Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Thread

We were hoping to go to the country today, but the human wasn't feeling the hottest so we settled for organizing our sewing supplies and hopping off to the thread sale again.  We got 11 more fat spools of thread and were almost deafened by kitty shrieks.  Really, it is NOT a crime to purchase that much thread!  We're thinking of asking our leopard and tiger siblings to accompany us if we pop over to the sale tomorrow.  Surely the sight of them surrounding us would be some protection against the shouting and kitty threats, and perhaps they would be able to spot Brother and pounce on him so he can be drug home where he belongs.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Lovely Sale

We hopped to the loveliest thread sale this afternoon.  We thought the sound of kitty shrieks would damage our lovely, long, floppy ears, but we managed to hop off with 19 spools of thread.  It really was an excellent sale, so good that the thread was very picked over after the sale had only been running a few hours.  We might have to hop back tomorrow on the off chance they have managed to restock.  The spools are the lovely, giant cones and offer such wonderful value for our bunny stitching needs.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Pattern Theft

That awful, rotten kitty.  Wasn't it bad enough that he deserted us, and then fled once more after sabotaging the phone so we couldn't recapture him?  He really must be punished severely for his latest crime.  We were poking around, looking for more lawyer gifts, when we noticed a box, hidden under several of the boxes containing the human's Wizard of Oz stuff and an old jewelry box.  We decided to open it, and you won't believe what we found.  PATTERNS!  We made patterns for the construction of quilts featuring various canines long, long ago and tucked them away until we could work out how to use them.  Well, Brother got his paws on them and hid them, along with a ton of our other patterns!  Grand Theft Pattern!  We wonder how many years that could get Brother is we press charges?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Brother will be very displeased to know that we talked to a lawyer today.  Hehehehehehehehe!  We will soon see that cat in court, just you wait and see.  We are almost through cutting all of the pieces for the lawyer's quilt, and hope to have it stitched up this weekend.  We are sure he'll be most pleased with it, and will be eager to help us with our little cat problem.  Oh, Brother is going to be so sorry he tried to desert us again, just you wait and see!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Rat Will Pay

We hope Brother is enjoying his freedom, for when we catch him, he is doomed.  The human spent the day in hysterics over losing him again, and our fur was much endangered from tears.  When we get that cat back in custody, oh, do we have plans for him.  Escaping a second time.  That surely is illegal and as soon as we finish that nice lawyer's quilt, don't think we won't be loosing the law on Brother.  He ought to be ashamed of himself!  Well, he will be very sorry that he is forcing us to resort to the law.  This quilt is coming together very nicely, and we have high hopes the lawyer might be able to sell a few to his little lawyer friends once he sees it.  As soon as Brother is recaptured, we swear he's going on the quilt assembly line, and he better not think he'll be able to claim his little paws are too soft and tender to work a needle!  He should have thought of that before he escaped a second time!

Monday, August 26, 2013

That RAT!

That RAT!  That complete and utter RAT!  It turns out that Brother was deliberately trying to take down our phone!  We should have known he was plotting something, and don't think he won't be punished.  While our phone was down, and we were enjoying the quiet, Brother managed to escape from his current residence, so he is on the loose and must be hunted down once more!  Well, he better enjoy his freedom while it lasts!  We are hard at work, making a quilt for a LAWYER and we will see Brother in court for the trouble he is causing!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Finally, it is peaceful down here, thanks to the constant texts running down the battery on the cell phone.  We bet it never occurred to Brother that eventually the battery would go if he didn't stop sending so many messages.  So now until the human does something about the battery, we are safe from harassing messages!  So nice, and the battery went down just in time to stop Brother from ruining our library visit too!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Phone Bills

When do phone bills usually arrive?  Because we're figuring that Brother will announce his eagerness to return home at right around the time the human who is currently stuck with him gets her phone bill.  We hate to think of how high that thing is.  We hopped out for breakfast this morning, and of course we got harassed with texts demanding to know what we were up to.  We were thinking of hopping to the library tomorrow but we're not sure how to sneak past Brother's bugs.  We're sure the librarians would be very annoyed to have texts constantly coming in in their establishment.  Perhaps we could put little slippers on our paws to muffle to sound of our steps.  That might fool him.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today's Complaints

Brother continues to send annoying texts.  Today it was first a text demanding to know why a couple of us had hopped out the door and insisting that we return right away, and then there was a complaint that he was hearing page flipping, and had we been to the library.  We're starting to wonder if he has cameras rigged along with those bugs.  Doesn't that violate some sort of law, installing cameras and bugs to harass your innocent siblings?  Anyway, we had been to the library and got three lovely quilt books full of ideas.  We have another batch that is on the way, and that we can hopefully pick up over the weekend, and really, Brother has no right to complain!  We are allowed to read!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Brother's back to texting again.  Really, he will have ran up the largest bill by the time he moves back in.  We just hope he doesn't get us stuck paying it.  It's not like we told him to text us every five minutes.  We don't want him to text us every five minutes.  It's annoying to have to answer all of those messages and we certainly shouldn't be forced to pay for being harassed.  Anyway, today we got the most annoying message from Brother saying that he heard little bear paws scampering into the house, and he demanded to know if we had let another sibling in.  Really, what were we supposed to do but let that bear move in here?  He was very helpful when we we searching at the local homeless shelter for possible thread, fabric or quilting books.  And those teddy pups we met in the country were so helpful as well.  We are up to 777 siblings and Brother has no right to complain!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We are convinced the human's accident last night was part of a trap.  We checked this morning, and found a block from one of the flowerbeds, what we believe the human stumbled on, had been tampered with and moved.  This tampered with block was very near the entrance to the public rabbit restroom, so we fear that some sort of plot to cause a bunny to suffer a sprained paw is in the works, and we are sure Brother is somehow responsible.  Really, just because we gathered the material for two more quilts, and have been hard at work on assembling them, Brother has no right to plot an all out assault on rabbits!  What if he had got one of our bunny friends who live in the backyard with his little trap?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Short Post Tonight

Just a short post tonight.  Our poor human.  She tripped, or possibly was caught in a Brother designed trap, and as a result has a sprained wrist.  We're going to have to go out there in the morning and look for signs of a trap.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Weekend

We hopped to the country this weekend, with plans to snuggle up at the country cottage, and get a lot of stitching done.  The cel reception is bad there, and we were planning a lovely weekend of no harassing texts.  Well, we packed our backing material, batting, quilts, and bags of quilts to be assembled, and everything looked to be going perfectly.  Then when we got up there, we are sure Brother is to blame is all that we can say.  As soon as we figure out how to dust backing fabric, we plan to search it for kitty paw prints.  Our backing material had been shrunk!  Shrunk too small for the quilt we planned to pop on top of it!  We had looked carefully calculated that backing long ago, and we know the only way it could be too small now is if Brother did a bit of tampering.  And then we went to finish up a few squares, so we could put them in line to be stitched into rows, only to find we were missing the floss necessary to stitch them.  We know it was in the bag with the squares, and we're sure a dusting of that bag will show paw prints!  Stolen floss!  Shrunken backing!  Brother should be ashamed!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Brother is in so much trouble when we get him back.  After much searching, we finally located a box, stuffed full of our quilt patterns, with suspicious kitty paw prints on the box lid.  We know Brother snatched our patterns, and he hid a giant box of fabric too!  Fabric hiding, pattern hiding, he ought to be ashamed of himself!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

If He Breaks It

If Brother breaks the phone, he is paying for its repair, and we hope he knows how much that cost the last time it developed an issue.  It's been one constant text it feels like today, so bad that we have had to assign a bunny to permanent phone duty so at least some of us could accomplish something.  We drew up two more patterns today, and of course he was sending messages the entire time demanding we put down our pencils, paper, crayons and scissors right away.  Really, why does Brother want us to be poor?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Phone Damage

We think the phone might have finally suffered damage from all of the text messages Brother keeps sending.  There was barely a pause today with him complaining that he heard the snipping of paper and then the snipping of fabric, and finally the poking of pins.  How can he hear pin poking?  Anyway, he demanded to know if we were designing something.  Well, the answer to that is YES!  We just designed the cutest bunny pattern, and have the square for the sample all cut out, and ready for stitching.  And more important, we have it almost ready for selling and teaching!  We are going to encourage the construction of bunny merchandise by others!  And this is just our first bunny quilt attempt.  We have loads more ideas, that we just need to sketch out, snip and stitch!  Maybe we ought to turn the phone off before we begin cutting, though.  Would that protect it from damage from constant texting?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brother Update

The human limped to the doctor today, to treat the agony her doctor visit yesterday caused.  Do you think we should be suspicious of some sort of medical conspiracy?  Anyway, the human's doctor mentioned those kittens are getting into everything.  We can only hope his daughter has not checked her cell bill yet, and doesn't know specifics about the everything Brother is getting into.  We must have gotten over 200 texts so far.  Doesn't Brother have better things like packing to do instead of harassing us?  If we could just find those bugs he has hidden around the house.  It is getting most annoying.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Still More Texts

We don't know whose phone Brother is using, but whoever it is, we do hope they have a feature with unlimited texting.  Oh, the number of messages that kept popping up today.  Brother kept complaining about hearing tissue paper rustling, and the sounds of pages being unfolded, and demanded that we get our paws off the pattern packets at once.  It is too LATE!  We have the patterns, we have studied the patterns, and we are ready to cut out and sell from the patterns!  We got four more little pattern packets today, and we found a lovely deal on felt and fabric for constructing merchandise.  So there is nothing Brother can do at this point.  He ought to be focusing on moving back in, instead of sending us so many texts of complaint.  We don't know what his problem is anyway.  Does he want us to be poor bunnies?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Texts

We keep getting texts from Brother.  Now he's sending messages, saying he's hearing the snipping of tissue paper, and he is demanding we stop cutting out patterns at once.  Well, it is too late, we hope he knows.  We have already cut out the pattern to make the cutest toy watermelon pattern for humans, and we are already halfway finished with stitching it together!  Really, we don't know why Brother keeps texting, instead of getting busy packing to move back in.  We expect a message at any moment, with complaints about page flipping once more, from our studying an article on how to make money on Ebay.  What does that cat have against hard working bunnies making a nice living?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Looking for Bugs

No luck finding those bugs brother has spread all over the house to spy upon us.  Apparently, he was really good at hiding them.  He ought to be ashamed of himself.  We think we might have to turn off the phone soon, to block the text messages, or we are never going to accomplish a thing what with having to read his texts every five minutes, saying he hears stitches, and to stop at once.  Really, if Brother keeps this up, well, we might just have to pay a little visit to the fabric store to annoy him.  Anyway, he ought to be busy packing for his return home, not harassing us via a cell phone.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Text Bill

Brother must be running up quite a bill with these text messages he keeps sending us.  We got one a bit ago saying he heard the sewing machine, and demanding to know what we are up to.  Really, we stitch everything by paw!  It was the grandhuman on the machine, not us, and Brother ought to know better.  He's complained that he has heard the scratching of pencils and crayons as well, and has demanded we stop marking fabric and drawing patterns right away.  We are sure he has put listening devices all over the house.  We're surprised he hasn't commented on the heavier hoofsteps of our new horse brother, Clyde, who just moved in today, bringing us up to 774 siblings.  We have got to figure out how to locate those listening devices right away.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


We went by the local homeless shelter this afternoon, looking for possible fabric or thread.  The occasionally offer it to support their causes and we were hopeful.  Nothing in that line, but we met the nicest bear, who helped us find a lovely quilting magazine filled with ideas for fast stitching to sell in our little store.  Naturally we invited him to move in, Bringing us up to 773 siblings, including a lovely bear we met at that giant sale last weekend.  Brother isn't happy, and now we are getting text messages, saying he is hearing page flipping, and to stop reading at once.  Does anyone know how to search a house for listening devices?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Quilt Update

We are almost finished with another human sized quilt, and we are over halfway through sewing the rows for a third human sized quilt.  Work is progressing very well, although it is annoying when we have to put down our needle because the phone is buzzing with another text message from Brother.  He's apparently given up the hope that we don't know where he is, and is sending us messages, saying he hears stitching and to stop at once every five minutes.  We really think he must have bugged the house before deserting us.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We have kitten photos!  We have kitten photos and we are sure now that the kitten the human's doctor has under close watch is brother!  He has definitely been caught!  Now it is just a matter of dragging him home to his loving bunny and bear siblings where he belongs.  Oh, happy day, we have found him at last!

Monday, August 5, 2013

No Orders Yet

No sewing orders yet, but we're sure it's only a matter of time until they start rolling in.  While we're waiting, we're thinking of various promotional ideas, and we really think that entering some of our items into the local fairs might be a lovely idea.  If we could get our efforts to win a nice ribbon or two, we are sure it would be wonderful publicity, and would start the orders rushing in.  And by a lovely co-incidence, there is a fair up in the country next week!  The country and a possible ribbon to promote a bunny business venture.  We're sensing a ticked kitten once more!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today was Even Better!

Today was even better than yesterday, although the kitty shrieks as a result were even worse.  We made a lovely little shop on Etsy to sell items.  Take a look at to see what we have so far.  We're offering a lovely gown for teddies and bunnies at the moment, and decorative items for humans.  Needless to say, Brother is not happy about our attempt to earn money, even though we tried to tell him the funds are to cover his moving expenses.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sale was Great!

The sale was great, and we really hope the kitty shrieks didn't annoy anyone too much.  Oh, Brother is in trouble this time.    The nicest organization devoted to kitties and pups was taking part in the sale this year, and we bought over twenty yards of lovely, lovely fabric from them.  Needless to say, they were very happy with our visit, and quite agreed with us that Brother is a naughty kitten who deserves to be punished for deserting such lovely siblings.  All of the other kitties who were there agreed, and even some dogs who had dropped by to check out the selection of canine clothing.  So lovely to see so many agreeing with us.  Brother is naturally pitching a fit over the fabric, and even is threatening to see the Amish in court after they sold us a yard of thirties reproduction fabric.  Really, what does he expect to claim as damages, their horse and buggy?  He ought to be ashamed of himself, raising such a fuss after we had such a lovely, lovely day.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Print Out

We printed out a photo of one of that large mouse who lives in Florida's bunny friends, and are studying it, trying to figure out how to transfer it onto a quilt.  We're wanting something to enter into that crafts section of the fair next month, and a bunny quilt sounds like it would be different enough to get us a lovely, lovely ribbon.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sale Will Soon Be Here

Just one more day and a few hours until we get to head to that lovely, lovely, giant sale!  We're hard at work, packing shopping essentials, and we're very much afraid that Betsy is hard at work packing all of her snitching sacks.  We're trying to ignore her, though, going on the theory that if we don't pay attention to her antics, it might discourage her a bit.  We can only hope so.  We really don't want to face the commotion that bear can cause while we are trying to shop for sewing and seed bargains!