Friday, March 4, 2016

This Afternoon's Noise

Sorry about the noise this afternoon.  We hopped out to catch the new bunny movie that our mouse siblings' big cousin just released.  Such a wonderful film.  It's called Zootopia and we highly recommend it.  Anyway, we turned the phone off while we were in the theater and when we came out, it was full of texts from that annoying cat.  First there were messages complaining that he had been hearing alarming amounts of stitching, and what were we up to.  Then there were messages saying he wasn't hearing stitching anymore, and wanting to know what we were up to again.  And then there were messages saying he wasn't hearing hopping and why wasn't he hearing hopping, and weren't we in the house.  And finally we received a bunch of texts in all caps demanding to know where we were because he knows we aren't at home where we belong, and demands that we get back home at once.  Really, Brother doesn't love here anymore, and we have no clue why he thinks he can dictate our comings and goings.  Wait until he finds out we were at a bunny movie,  He is sure to explode.

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