Friday, November 18, 2016


We were hoping to go up to the country last night, or bright and early this morning.  We have a woodpecker up there who is interested in renting a hole and we were hoping to show it to him. Or possibly to upsell him to a birdhouse.  Only the humans had someone take a look at the truck's tires before they got ready to leave only to learn that one of them had been poked with a NAIL!  So they couldn't leave last night and by the time the tire was fixed this morning, it was too late to head up there. How the tire ended up with a nail in it is what we would like to know.  That tire has been nowhere near any nails!  We are suspicious that this was some horrible form of kitty sabotage, possibly to keep us from renting out some property.  Well, if Brother was responsible, we have lovely news for him.  Now the humans are thinking of spending all of next weekend in the country since they didn't get to go today.  Just think of all of the renting we will be able to do with a long weekend to work!

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