Monday, November 30, 2015


The human wasn't feeling well today so we didn't go out, in case anyone was wondering about the lack of kitty shrieking.  We hope you appreciated the break from Brother's awful behavior.  We're afraid that we didn't get a break, but got a constant stream of texts saying we were being too quiet, and what horrible thing were we up to.  We should probably warn you now that we're hoping to go out tomorrow, and to possibly start work on six or seven quilts that we have to do.  Brace yourselves for much shouting is all we can say.

Protection Tomorrow

Please make sure to keep your ear protection close at hand tomorrow, due to the fact that the fabric store sent us three lovely 60% off coupons for being such good bunny customers.  Loud shouts and threats are anticipated when we go hopping in to use them, hopefully tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Today's Shrieking Report

We hope everyone had a nice snooze this morning.  We didn't hop out to the fabric store until after ten so the shrieks from Brother shouldn't have disturbed anyone too early, we don't think.  Honestly, that cat should be so ashamed of himself for this sort of behavior.  Anyway, we got two lovely spools of thread with 1200 yards per spool, and then the fabric to make a little quilt for our owl brother, all at excellent prices, so we are very happy tonight.  And we have another coupon so we might hop back tomorrow depending what sales are listed in the latest store flyer!  Don't worry, though, we won't go too early, so the shouts won't disrupt Sunday sermon.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Early Shrieks

We hope everyone took our advice and applied ear protections so the shrieks at six this morning didn't wake you.  We hopped to the fabric store and got eight more yards of fabric, enough batting for four more quilts and five lovely little spools of thread.  Brother did not take it well and the shouting was truly alarming.  You might want to put your ear protection on tonight as well, because we happen to have another lovely coupon and might be visiting the fabric store again tomorrow bright and early to get a few more things we need.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Continuing Shrieks

We hope no one suffered too much due to the continuing kitty shrieks today.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving and a great start to the After Thanksgiving sales.  Brother was not pleased about any of this, though, and he's been making his displeasure known rather loudly.  We should probably warn you now, we are hopping back to the fabric store with a 25% off our total purchase coupon in the morning. You should probably apply ear protection tonight if you don't want an early wake-up call that you didn't order.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pre After Thanksgiving Sale Screams

Sorry for the screams this afternoon.  We should have warned you, we know, and we hope you weren't terribly unprepared since it isn't Thanksgiving and After Thanksgiving Sale Day yet.  The fabric store decided to start their sale early, though, and we hopped in for a few things.  We got four packets of lovely patterns to construct teddy clothing, and then we got such lovely, lovely fabric for quilting.  17 yards of fabric and then almost two giant yards of batting.  We have already pinned one quilt together and are hard at work stitching it up.  You might want to cover your ears now.  We expect the screams to last for a good part of the night, especially when we get to work pinning that second quilt together.  Really, Brother should be so ashamed of himself for acting like this, and we're so sorry we didn't think to warn people that the kitty shrieks about us shopping might hit early this year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Approaching

Two days until Thanksgiving, and we do hope all of you are prepared, and have arranged proper protection for your food, as Betsy Bear has been shining up her spoon and fork in anticipation of any number of crimes.  We want it known that we did try to warn people about the fast approaching danger, so hide your stuffing and cranberry sauce now while there is still time!  We would suggest hiding your pies as well, but that probably is an action doomed to failure so you shouldn't waste your time.  We will leave the empty pie pans on the fence.  Collect them at your earliest convenience.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Today's Sabotage Report

No acts of sabotage today, we are happy to report, due to our diligent guarding of anything that Brother could get his paws on and damage.  It's so annoying that we have to be on guard duty to protect our property, though.  Really, we have never heard of such an annoying cat, sabotaging innocent bunnies/ property.  He ought to be ashamed of himself and when we find him, we wouldn't be surprised if the poor humans who are stuck with him don't beg us to take him off their hands.  Goodness knows he's running up their cell bill with harassing texts to us.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Report

Nothing has gone out so far today, we're happy to report.  We would like to think that might be a sign that Brother has decided to behave and has ceased any thoughts of sabotage, but that's probably way too much to hope for.  More likely it's the fact that we've kept the items he's most likely to attack under close guard has prevented any attempts to damage them and force us to visit the return line again.  Really, he is just impossible!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Today's Return Visit

We returned the swimming pool pump and now have a new one in our custody.  We have it locked in the house in an attempt to protect it from the rotten actions of Brother.  We are sure he is to blame for all of these things that have broken recently.  It couldn't be anyone else, and when we get our paws on him, he is in so much trouble!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Microwave is Back

We got our replacement microwave today, so carrot corn and television viewing has been scheduled.  But right after the replacement was lagged home the pump being used to straighten up the pool went out after barely one use.  Once more, we suspect sabotage, and we are sure that Brother is around here someplace, possibly with a screwdriver in his paws!  So many things have gone out in the last few weeks, the cable, the microwave, the pool pump.  It has to be sabotage and who would want to do something so horrible to such nice rabbits but that awful, awful cat?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Still No Microwave

We are still lacking a microwave for the third day now, and we are absolutely sure that horrible Brother is somehow responsible.  Now we might have to mail the bad one in, and wait for them to either send a replacement or a gift card to purchase a replacement ourselves.  And who knows how long that will take!  When we recapture that cat he is in so much trouble for this!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Continuing Microwave Issues

We were unable to take the microwave in for replacement due to rain today, and the more we think on this situation, the more we are sure that Brother is somehow to blame.  We just got those lovely 33 disks full of television viewing fun, the ones that Brother was so ticked with us for ordering.  And now due to the microwave being down, we can't make our carrot corn, and what fun is watching television without carrot corn to munch during the episodes.  We don't know how he did it, but we are sure Brother is to blame for the microwave issue!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The microwave went out tonight, and we are highly suspicious of sabotage.  We're not sure how sabotage would be possible.  Some bunny or other teddy is always here and surely a saboteur would have been spotted, especially a rotten, microwave sabotaging cat, but even though we aren't sure how it could have been done, we feel sure sabotage has occurred.  And what are we going to do without a microwave?  How will we make carrot popcorn or heat our carrot juice?  And our poor human!  What will she do for food until the microwave can be lagged back to the store for replacement?  All of her favorite foods require it!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Poor Human

The human was going out this afternoon to a doctor's appointment and some of us decided to hop along to bring good luck with our fluffy feet.  Except when the human was going to open the car door so we could hop in, she stumbled and now her poor, already damaged leg is throbbing.  So we might have to spend tomorrow afternoon hopping to another doctor to get that looked at.  Poor, poor human.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Plan Continues

We decided to wait on dropping by to alarm Brother with more hopping sounds.  If we give him the day off, it might lull him into thinking he is possibly safe and that the hopping noises he heard were some other rabbits, and not us.  Perhaps we will hop by tomorrow for another go at alarming him.  After a day off, he might have dropped his guard and will be especially alarmed to hear hopping once more.  that will be a ton of fun to do.  And really, it is his own fault that we are doing this and teasing and alarming him.  If he hadn't deserted, we wouldn't have to be trying to hunt him down, and he would have to be hiding from us.  It is totally his own fault!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekend Plans

We're thinking about going on a hunt for that awful Brother tomorrow.  Either that or we might go looking for some more nice teddy siblings.  We really want to get more polite teddy siblings but the human has been missing that awful kitty again and sniffling over him, so we might be forced to hunt him down instead.  Really, he should be so ashamed of himself for making us have to hunt him down and drag him back.  There are so many more enjoyable things that we could be doing and we are being forced to spend our time planning that cat's recapture.  So, so annoying!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sorry for the Shriek

Sorry for the kitty shriek.  We hope it didn't wake anyone.  We just purchased a lovely DVD set, 33 disks total for a cost of a dollar a disk with shipping and tax.  Brother didn't take our ordering such a massive bit of entertainment well at all.  Honestly, we're not sure what his problem is.  He objects when we read, he objects when we watch television, he objects when we work.  What does he want us to do?  Spend all day brushing our ears or something?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

TV's Working

The cable is fixed from Brother's sabotage attempt, we're happy to report.  And we're happier to report that the human is still looking at canceling it and going with one or more of those internet options for television.  Internet television would offer so many wonderful programs for us to watch.  We just have to decide which options offer the best gardening programs for bunny viewing.  Really, by trying to sabotage us, Brother might have done us such a good turn.  Won't that drive him nuts when he finds out?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Continuing Cable Problems

The cable is still out.  We learned after some work this morning that the problem isn't the cable box, but is possibly some wire outside, a wire that that rotten cat would have had easy access to!  Well, we have lovely news for him.  His sabotage just might have lead to the human deciding to cancel cable and go with a couple of lovely internet services that offer better access for a lower price, so we might end up with even more television viewing options!  He might have accidentally HELPED us!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Cable Box

We got a replacement cable box today.  We're going to hook it up in the morning.  Paws crossed that it works.  We're sure that Brother had something to do with what happened to the old one.  He has such objections to the human watching television, after all, since he thinks it leads to us being unsupervised.  We're not sure if it can be dusted for paw prints, unfortunately, or we would know for sure.  The surface might not be right for such a search.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Not Much to Report

Not much to report tonight, although we might have more to report tomorrow related to potential cat crimes.  The cable box is messed up and we have to take it in to be examined tomorrow afternoon.  We're very suspicious that this problem is due to some sort of kitty sabotage.  It would be just like him.  Here's hoping they can either fix it or replace it quickly.  We've already had to miss several shows due to this, and Brother is in so much trouble if they find his paw prints all over this when we take it in!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today's Kitty Complaints

Brother is still complaining about the teddies we allowed to move in a few days ago.  We're really sorry about that and the noise he is making, but at least all of you are only having to hear the shrieks.  We are getting besieged with texts, complaining about the loud noise of dinosaur footsteps and demanding to know what size of creature we have allowed into the house.  Barnaby is a brontosaurus, really, can't Brother just go to wikipedia and find out his size instead of bothering us with complaints?  Also, he is now complaining about hearing paws clicking buttons and is demanding to know if we have been making online purchases again.  We most certainly have, and it was a book featuring a kitty too, so Brother has no right to complain!  He needs therapy, he really does.  Abandoning us and our poor human too, and then thinking that he has the right to dictate what we can and can't do, even though he doesn't live her any more.  Such horrible, awful nerve!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Teddy Adoption Center

We hopped to the teddy adoption center this afternoon, after a little stop at an archive.  We're very sorry if the shrieks proved too annoying for anyone.  Brother is being totally obnoxious about the entire thing, and he is taking the possibility that we might drop in on a relation tomorrow to try to sell things to them entirely the wrong way.  There is nothing wrong with hard working rabbits earning a bit of cash, nothing at all wrong.  Anyway, we met the nicest reindeer, a werewolf, a smurf. a dinosaur, a bear and the cutest teddy kitty, who we invited to move in.  We are now up to 876 siblings, and we were given vouchers for fifty dollars off of our next adoption fee!  The cat has been shrieking for hours about this.  Really, we are so, so sorry!  He ought to be ashamed of himself.  And anyway, one of the teddies we allowed to move in was a kitty!  An adorable, fluffy Siamese kitty!  Shouldn't Brother be applauding our taking in his fellow kitties and providing them with good homes?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Shriek Explanation

Due to the hours the archive is open, and the limited time the human would have as a result, we decided with much disappointment not to go.  However, we did decide to visit a few homeless shelters this morning, which explains the kitty shrieks if any of you are wondering about that.  We met three homeless teddy pups, a teddy koala and a bear, all in need of a cozy new place to live, so naturally we invited them to move in.  We're now up to 870 siblings.  We think you can imagine how brother took it, and then there were those discounted sacks of fabric we obtained as well.  We have plans to visit a teddy adoption center tomorrow, so you might want to cover your ears now.  We expect an epic number of shrieks due to that.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Possible Shriek Delay

The archive visit might have been delayed.  We're not sure yet. The human checked the hours they're open online, and she's worried now that there wouldn't be enough time to research things properly.  She's so disappointed and crying over it, because she was really looking forward to the trip, and moving some research forward.  We will be so annoyed if it does fall through, even though it was going to be annoying to have to stuff our poor ears as Brother protection.  If you aren't disturbed by shrieks over the next day or so, you'll know what happened.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Shriek Warning

We thought we better issue a warning about the anticipated loud shrieks.  We're hoping to visit an archive with the human, soon, one of the big ones.  We think you can imagine how Brother is taking that bit of news.  Honestly, though, it actually is all his fault.  If he had moved back in instead of being a terrible, awful kitty, the human would probably have felt like she should stay home to supervise him.  But he deserted and has refused all attempts to get him back here, so we are perfectly free to hop off to the archive with the human.  And Brother has no right to object!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Sorry we didn't post last night.  Someone had lit a fire and as a result the human's allergies were messed up, forcing her to take benedryl and go to bed, so we couldn't get online.  We are happy to report that after some difficulties due to our neighbor picking a terrible time to schedule their move, and a poor parking job with the moving truck that blocked trick or treaters' view of our house, that Halloween was a success!  We set up out on the carport with a bushel basket full of candy and had a delightful time handing it out.  The humans who were gathering the candy seemed very pleased to see us and we got many complements on how cute we were.   It was so much fun!  Our squirrel brother joined us, and handled the non-food items, as squirrels are experts in protecting people from food allergens, he says due to their incredible nut detecting ability.  All in all, it was a very nice night, and we rate it a wonderful success!  Judging by the number of complaining texts from Brother demanding we get back into the house, it must count as a success, anyway.  That cat seriously needs therapy.