Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sorry for Not Posting

We're very sorry for the lack of posting lately. The internet has been having issues, making it difficult for us to get online. Kitty sabotage is suspected. Anyway, here's an update on us. We are now signed up to teach four stitching classes showing people how to make various quilted items and teddy merchandise. And we are hoping to design more possible classes soon, which will bring in even more money for us. And will sadly result in even more kitty shrieks, we are afraid. We're participating in an event next weekend to hopefully convince lots of people to sign up for our classes, which is going to be a lot of fun. And we're hopeful it might result in that cat's recapture too. He's threatening to organize a protest. And conveniently, we will be in a fabric store with a lovely supply of netting material. As soon as that kitty shows up, we can purchase some and use it to snag him! Hehehehehehehe! We bet that has never occurred to him. And it will serve him right if we net him and he has to spend hours entangled in a net while we sign people up for stitching instruction. Maybe we can even offer classes on net making, if people see how handy nets can be! Also, we have taken in six new siblings, bringing our total to 931. That's about all the things we have to share for now. Hopefully we will have more updates tomorrow!

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