Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sneaky Brother

We could have recaptured Brother today, but he managed to avoid us.  The human is is currently inflicting himself upon dropped in on the human's doctor, shortly before her appointment.  If we had known, we could have arranged to meet her there to collect that pointy-eared fugitive!  And we would have known, except Brother is tying up her phone so we can't contact her!  And with how attached he seems to be to that phone, we don't think things will change any time soon.  We need an alternate means of communication.  We wonder if she might understand smoke signals?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bear Books

We got a the nicest announcement in the mail today.  The head bear, the leader of all bears, is having another book published just in time for Christmas.  It looks like the bear company might be getting to look seriously at books, which is giving us high hopes that they will soon look seriously at our human's bear stories.  In bad news, apparently Brother also got this announcement in the mail today, or maybe the humans he is with got it, and he snatched their mail.  We have been getting texts all afternoon demanding we step away from the computer, and we better get thoughts of illustrators out of our little heads.  Well, it is too late!  We have a Halloween story all ready to go, except for the illustrations, and how hard could it be to find someone to do those?  The bear company has done two Christmas books now, so we feel it is high time for them to do a Halloween work.  We might even make plans to hop out to the home of the bears to present it!  And since Brother is small now, he will be so much easier to lag along with us!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Approaches

Well, Halloween is approaching, and we're thinking we might get Brother dropped off then.  We're planning especially good candy gifts this year, and we're hoping it will attract the children of the human's doctor's daughter.  Packs of cookies, gummy rope, suckers, yummy chocolate bites.  This is going to be our best loot packed sack ever.  The human has a doctor's appointment Halloween morning, and we're thinking we'll have her inform her doctor, so the children will know the BEST house for visiting.  And when they drop by, they might as well drop off Brother.  We're sure their mother needs her cell phone back, and the bill must be nightmarish at this point.  We're even planning to tie up Betsy, to ensure a good night for trick or treaters, so the children will have nothing to fear, and loads of goodies to get.  And perhaps we will get Brother back where he belongs at long last!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Poor Human

The poor human's leg is acting up again, so we will make a short post tonight.  If he wasn't so occupied, sending us massive amounts of texts, demanding to know why he is hearing so much stitching, and digging for notecards for book work, we would suspect Brother of being to blame for the human's suffering.  It would be just like him to get the idea into his little kitty head that if the human is laid low with pain, it might put a crimp in some of our bunny plans.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bear and Brother Book

Brother is pitching a fit.  He heard on those bugs that he's planted around the house the human talking about how she thinks she has finally got an idea for how to make the books starring the bears and Brother work.  We really, really hope that the poor human stuck with Brother has unlimited texts, because he has hit a new high in messaging, demanding we do something to stop the human right away before she actually does it, and gets one of those books together.  We have absolutely no idea why he thinks we would do something like that.  Josie Rabbit is in the books, along with the bears, and we have to support our fellow bunny, now don't we?  Besides, we don't know what in the world Brother finds wrong with a book featuring him.  You would think he would be pleased.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ink Replaced

We bought an ink replacement this afternoon, but now we are worried about the safety of the ink.  We don't know how Brother managed to sabotage the last cartridge from his hiding place, so what if he is able to get to this one somehow?  Ink is expensive, and we can't waste any on Brother caused sabotage.  We would set a guard, but the human's offering to show a film in just a bit that all of us want to watch.  What to do, what to do?  Brother should be ashamed of himself for putting us in this position.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Printer Sabotage

We were trying to print out some patterns for quilts this evening, only to find that something was wrong with the printer.  We poked and poked at it, and the only thing we can figure that could be the problem is that it is out of ink.  It had plenty the last time we checked, though, and the only printing done has been for the grandhuman, so we are suspicious of sabotage.  But how could Brother arrange to sabotage the printer from his hiding place?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Rulers

We got a new set of rulers today, a twelve and a half inch square and a six and a half inch square.  And we got texts right away from Brother too, demanding we cease measuring right away.  We're still not sure how he can hear the sounds of measuring.  We think measuring is a very quiet activity.  As if there was any doubt it was Brother, we saw the human's doctor text his daughter today, and it was the same number Brother is using to text us.  We so hope she has unlimited texts on her phone.  Anyway, she said Brother was wonderful.  Either he has fooled her completely, or she is trying to fool us, to get us to take him off of her hands sooner.  We would put money on the later, if our funds weren't tied up in carrots and fabric at the moment.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Well, with all of his ranting, it has taken until now for Brother to finally notice the additional pitterpattering of extra pairs of paws in the house and we must say how glad we are he didn't notice until now.  He complains about things so much already, we didn't want to add the increase in siblings to his list of things to object to.  Anyway, he texted us this afternoon demanding to know why he was hearing more paws in the house.  We tried to reassure him that some of the noise was from teddy dogs who trot about on four feet, and only six new siblings had moved in, including two teddy pups, a koala and three bears, bringing the sibling count to 786, but we don't think he was appeased.  It might have distracted him from the library, though, so perhaps listening to this rant will count as a civil service.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More About the Library

We hopped to the main library today, and they were happy to take our suggestion that they add a nice genealogy magazine to their online offerings.  Needless to say, when we got home, a ton of texts were waiting for us from Brother, demanding to know where we had been, and were we talking to the awful library.  Now he's added the fact that they aren't offering feline magazines to his list of complaints against them.  If they do add that genealogy magazine, we don't want to imagine how much larger his fits will grow.  Maybe we'll try to keep that quiet for the moment.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Library Update

The library is now offering free copies of the Vegetarian Times, a top ten title among bunnies.  We just heard yet another loud kitty shriek.  Do you think if we called the library emergency number they would have time to prevent whatever Brother is plotting?  Really, he's trying to say making such magazines available for rabbit viewing is ILLEGAL!

The Library

We probably should call the library now to warn them they should race to their branches, and lock their book drops now before it is too late.  We're sure Brother has something horrible planned involving sliding down one after what we just found.  The library has started offering magazines for checkout online, and wouldn't you know, one of them is a QUILT magazine!  We had no more than popped it in our online basket to check it out, when the texts started coming in from Brother, demanding to know what we were doing, and insisting we get away from the library website right away.  We think he might be plotting how to punish them even as we type.  So, should we send them a warning?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Texts and Math

We have been almost buried under texts today.  We finally found a quick, simple way to measure and mark curved seams while drawing out a pattern with ruler, compass and protractor.  We had barely even spun the compass a few times before the texts started popping up, with Brother demanding to know what we were up to, and threatening to hold the field of geometry accountable for encouraging us.  Do you think we ought to warn a math teacher to keep an eye out for kittens?  Brother seems rather upset with higher mathematics, although we don't know why.  Bunnies are excellent at math.  He should know this.  Surely he doesn't expect us to no use one of our favorite things!  Off to play with the compass and design a bit more!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


We hope that everyone has heard of the lovely new turkey film that will be airing in a few weeks.  Our turkey brother is planning to go, and naturally we want to attend this movie as well.  We're expecting the theater to be packed to the rafters with turkeys, so we're probably going to have to camp out to get a seat.  So many turkeys, and they'll all be looking for a good hiding place for the day of turkey terror that is Thanksgiving.  Brother usually handles renting the pool house to them, but since he's deserted, we believe we will manage it, and we'll hand out little business cards too.  We bet we can get more turkey renters than Brother ever managed and more money!  Hehehehehehehe!  We can almost hear him shrieking now!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sorry About This Morning

We are very sorry if anyone was bothered by the loud kitty shrieks this morning.  One of the human's cousins called bright and early, and naturally Brother didn't take it well, and started sending text after text about that tree being encouraged and shrieking how we are all doomed.  We can only assume that the human he is currently with has hearing problems, or she would have surely dumped Brother off by afternoon.  We have high hopes that this cousin's call might lead to the selling of genealogy books, hopefully very, very soon!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Poor Human is Still Suffering

The poor human is still suffering.  She limped to the doctor this morning, but we really don't see much improvement.  The doctor's daughter is still observing Brother, though, so perhaps he was distracted by that feline's antics and didn't do his best work today.  Goodness knows the cell bill he is running up would distract anyone.  And now he is hitting us with an avalanche of texts once more, saying he is hearing us typing, and did he just hear us hit post for something, and are we trying to sell online again?  We swear he won't stop until we are poor.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The human is still feeling horrible, but she had the nicest dream, one in which Brother was recaptured at long last.  We do hope that was a sign, and not her medication talking.  We know Brother seems worried.  We keep getting messages saying he knows we are up to something, and when he figures out what, we are in real trouble.  But when we recapture him, we swear that cat will be the one in trouble.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Poor Human

Poor human.  Her leg is about to kill her, so we will only make a short post tonight.  She's starting to get groggy from her pain medication, so we need to help her in getting her book certificate points fast before she falls asleep.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day

There was a sale in honor of Christopher Columbus today at the fabric store.  Of course we went, and now we're getting text after text from Brother, demanding to know why he hears so much tissue paper rustling, and scissors snipping.  We found two lovely, lovely packets of clothing patterns we had to have, and a packet of patterns showing how to make tow vegetables too.  So now Brother is up in arms, demanding we put down our scissors at once, and leave the patterns be.  Does he want us to be NAKED?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Movies Today

We hopped out to visit a salad bar today, and then went to the movies with the humans.  We had a lovely time, but once more got a ton of complaining texts from Brother.  We thought he would like the movie we went to see.  We really did.  A cat had a prominent roll in it, after all.  What was there for him to object to?  But he managed to complain that this was all a plot to make people believe that cats should work, by showing the feline in question being employed in Smurf chasing.  He is never satisfied!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kitty Fits

Brother is pitching a fit, and threatening various churches once more with prosecution for encouraging bunnies.  We hopped to a few sales today, and Brother wasn't pleased with what we got.  We got texts as soon as we got in, demanding to know why we were out of the house for so long, and why he was hearing fabric rustling, and pages flipping.  And then he practically blew up the phone with texts saying he had heard cats and quilts mentioned in the same sentence, and had we actually dared to purchase that awful book showing how to make quilts featuring felines that he is sure should be illegal.  The answer is that of course we got it, and we got a WONDERFUL deal on the book too!  Only fifty cents, and it is absolutely not illegal!  Some kitties probably make a nice sum, assisting with this book, and Brother has no right to complain and threaten their livelihood!

Friday, October 11, 2013


We're wanting to take a goat to lunch.  We have a patch of poison ivy we understand is a goat delicacy and we are eager to invite a goat over to dine on it.  We will even offer up the neighbor's tastiest roses as a desert.  The problem is finding a goat who would like to eat here.  We don't know any goats, or know how to meet one to arrange this lunch date.  Does anyone know if there is a goat friend finder available online or should we just hop to the country and start knocking on barn and stable doors?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Show

A new television show came on tonight that we were sure Brother would like.  A cat appeared in it, and since he's always complained about a lack of felines on television, we felt sure he would be a fan.  Only, the second the program ended, we got hit with a batch of texts, complaining that the rabbit in it had more screen time than the cat, and he got three times as many lines!  We think he was watching the show with a stopwatch and a calculator!  Can't he just be pleased a feline was on television, and ignore the bunny if it bothers him so much?  It was just the first episode.  We're sure the cat will get loads more time in the future.  He might get entire episodes of screen time.  There is no need for him to pitch such a fit!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cousin Linda

Does anyone know if we have a moral obligation to track down Cousin Linda's survivors, and warn them they are possibly in danger from a kitten?  The human found Cousin Linda's obituary today, a most thorough one too, and needless to say, we got a barrage of texts about it, and demands that we dispose of the newspaper at once before the human could add the information to her family tree paper.  Like we would do something that mean to our human!  That kitten should be ashamed!  Besides, it isn't like he's living here at the moment, so he has no right to complain about the growth of the family tree.  It's a lovely tree!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Air and Heat

Oh, this is an outrage!  We ought to report this to the head bunny right away!  We're sure he would be happy to egg the dwellings of these horrible, horrible people for this!  The insurance company is refusing to pay to fix our air and heat, and now it is starting to get a bit NIPPY!  Needless to say, our polar bear sisters are panicking, and we are sure the cat will try to use this as an excuse not to move back in.  The insurance people should be ashamed, and we hope they recall the fact that the head bunny knows where they live, and he has influence with Santa too!  For this, we are sure they will go right on the naughty list!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Bank

Someone, supposedly a human, robbed the local bank today.  There were police and the FBI everywhere, looking for this fugitive.  Very annoying, but we have found a use for this inconvenience.  Brother's bugs detected us talking about the law popping around in search of a fugitive, and he promptly texted us, demanding to know what we had done.  He thinks we have turned the law loose on HIM for his desertion!  So now he's panicked thinking that he is being hunted.  We can only hope this will lead him to returning soon, in order to avoid an arrest.  Hehehehehehehehe!  We ought to send a nice thank you card to that bank robber for the good turn he has done us!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thread Box

We found the nicest box to hold all of our cones of thread today.  It's very big, with a little handle on the top for ease of carrying, and we were able to fit over fifty cones in.  It was on sale, too, which was lovely.  Of course, Brother promptly sent a text, saying he could hear us boxing things, and to stop at once.  We don't understand why the human who is stuck with him hasn't dropped him off.  Unless, do you suppose he's hiding the phone bill so the poor human doesn't know what he is up to?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Josie Rabbit is Happy

Josie Rabbit is especially happy today.  The Presbunterian Church was having their sale and they had the best fabric that combined her two favorite things, vegetables and tea, in little teapots made of veggies printed all over.  We think we got at least two yards of it.  Needless to say, we got a text about that, and texts threatening to sue the church for the high degree of bunny friendliness they showed this year.  The sale was arranged really well, with the area for fabric being right next to the area for plants, so we could shop faster.  Brother is claiming such an arrangement is a crime, but we are sure that he is wrong.  Oh, and the fabric and the plants were right next to the area where various homeless animals were lurking.  He wasn't happy about that either, and about our inviting a new bear to move in, bringing the sibling count to 780.  Such a difficult, difficult cat.  We're surprised he wasn't dropped off here after the number of texts he sent today.  Surely the human who owns the phone he is using would like it back.  There was a football game, though, so perhaps the human couldn't get through traffic to dump Brother.  Maybe he will be dropped off in the morning.  We wouldn't be surprised at the rate he is going.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Country

We're hoping to take a little ride to the country tomorrow.  Who knows, by the time we return, Brother might have been dropped off.  We're certain the human who is stuck with him isn't happy about his antics today.  We found the nicest pattern for a human purse we are sure would sell well, and would be a snap to put together.  You should have seen the texts we got over that.  Really, we don't know what in the world Brother has against our earning money.  If he had his way, we swear we would be impoverished forever.  And then there were the texts when we picked up fabric for quilt sashing and for a purse sample.  We're surprised they didn't try to throw us out of Walmart for the noise from that.  And now he is texting to complain we are helping our human earn more book certificates once more.  We doubt he has put the phone down all day, and surely the human who he is currently dwelling with has about had enough.  We think we'll leave a basket on the doorstep, to make dropping him off easier.  We can put a bell on it, so the bunnies who stay home can drag him inside once he is deposited.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kitten Shrieks

Brother was especially loud today.  We don't think what we did was wrong, helping the human get that ten dollar book certificate, but you should have heard the kitten shrieks and then the texts started popping up like crazy, demanding we cease and desist all activity at once.  Really, what is wrong with helping our human?  Is Brother afraid that if we're helpful enough that the human might start seeing a few feline flaws?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Insurance Report

The man from the insurance came today to check out the damaged air conditioner.  He took forever, and now our poor human is in agony from sitting for hours in the hard kitchen chairs.  We expect her to retreat to bed soon so this post won't be long.  Hopefully this time we will get something done and the air and heat fixed, so Brother can't use that as one of his many excuses to keep from moving back in.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sorry We Didn't Post

Sorry we didn't post last night.  We were helping the human with getting some books with this points program, and then of course coping with Brother texting and demanding we stop what we were doing at once.  He seems to have some idea that if we encourage the human to read, that we will not be supervised, and will get up to who knows what.  Really, wanting to deny our human books!  That cat is going way too far.