spotted as well.