Tuesday, June 30, 2015


You will not believe what happened this afternoon, and we are sure Brother is to blame for it.  While the human was at the doctor, the car stopped and the grandhuman couldn't get it restarted, making a call to the towing company and a long and painful wait necessary.  We are sure Brother is responsible for this.  The human's doctor is located very near where we suspect he is hiding.  He probably crept out and sabotaged the car in an attempt to prevent our planned country visit.  We are very tempted to dust the battery for little kitty paw prints!

Monday, June 29, 2015

New Tablet

The new tablet is fantastic!  We bought the nicest little memory card for it today and it is working beyond expectations.  Actually, we think we might need to buy an even larger memory card for it soon.  And there go the kitty shrieks again, demanding we keep our paws out of the electronics aisle, and that we put that tablet down at once.  We don't know what he will have to say when he learns we have already downloaded books onto it.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Apologies

Really, we're sorry for the shrieks and we hope they didn't ruin anyone's Sunday supper.  The human had to rush the phone in to the repair shop this afternoon, and while she was there a solution for internet access in the country was found that seems like it will work wonderfully!  And it resulted in our obtaining a fourth tablet, so we're pretty pleased there. Unfortunately, Brother wasn't pleased, and is shouting about possible extended country trips, and how we should just get our paws off of that tablet right away.  He's been yelling about hearing us downloading things too, and is threatening the phone company with dire punishments for aiding and abetting visiting the country, and encouraging rabbits to read. We're just thankful he hasn't realized the new tablet has a fantastic camera on it, one we were able to use to take the cutest photo of one of our outside bunny friends.  We don't see him taking that news well at all

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Today's Apologies

We're sorry for the noise today.  We decided to get some fabric to stitch into a dress for that class we are hoping to teach on sewing for teddies, and we found a fantastic deal, a bolt of fabric that was 60 inches wide for only 1.97 a yard.  Brother didn't take it well.  And then we got home, we were reading our pattern to make sure that we knew exactly how to stitch stuff together, and we got more shouting, demanding to know why he was hearing the sound of pages being turned, and whatever we were reading to drop it at once. Such an annoying kitty.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Stayed Home

The humans stayed home today, which was a bit annoying, since we were so looking forward to going to the country, but on the up side, we're hoping to spend some major time up there next week, so we at least have that to look forward to.  Maybe a week in the country.  Maybe we will get a few more of our patterns together so we can have a big design and stitching party while we are there!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


We're debating what we might want to do tomorrow, possibly visiting the country, or we've been thinking about going on a hunt to find that rotten, terrible Brother.  Only the human's allergies are acting up, so we're not sure if that would work out.  So maybe we'll argue strongly for the country, where we might find lovely teddy siblings in need of homes, and where we might be able to check a few seed packs out at the library.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We're sorry that we didn't post last night and that tonight's post will be kind of short.  The humans had a relation who had to visit the emergency room last night, requiring them to spend twelve hours there.  We were without internet access as a result, and the human is still very tired so we can't stay on long tonight.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Tonight's Apology

We're very sorry, we want you to know that right now.  Really, we were just innocently poking around online, and we might have accidentally discovered Cousin Edna and possibly her husband and child or children as well.  Brother is not taking it well, and there was much shrieking about us getting our paws off the computer at once. We suggest digging ear muffs out to block him because we have to confirm the Cousin Edna location and it might take a bit.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Patterns Fixed

We got the patterns to make a couple of lovely outfits enlarged today, right after we paid a little visit to the country.  We hope the shrieks didn't disrupt the holiday for anyone.  We might have speculated about recapturing Brother and lagging him up there.  Between that and new clothing ideas, Brother was not happy.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lovely Time

We had a lovely time at the reunion today, as the kitty shrieks probably clued you in to.  Sorry about that.  There's even been a hint about a second reunion, possibly in the fall.  So you should probably keep your ear protection handy.  We expect more shouts due to that shortly.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Reunion Tomorrow

We're off to help the human with the family reunion tomorrow.  If anyone was wondering what the loud kitty shrieks this afternoon were about it was due to our packing of the giant goodie bags, guaranteed to lure the children out in droves, and to get them to pester their parents into going along with a few of the human's little plans for next reunion.  Brother is not taking it well at all. We're not sure why he has a problem, though, since he's currently hiding out, shows no signs of wanting to move back in, and is not having to do a tiny bit of work.  He's so annoying.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pattern Packet Cut Out

We finished one pattern packet so far in our cutting project.  We debated cutting a few others, but we wonder if we need to wait until we resize the first one so there is no chance for mix-ups.  But then would it be better if we had a bunch of patterns cut and ready for resizing to save ourselves from having to make multiple trips to the store?  We'll have to think about this.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Very Sorry

We're very sorry for the shrieks today.  There's a lovely pattern sale on and we got three lovely packets. Brother didn't take it well and he's taken even worse the fact that we're happily cutting patterns out for enlargement purposes.  You should probably cover your ears now.  We will cut out as fast as we can.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oddest Thing

We just saw mention of the oddest thing, a cat library.  Is this a library that allows felines to trot in, because if so we hope they keep a careful eye out for Brother, who is undoubtedly there to harass any rabbit patrons, not to pick up a good book.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Seed Library

We have found a library where you can check out SEED!  It's absolutely wonderful, and it's one of the country libraries with an underground entrance, to make the place more friendly for their rabbit patrons!  We're thinking of hopping there either this weekend or in a couple more weeks to check out a few items.  We thought we should warn you in advance so you can find ear protection now.  Brother is not going to take our planned borrowing well at all.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Still Annoyed

We are still so annoyed by those missing patterns, and we are more sure than ever that Brother was the one who took them.  It is something that would be just like him to do to annoy us.  Well, we hope that he knows that this will not prevent us from finding the patterns we want.  We might just amuse ourselves ordering the book via inter library loan!  He can't get to every copy and engage in mass pattern theft!

Saturday, June 13, 2015


We got that book on sewing clothing today from the library and the outfits are fantastic, but horror of horrors, the patterns to sew them with are MISSING!  If we weren't worried about harming the book, we would dust it for little kitty paw prints.  We are sure that Brother is somehow to blame for these missing patterns.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Today's Lovely Activities

We hopped to the country this afternoon to check on the cottage in hopes of getting up there soon. We so hope we can.  We even obtained the cutest little microwave to make heating things and the preparation of carrot flavored popcorn easier.  Our next visit is going to be so nice.  We're hoping to get to go up there some time next week, to help the human make a podcast for the family reunion.  She spent the entire ride home composing the script for it in her head, if you were wandering what the loud kitty shrieks were about. And if you noticed some of the shrieks were especially loud during the middle of the afternoon, we dropped by the local homeless shelter and met a pup and two bears in need of a new residence. I think you can guess at this point what happened.  We're now up to 851 siblings!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

So Annoying

Three days until the anniversary of that rotten brother's latest escape.  It's so annoying that he's still out there as a rotten fugitive, and the human is feeling sadder than usual thinking about the anniversary of his desertion. To cheer her up, we're wanting to make a country visit. The only problem is that the library has some books for us, including one with lovely clothing patterns that we're eager to get our paws on, which requires us to possibly wait until Saturday to go somewhere.  So very annoying.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sorry for the Shouts This Morning Too

Really, Brother will be lucky not to get a citation for disturbing the peace at this rate.  The human got the phone number for that relation she learned about last night as she plans to call them maybe tomorrow to invite them to the family reunion.  Brother did not take it well at all, and now he's saying that he will see the telephone company in court if they let such a call go through.  Really, the telephone company can't block calls that might lead to family tree growth.  What is Brother thinking?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Really Sorry

We hope no one was awakened by the shrieks tonight.  The human got the happy news that a relative has discovered a missing cousin and now she is making plans to invite them to the reunion next weekend.  Brother did not take it well and is ranting about the growth of the tree once more.

Monday, June 8, 2015


It just started to storm, so we might not be able to post later, as the lights have been flickering and we fear we will loose power and thus internet at any moment.  So annoying, and if this does happen, we are hopping right off to the nearest hotel with power and a great breakfast bar!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Today's Plans

Today's activities went well too.  We hopped off to pay a visit to the country this afternoon, and then had the nicest chat with a pair of outdoor bunnies about possibly moving in.  We're sorry, though, if any of you had your ears harmed as a result of Brother's shrieks.  He didn't take anything we did well, especially our asking the bunnies to become house rabbits.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Plans Went Well

Our Saturday plans went very well.  First we hopped to a sale at this church where we got our paws on over 20 magazines devoted to quilting.  We hope the shouts from that didn't awaken anyone who had hopped to spend Saturday morning sleeping in.  Then we went to that lovely comic convention.  It was so nice, and the Disney people were so friendly.  Apparently they didn't associate us with Betsy Bear, which is a miracle.  We even had the chance to learn sewing with leather while we were there, and were able to obtain a book about it.  And to top our day off, we hopped to the homeless shelter and met a horse and pup in need of a new residence.  While we were checking them out, the grandhuman found over 15 yards of fabric as well, which made the day pretty much perfect, not that you would know that from how Brother was carrying on.  We're now up to 848 siblings!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Saturday Plans

We're planning to hop to a comic convention tomorrow where some Disney people will be putting in appearances.  We're a little concerned, though.  Betsy has behaved horribly at that park Disney owns, the one where our mice siblings' large cousins live.  What if the Disney people who are present remember Betsy and know that we are relatives of hers?  We don't want to be kicked out of the convention due to that horrible bear!  We have high hopes of promoting our stitching of outfits while we are there.  Do you think there's any chance that they might have forgotten about Betsy in the ten years since we visited that park?  But it is Betsy and why are we very afraid that the memory of the horror she has inflicted has lingered?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Very Sorry

We're very sorry for the continuing shrieks today.  Between thinking of ideas for our classes, we've been helping the human with ways to make the family reunion more fun.  We even got a book from the library just for that purpose.  Brother isn't taking it well, and is insisting that he will see the library in court if they don't stop providing material to encourage us at once.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Today's Happy News

Sorry for anyone who is now suffering ear pain and possible hearing loss due to the loud shrieks.  Brother didn't take our happy news well at all.  We hopped to the mountains today and met a batch of bears in need of homes, six of them total, and invited them to move in.  We are now up to 846 siblings. And then on the way home we hopped by the fabric store and submitted our names to offer classes in teddy related sewing.  We think the head of the education department was impressed with us, and we're already hard at work starting to plan our class materials, so we will be ready when we get the phone call.  But Brother is not taking it well.  We're very sorry about that.  We recommend stuffing your ears for a bit to block the shouts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Cats are being advertised for fifty percent off this month!  We were so right to wait to recapture that rotten brother!  Now he's on SALE!  But will the price go lower, that's what we're wondering.  What if they mark brother's price down to seventy-five percent, or better, what if they offer us cash to take him off their hands if we just wait a bit?  We have to think about this.  We don't want to recapture him prematurely, when we could profit by a bit more waiting.