Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lobster Report

Lobster's red color is persisting, as is my exposure to her horrible lack of proper fur. She has bottles and sprays of stuff she is covering herself in, in an attempt to return to her normal coloration, and they require time to dry after application, before clothing can be put on. Very, very annoying. And I have just heard something even more annoying. The human is talking of going uptown tomorrow, to a place alarmingly close to that horrible, horrible genealogy archive. I sense growth of that nightmarish tree in the future. Really, what is she thinking, letting a tree reach such a height? Haven't we had enough issues with trees falling around her lately due to lack of pruning?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Possible Sabotage

Perhaps Nick sabotaged the human, now referred to as Lobster's bottle of sunscreen somehow. That sounds like something that cat would do. I'm sure he's delighted to know how much trouble the human's transformation into a lobster is causing me. This morning, when I demanded breakfast, a new horror arose. Thanks to the horrible red coloring on her arms, her range of motion is limited, making producing food for my dish a tricky task at best. She's already informed me, after filling the dish once, that I must depend on the grandhuman for food, until she recovers. The grandhuman is gone half the day! If I have to wait for her to return before getting food, I could starve! I can't believe this. Nick the Cat will pay for this, what I'm sure he thinks is the ultimate in bad luck success. Trying to starve a fellow kitty! I will see him in court!

Friday, July 29, 2011


The human returned from the waterpark a bit ago. On the up side, she didn't go to the one her cousin owned, not that that prevented her from encountering relations. I'm not even going to find out what she discussed with that batch. They are an entirely bad lot, who seem to love encouraging the growth of that tree. But there was worse news than the relative encounter. The human returned as red as a LOBSTER! In general humans aren't the most attractive, with their horrible lack of fur and all, but this lobster look makes things even worse. And, to somehow make the thing even worse, something I wasn't sure was possible, the human is in pain, and is reluctant to wear clothing over her horrible red coloring. So there is every indication that I will be forced to see an unclothed human for who knows how long. My feline sensibilities might never recover from the sight of such horrible furlessness!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tomorrow's Scheduled Bad Luck

I'm expecting more bad luck tomorrow. I swear, if the police don't do something about Nick the Cat and his relations soon, I am going to file a complaint, alleging that my civil rights have been violated. A disaster, tomorrow is sure to be a disaster. The human that has those two canine offspring called my human this afternoon and invited her to go to another relation's waterpark for the day. And knowing the way my bad luck is going, at some point during this visit, the notion of getting me together with the canines to spend time together and get to know each other will be mentioned. Not that I have issues with dogs, of course. I don't want any of my canine readers to get the wrong idea. I'm a very dog friendly feline. But these two aren't the most well behaved dogs in the world and I shudder to think of the inconveniences to me that a visit would cause. And then there's the matter of the relation who owns the waterpark. What if she's up there and encounters my human? Such a thing can only lead to the discussion of family trees, and who knows what other family related activities. It might even lead to the selling of a few books. And selling books can only lead to growth of that horrible tree. Really, I think I will be spending the day in bed tomorrow, in the hopes that the worst of the bad luck will somehow pass me by.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Laughter Again

Nick the Cat and his relations are chuckling again. I really have to do something about them, and I just don't understand why the law hasn't stepped in yet. Really, those cats are such horrible troublemakers that if their behavior isn't illegal, it ought to be. You won't believe what they've done this time. While the human was at the country cottage, they turned a bunch of mosquitoes loose, and she was eaten alive. Her legs are covered in giant, disgusting looking bites. And to prevent the itching from said bites, she's having to take an anti-histamine. And anti-histamine that knocks her completely out. And how am I supposed to get service if she's in her room, snoozing away in a drugged sleep? Nick the Cat is to blame, I tell you. I sense his black paw involved in this!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outside the Box

The humans were not happy to learn that I thought outside the box this morning, with my feline business, thus preventing them from leaving bright and early for a visit to the country. Really, though, I don't know what in the world they expected me to do. The bunnies had offered up free reign of my box to those pandas who are still camped in the backyard, munching down bamboo for flooring. From morning until night, there is a line in front of the box, and then when I had to get in this morning, I got stuck behind a panda reading Bamboo Monthly instead of doing his business in a timely manner and leaving. I don't know what else the humans expected me to do. Anyway, I ended up getting a lovely new box. I am a bit concerned, though, since it is much, much bigger than the last box. What if the bunnies take that as a sign, and decide to allow much larger animals, possibly elephants to drop in, since we now have facilities for them?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Country Horrors Continue

The humans went to the country again today. I'm very sad to say that the work is progressing rapidly now, which is surely a horrible sign that I will be caught soon, and drug up there by those rabbits for work purposes. Anyway, besides the fact that I will soon be in danger of work, I was kind of happy to see them leave, since four bunnies hopped along with them, and the pandas were taking a nap, so there wasn't much work here. But then would you believe it, they decided to work LATE! My dish was EMPTY! And then, as if the sight of the bottom of my food bowl wasn't alarming enough, the rabbits offered to fill it for me. There was much talk about carrots, celery, possibly brussels sprouts, and a light garnish of parsley, sure to turn me into a vegetarian in their opinion. It was horrible. The humans didn't return until after eleven, too. I was sure they were going to be gone all night, leaving me with no choice but to try to choke down a vegetable or starve. And there is much talk about a return trip to the country tomorrow, too. I'm sure the second they leave, the bunnies will pounce, and will fill my food dish with vegetables instead of my preferred fare. What in the world am I going to do?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Country Horrors

I forgot to mention it last night, so I'll horrify you today with further news from the country. The bunnies spotted one of our new rabbit neighbors, undoubtedly hopping back from a visit to poor Farmer Turley's tomato fields, which I am sure are not supposed to be a buffet, no matter what the bunnies think. You would think the lack of forks and napkins would clue them in, wouldn't you? Anyway, they promptly introduced themselves to the new rabbit, and invited her to drop in, with all of her bunny friends for the cottage warming party. And this rabbit agreed to be there, and to even bring food! Rabbit food! I can't believe this. The only thing there will be to eat at that party will be carrots and purloined tomatoes, I am sure. And what in the world will I do? The bunnies will demand that I munch something down, so as to not appear RUDE!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Report on the Country

The humans went back to the country today. Work is progressing well, and the bunnies are hopeful that they will be able to put me to work on the renovations soon. If I don't get captured and drug up there come Monday, there is much chatter about putting me to work, cleaning off the bamboo stalks from the pandas' flooring party. But that isn't the worst news. For some insane reason, the humans have been allowing Betsy Bear to visit the country with them, and she trotted back today with the happy news that the human who lives one cottage down, and who is constructing an airplane has left for some sort of show. So, his plane is unguarded, and Betsy has plans to snatch it. I can just see it now. She will amuse herself dive bombing the happy picnickers and campers, and snatching their picnic baskets and goodies with a grappling hook! Maybe I ought to offer to handle the bamboo cleaning, before the bunnies can go searching for my leash to drag me to the country. Sure, it will be a pain, making sure the stalks are totally clean, but it's better than possible jail time as an accessory to Betsy's planned crimes!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sue the Home Improvement Store

First thing Monday, I have to file suit against the home improvement store. You won't believe what that awful place did this evening. I suppose I should have expected something, though, with how rabbit friendly they are, but still, I didn't think they would do something this horrible. They sold the bunnies SIX pieces of wood! Six pieces of wood, all cut into nice, slices, just perfect for poking on the walls without additional work required. It will speed up the work at the country cottage tremendously, and you know those bunnies are going to be trying to draft me to help them with it. What was the home improvement store thinking? I will sue them, and their bird residents too, for not lifting a feather to prevent this disaster!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Served a Carrot

Due to rain,other than collecting a load of lumber, the humans stayed home today. On the up side, it did keep the bunnies from amusing themselves plotting more work for me, but on the down side, it gave them time to plot my conversion into a vegetarian. I thought it was bad, that I suspected they tampered with my food yesterday, mixing vegetable chips in, but today was worse! They served me a CARROT for dinner! Have you ever heard something so frightening? It was bright orange, cut into little round slices. And the bunnies expected me to actually eat it! What in the world am I going to do? The humans are planning to go to the country bright and early tomorrow, leaving me here alone with a ton of rabbits! Who knows what they might plot tomorrow to force me to convert! I'll probably find my dish stuffed with celery next, or perhaps cauliflower!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food Tampering

The humans went to the country cottage again today, and of course a few rabbits hopped along to offer their assistance, and to make plans for more work for me. Does anyone know how to tell if food has been tampered with? The humans stopped at the store to pick up some food for me on the way up, since they feared they might be late getting back, and then they foolishly left this bag unguarded around the bunnies. I noticed a suspicious orange tint to it when it was poured in my dish, and I know some of the bits of kibble weren't shaped like that the last time I had this. I suspect the bunnies of tampering with things, in the hopes of converting me to a vegetarian! But how can I know for sure, and what in the world am I going to do if they did do something to the food? I had just finished the older stuff, so I might be stuck with this, unless I can get the humans to replace it somehow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's Bad Luck Report

I haven't seen them, but I was disturbed all day by laughter, coming from Nick's relations, who are still camped out on our neighbor's porch. Really, I don't know why our neighbors haven't done something, like evicting those horrible felines, but perhaps they are afraid that if they try, one will amuse itself strolling across their path and giving them horrible luck too. Now that I think of it, that's probably why they've taken to crawling out of their side window, instead of using their perfectly good front door. Anyway, the humans lagged a batch of building supplies to the country cottage today, in preparation for work. My doom is fast approaching. I've already seen the rabbits, starting the search for my leash. And to make matters even worse, the human stopped by a homeless shelter, that she had hopes would have some of those games she likes so, and what happened but she was tackled by a homeless dog of the teddy species, with a tale of woe about his homelessness. I think you can guess how that ended up. I now have 695 siblings.

Monday, July 18, 2011


No horrors have struck so far today, but the bunnies are whistling. That alarms me to no end. The visited the place where that large mouse has his nest a few years ago, and met these short people, who had an alarming tendency to whistle while working. So now the bunnies have decided to take up making that annoying noise as they hop about, plotting work, I am sure for me to do. I don't like the way they keep looking at me, and then discussing various work topics for the country cottage at all, and I especially don't like the whispering I caught about looking for my leash, and how nice it would be to go up there bright and early in the morning. I wonder if I have time to find a good hiding place before they pounce?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Day of Bad Luck

My bad luck continues. Really, Nick the Cat and his relations should be ashamed of themselves, but oh, no! They're camped on our neighbor's porch, out of reach of the bunnies weapons, laughing at me. The human just came up with an idea to raise some funds, probably for work, or something else that will cause trouble for me. She has an idea that those little seed envelopes could be made and sold for people to use for wedding favors. She's thinking about calling around to wedding places, to see if anyone knows of brides who might be interested in this, or in some other kind of favor creation. Really, money is good, I'll admit, but earning it that way? The rabbits will try to help and will try drafting me to help, and I don't even want to think of what they would do if they got their paws on more seed!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bad Luck Contunues

My bad luck is continuing. Really, I ought to go to bed, and just stay there until I know that it is better, but then how would I know if things had improved without getting up? Such a dilemma, and it's all the fault of Nick the Cat and his relations. First off, one of them must have hung a sign up somewhere, offering free rent, because bright and early this morning, a bird broke into the attic, and tried to install a nest! It tried to install a nest without paying the slightest bit of rent! Have you ever heard of such terrible freeloading? Then, the human went to a quilt show, which got the polar bears all fired up, of course. I do hope that all of the flocks of sheep in the area were eager to take up the nudist lifestyle. The polar bears got a little box, with enough pre-cut squares to make a proper polar bear quilt, so needless to say, they're eager to get their paws on wool. And then, as if the day wasn't bad enough, the human ran into another bear somewhere, with a tale of woe about homelessness, so naturally, she invited it to move it. I now have 694 siblings!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Should Have Stayed in Bed

I should have stayed in bed, and if I had known what I would be facing today, I certainly would have. I will see Nick the Cat and his entire family in prison for this! They should be ashamed of themselves, causing such terrible luck. I poked my head out this morning, to see what the pandas were up to, and how the eating was coming, when I got hit in the head by a paper airplane. I opened it, and found a flier from one of Nick's cousins, announcing a bad luck special on the way just for me. And the feline in question was sitting on our neighbor's porch, laughing! This was extra special bad luck is all that I can say, for no sooner was I bopped on the head, than the bad luck started to arrive.

First the humans went to pick up the dryer, and of course the bunnies hopped along, to chat with the appliance repairperson's feline employees. They came home smelling of other cats. Apparently they hugged the repair cats. Anyway, the dryer was collected, and worse, the bunnies learned how these felines were converted from lazy, slothful, proper cats, to hard working, industrious animals. Apparently they attended a seminar given by a beaver, on the virtues of work, and the next thing you know, they had changed their lifestyle completely. The bunnies are already making plans to book me to attend this beaver's next talk. Just wonderful. Hours of chatter on nothing but work, and you know there won't be good refreshments, just sticks to gnaw on.

Anyway, they got the dryer, and took it off to the country cottage. It's there than my luck continues on its downward path. They stopped by the local homeless shelter on the way, and of course the human was tackled by animals with tales of woe as soon as she stepped in the door, hoping to find some games. She came home with five more siblings for me, including an elephant! Isn't it bad enough that we're hosting those escaped red pandas? I'm sure the zoo will be furious to learn that an elephant escapee is here too. Anyway, I'm up to 693 siblings.

Then when they reached the cottage, my luck got really bad. It seems that when the humans were last up there, getting things ready for the start of work, they did something wrong, for they arrived to learn that a window had fallen out. They were only able to make a temporary repair, which means they will have to return for sure next week for serious work purposes. Which means that the bunnies have put a rush on the flooring party. They're demanding that the tea order be doubled, to make sure the pandas are nicely caffinated, and able to stay awake to eat for longer stretches of time. And who do you think they expect to make this tea? ME! Like I said, Nick the Cat and his entire family will pay for this!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eating has Begun

The flooring party has started, I am very sorry to say. The backyard is filled with pandas munching away. Such nightmarish sounds. Munch, munch, munch, sip, munch, munch, munch, sip. I'm sure the neighbors will complain eventually. Even with all of the pandas who are here, it will take them forever to eat up all of that bamboo, I am sure. They all look rather plump and well fed. They can't be that hungry? And what in the world am I going to do until they are done eating? The bunnies are working on a list now, of work assignments to keep the pandas happy and eating. I know I'm on there somewhere, possibly as a water boiler for their tea! Do you know how much tea they drink? I'll be boiling forever!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Pandas

More pandas arrived today for the flooring party. Really, what in the world are the airports thinking, allowing so many of those giant creatures to just stroll onto flights without a bit of proof that they are traveling in some sort of official capacity as ambassadors? I'm sure they should have called someone to check. But no, they couldn't be bothered. I would have hated to have been on the flights with the pandas. The noise of sipping of tea would have driven me mad for sure. So now every chair in the back yard has a panda in it, anxiously awaiting the start of the flooring party. Which is scheduled to begin tomorrow afternoon, I am very sorry to say. My panda siblings got an email from the red pandas at the zoo, to let them know they will be sailing off as soon as darkness falls tonight. With several stops to raid peoples' bamboo patches along the way, they should be here by afternoon. And then the munching will begin. And how I will sleep, I have no idea!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Panda Party Begins

The first panda arrived for the flooring party today. Really, don't people have common sense on airlines anymore, just letting one of those creatures hop onto a flight, with a claim that they are an official cultural ambassador from China. You would think they would at least want a bit of paperwork proving this, but oh, no. Apparently the round ears, stubby tail and raccoon mask were considered sufficient proof that the panda is in fact some sort of legal ambassador, because they happily let him on the plane. And now he's lounging in the back yard, camped out in a chair, awaiting the start of the party. And now that the first panda is here, I'm sure that horrifying numbers of other pandas will soon follow. I wonder if I have time to order a nice pair of cat sized ear muffs to block out the munching sounds? And the sipping of tea?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Continuing Dryer Horrors

The humans took the old dryer off today, to a human who can hopefully fix it, so it can be moved to the country cottage. No good can come of them having additional appliances up there. A washer is sure to be next, and can only lead to them being able to stay for longer, if the humans don't run out of clothing. Anyway, the bunnies were very excited when they came hopping back from this drop-off. It turns out that there are several cats who dwell with, and are likely employed by the repair human! These cats WORK! Oh, it was frightening to see how excited the bunnies were by this. They're making plans to hop back now, to talk to these cats, and learn how they were converted to the wonders of hard work, industry and a rabbit like lifestyle. And you know why they want to know this. So they can make me convert as well!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Washing and Drying

The humans have a new dryer, obtained through a relation. They got it put in this weekend, resulting in my jailing for an intolerable amount of time while they were moving it. As soon as it was in, the bunnies just had to hop up to it, too, possibly in preparation for a giant amount of laundering of bunny items. And would you believe what they found? Cat prints! Apparently some poor feline.... Oh, it's almost too horrible to print! Some poor feline was made to work, running this dryer in its last location! Naturally the rabbits jumped right on this, and now they're planning to track this cat down, to find out how it was converted to an industrious, hard-working, possibly rabbit-like creature, so they can do the same thing to me, I am sure!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Update

Well, it didn't actually rain, but due to the strong threat of rain, the humans decided not to go to the country. They said they had concrete to mix, and apparently rain would cause issues with that or something. I was happy at first, but then they went out for a bit, accompanied by the rabbits, and what did they have with them when they returned but two more siblings, freshly escaped from the local mission, for me. I am now up to 688 siblings total. Really, have you ever seen such a frightening number? I'm sure that I'll have 700 by the end of the month at this rate. At least these two lagged their luggage along with them when they moved in. That's the only good thing I can see. They won't demand to go shopping. I don't like how fond they seem of the rabbits, though. They're lounging around with them, helping them put together a burrow warming pack to drop of with those new rabbits in the country. That seems a terrible sign.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Maybe I Should Pray for Rain

I'm trying to decide if I should pray for rain or not. Undoubtedly if we get it, it will be like the last few times, with trees down and threats to power, but if there is no rain, the odds are good that I will be captured bright and early in the morning and drug off to the country cottage to work. And, as if work isn't bad enough, there's that new bunny family that is living up there. I'm sure my rabbit siblings will want to drop by their burrow and meet them, and they will undoubtedly expect me to go along on this visit. Paying a social call on rabbits. I can't think of anything more annoying. First I'll be squished into their burrow, and then you know they won't have good refreshments, just carrots and tomatoes liberated from Farmer Turley. And I will be there forever, too, because my bunny siblings can chatter all day about rabbit issues. Maybe I ought to start praying for rain now. Surely the electric company has things fixed so we won't loose power again. How many trees are left to fall down anyway?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rapidly Approaching Horrors

I'm going to be working this weekend, I just know it. The bunnies dropped by the home improvement store to get more estimates, and returned with a paper full of figures. Purchases will likely be made tomorrow. Who knows? The rabbits might even have some idea about making me help with these purchases. The store has a number of bird residents, after all, so I'm sure that they will allow felines in. And, to make matters worse, they also stopped by the local homeless shelter before hopping home, and took in another bear. I now have 686 siblings!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heard the Bunnies

I was strolling to my food dish a bit ago, when I heard the bunnies plotting for this weekend. Plotting to go to the COUNTRY! They got a copy of a book on home improvement from the bookstore this afternoon, and of course they're eager to try out everything they found in the book. And, of course, they have plans to make me assist them with this. I already spotted a bunny getting my leash, so I can be captured and drug along for work purposes. I would start looking for a good hiding place now, but I fear it's too late. There are bears, lurking by all of the best spots, undoubtedly recruited by the bunnies to make sure that I don't try to escape work! I'm DOOMED! How in the world will I explain this to other cats? A number of them live up in the country. What in the world will they think if they see me working?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Traffic Jam

Nick's family continues with their harassment. You will never believe what they have thought up this time. One of them is camped out, right in the middle of the path leading to the bus stop, sitting there, ready to cross the path of any who try to venture down that way. And as everyone knows, bad luck strikes as soon as one of those felines crosses your path. There was a traffic jam of dogs and humans backed up due to that cat! So now I will be forced to take the long way around to get to the bus for a ride to the courthouse. And worse, the bunnies don't take that trail to hop to the library to pick up books on work. They prefer the creek trail, so they haven't been inconvenienced at all. Really, I can't believe this. And where are the police to cite this cat for obstructing a public pathway and impeding the free flow of traffic? That's what I want to know!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Nick the Cat and his rotten family have figured another way around the rabbits. I spotted one of them, I believe Nick's cousin, down at the creek today, hanging up signs. The creek is out of range of the rabbits' weapons, so that rotten feline got away scot free. And do you know what those signs said? They said our house was the starting point for the annual turtle natural stroll. The first turtle has already arrived, and is loitering in the back yard, awaiting his friends. And he has his house with him, so I can't even rent him temporary accommodations, something I'm sure Nick knew was bound to annoy me. Well, I will get him! That turtle is tucked up in his shell, undoubtedly online with OUR internet, and I knew I saw a light from his neck hole. He's probably borrowing our power too. Well, he will just poke his head out in the morning to find a bill on his shell for this usage, and as soon as the courthouse opens, I am adding more charges against that awful cat!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I thought I would have a bit of time before the panda torture started, but what did I find this morning but a group of my panda siblings surrounding me when I woke up, demanding my assistance in preparing for the arrival of their fellow pandas for the flooring party. So, I have been forced to help them stack bamboo, and drag out tea pots and cups all day. I finally escaped while they were checking the sugar supply and debating on whether or not they should make little sugar molds as special treats for their guests. I would have been there forever if they had forced me to assist with that project. Their party is going to be a giant success, I just know it, and if this party is a success, it means that there will be flooring to be installed. With how much bamboo those pandas have piled up, and if their little friends bring empty bamboo for recycling there will probably be enough bamboo to floor the entire cottage. And you know who the rabbits will expect to help them with that job. I am DOOMED!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flooring Party

The bunnies were thrilled with the pandas' offer to provide bamboo for flooring purposes, just like I knew they would be. I am doomed. They've already sent out emails to every panda they could find an address for, and do you know how many pandas have email now? And twitter? Anyway, the pandas invited all of them over for a flooring party, chopsticks and wok provided. I will be awake forever, with the noise of munching and sipping. Do you know how much bamboo will be needed to produce all of the flooring needed for the country cottage? The bunnies were in multiplication heaven working that little fact out. Even if some pandas bring the leftovers of bamboo they've already munched the leaves off of for recycling, there will still be nightmarish amounts of the stuff that will need eaten. And then, when the horror is over, I still won't be able to sleep, because the bunnies hopped around a bit ago to give me my next work assignment. I'm to go over all of the stalks, once the pandas have munched off all of the leaves, to make sure they're nice and smooth for floor board construction. That will take forever! And what in the world am I going to do if another cat sees me, working and not snoozing?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Video Issues Too

Oh, and on top of everything else, I found out something horrifying about flooring today. Someone actually produces flooring made out of BAMBOO! Needless to say, the pandas were thrilled to find out about this, and to see pictures of attractive bamboo flooring on the video the bunnies borrowed. So now the lot of them are offering to harvest all of the bamboo needed to floor the country cottage, and to hand over the leftovers as soon as they've munched down every leaf. They've even said that if necessary to complete this project, they will arrange to have more pandas come over from China to help with the eating. Or possibly arrange for those red pandas at the zoo to sail over. Thanks to those storms Nick the Cat's family caused, the road outside the zoo is flooded, and after the red pandas help themselves to a boat in the kids' play area, my panda siblings are sure they would have clear sailing all the way to our house, with just a trot up the hill from the creek once they hit it. They could even swing by our poor neighbors' house and harvest their bamboo for eating purposes on the way. Horrors, Horrors, Horrors! And the bunnies will accept this offer, I just know it, in order to get free flooring. Do you know how noisy leaf eating is? I will be up forever, with all of the pandas in the backyard, munching away, and passing tea around!

Friday Update

Several of the rabbits hopped to the country today, to take more measurements. Unfortunately, the best measurers are also the best bunnies with the squirt guns full of whitewash, so while they were gone, one of Nick's cousins was able to trot by, to drop off a flier announcing more bad luck on the way. Oh, and wait until you see the bad luck I got this time. I will see that family in court for this! The bunnies came hopping back with seven pages of figures for multiplication! SEVEN!! The bunnies are in multiplication heaven. And even worse, although it's hard to see how something could be worse than all of those figures, the bunnies who went to the country presented me with the happy news that a new family of rabbits have moved into the neighborhood, and have installed their burrow door right in front of the cottage door. It's a big door too, indicating that the bunny who lives there is a fat one, and undoubtedly sassy. Anyway, the new rabbits were out, probably lunching at Farmer Turley's, so my bunny sisters left them a note, welcoming them to the neighborhood, and inviting them to a cottage warming party in a few weeks, a cottage warming that I will be forced to host!