Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sorry for Brother's Latest Shriek Fest

Sorry for all of the noise that Brother made yesterday.  The humans had to attend a funeral and on the way we stopped at a quilt shop and found a hard to get quilt book.  Brother didn't take it well, and even though he was probably eighty miles or more away we still heard the shrieks right before we got hit with the mass of texts, demanding that we just hop out of that store right away, and to drop anything we might have in our paws as well.  And then we dropped into a book store, and of course he had to pitch a fit about that too.  We really hope the noise didn't bother anyone.  We're just keeping our paws crossed that he doesn't find anything to rant about tonight.  It's the human's birthday and we don't want him to damage the phone with text bombs.

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