Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sorry for the Noise

Sorry about all of the noise today.  Brother has been in rare form.  We hopped out to those church events like we mentioned we were hoping to do, and no sooner did we get in the hall doors than we started getting texts.  Apparently Brother had managed to activate the GPS tracking for our tablet, and was demanding to know why we were at a church as it wasn't Sunday, so we couldn't be there for a sermon, and were we there for some sort of event that might involve homeless teddies, and if so to just hop right out of the building at once.  We went to three church things, and at each one he kept texting us, demanding to know what in the world we were doing at yet another church, and to just get our cotton tails out of the building right away.  Then we hopped into a homeless shelter, and you can imagine how he took our presence in that location.  Finally we hopped to a movie, and turned off the phone, only to be greeted by an inbox full of texts demanding to know why we were in a theater, and how we better not be watching a bunny film, and why in the world do movie companies make such horrifying things anyway?  We have got to figure out how to prevent him from accessing the GPS tracking for our tablet.  Surely there is some way to do that, right, to prevent such annoying harassment?  Other than that, though, we had a nice day.  We met the nicest panda, bear, horse and bunny and invited them to move in, bringing the sibling count up to 916.  We also found a giant pile of quilting magazines for an excellent price.  All in all, it was just a fantastic day.

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