Saturday, June 17, 2017


Sorry for getting behind on posts once more.  As you probably know from all of the kitty shrieks, we have been quite involved in stitching activities.  We had an open house that we attended with a ton of stuff, and then a class.  And then there was the lovely quilt shop hop that called for traveling all over the area visiting quilt shops, learning new things and buying new quilting materials.  If you were at all curious about why Brother spent a week shrieking nonstop, that was it.  We also hopped to the country for a weekend, and took in another sibling, bringing the total sibling count up to 991, which are other things he wasn't pleased with.  And then there was the quilt show yesterday, where we gathered a large selection of new books, more fabric, and the cutest new ruler.  And might have learned of a way to lure more people into our classes.  Anyway, we hope the volume of shrieks didn't hurt anyone's hearing too much.  We do suggest you keep ear plugs handy, though, because the family reunion is scheduled for next week, and we have some quilty activities planned for it, in addition to genealogy activities.  We're expecting the volume of kitty shrieks to be alarmingly high.  Please guard your ears accordingly.

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