Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ear Protection Fast!

Please get your ear protection on fast before the volume of kitty shrieks does permanent damage to your ears.  We're very sorry about the unexpected noise this afternoon.  We hopped out to the grocery store with the human to stock up on carrots, and we happened to pick up the nicest magazine.  We were just wanting to read it for some fun articles, but when we were going through it we found the most interesting section discussing online classes and how you can earn money by producing classes for people to take online.  Brother did not take our learning of that well at all.  He's currently threatening to see the magazine, the site that provides these courses and the grocery store in court of encouraging bunnies.  We are absolutely sure that is not a crime, but until he calms down, we would suggest strong ear protection.  Really, we are so sorry.

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