Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Please brace yourselves for loud shrieks either tomorrow afternoon or Friday.  We are scheduled to set up a teddy display at the library to last all month, and you can imagine how that horrible Brother is taking it.  We're looking forward to it, though.  We're hoping it will help get more students for our stitching classes if we are able to lounge at the library and show off how cute we are and everything.  We just hope the cat doesn't try to show his pointy ears and ruin it.  Although the branch we are going to visit is rather close to a vet's office, so that might scare him off.  Since we will be lacking a net while working at this teddy event, we hope it does.  Not to mention, if we captured him, we would be stuck with him in close contact for a month, something we definitely don't want.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Sorry for the lack of posting lately. We've been working on quilt stuff and haven't been able to access the blog as often as we would like. We did another shop hop last week, if anyone was wondering about all of the shrieks on Wednesday.  We visited seven different quilt shops in one day and we think you can guess how that cat took it.  We're surprised the phone wasn't damaged from his repeated, harrassing text messages demanding we get out of those shops at once.  We had a lovely time, though, and even found some wonderful bunny themed fabric.  If you wondered what the loud shriek at lunchtime was, it was due to our purchase of that, we are annoyed to say.  We also found a small cutter that we are optimistic about using for our fabric work.  We can't use it for everything we need because of it's small size, but still, it will be nice to have to work on little things, and it was a good deal, so we are very pleased about that.  And of course, the cat wasn't.  Sorry about that shriek.  We haven't taught any stitching classes yet, but hopefully soon.  We're signed up to teach a bunch, and we're working on a plan for stitching demonstrations to hopefully lure people in.  And once more, Brother is threatening to hold a protest should we do this.  We're not sure if he's serious or not.  He didn't show up to protest the last time we were at the store showing off stuff, but it rained, and he has water issues, so that might be why.  We will be sure to be prepared with netting nearby for purchase and tossing over him if he does show up this time.  Anyway, we're very excited about that, and are looking forward to it a lot.  We have an idea for a unique pattern to do that we hope will go over really well, and maybe a little bit of a simpler pattern that people might like too.  It ought to be a lot of fun.  Also, we have taken in six more siblings, including a boy rabbit, bringing the sibling count up to 937.

Friday, June 10, 2016


We took part in our shop hop and in the open house at the fabric store. We hope the resulting kitty shriek fest didn't disturb anyone too much. Unfortunately, we had a downpour of rain the entire weekend of the open house so people weren't able to venture out to sign up for things. And that cat didn't show up to protest, which was especially annoying. We were so looking forward to recapturing him. The shop hop was much better though, and we hopefully learned a few things to help us get students for our stitching classes, so we're thinking things might pick up there soon. We hope it does, anyway, as we want to teach so badly. There's a quilt show next Friday that we are hoping to go to. We're thinking it might be a good chance for promoting our teddy sewing classes so we're looking forward to that. And we're warning you now to shield your ears accordingly. We're expecting a nightmare of kitty shrieks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


There is a quilt shop hop starting this week that we're dying to take part in. We're sure we could learn a ton of things to help us with our teaching plans if we attend this event. So you should probably put your ear protection on now while you still have time. Many kitty shrieks are expected for the next week or so.