Friday, July 21, 2017

So Sorry!

We're so sorry for the disturbance today.  We probably should have warned you a couple of days ago that such noise was a possibility, but we were hoping for the best.  We got a call a few days ago from someone wanting us to make a quilt for her, and Brother actually took the news kind of well.  He was ranting, of course, but not as much as we feared, and he seemed to be content with hoping that the project would be a complicated, low paying task that would keep us occupied and out of the fabric store and away from sewing other stuff for awhile.  We met with the lady who wants to hire us today, though, and it turns out the project is an easy nine patch, and might grow from one quilt to six.  We are thrilled, and hoping to piece the blocks over the weekend.  And Brother is furious.  Please cover your ears now.  We're expecting a very loud weekend.

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