Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Teddy Shampoo

We didn't get to the teddy adoption center today, which was kind of annoying because two of our new siblings had went with us so they could register their new address and get all of their paperwork in order.  We hope we'll be able to get down there either tomorrow or maybe over the weekend.  We're afraid that our not going to the adoption center didn't stop the kitty shrieks, though, as we hopped by the grocery store instead and got a lovely little bottle of all natural, organic shampoo for teddies!  They had it right up front by the vegetables so we spotted it right away when we hopped in.  We don't know what Brother's problem is with our getting some shampoo so some of our siblings can get their fur scrubbed clean, but he apparently has issues with cleanliness on top of all of his other issues so he was shouting rather loudly for us to get out of the beauty products aisle right away.  He needs therapy.  We swear he needs therapy.

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