Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sunday Noise and Wedding Disaster

Sorry about not posting this weekend.  First, we were dealing with the disaster of the human's cousin's wedding.  Which was made a disaster due to the antics of one Betsy Bear.  The human's poor, poor cousin.  A reception table with cake and a ton of yummy cupcakes were left unguarded while the cousins were exchanging their vows.  We think you can guess what happened.  We're just glad that the parking lot was covered in gravel that didn't result in a trail of paw prints leading right to our car.  Then we had to spend the rest of the night picking up all of the discarded cupcake wrappers, which took forever.  And Sunday wasn't much better.  The church is taking up donations for needy animals so when we visited the store we looked for something nice to contribute.  And promptly got bombarded with texts from Brother demanding to know what we were doing at the store, and why we weren't in the vegetable aisle, and was that cat food we were in, and what were we up to?  He's now shrieking about how we are planning to fool other kitties into thinking bunnies are nice, wonderful creatures, and who knows what we will convince them of from there, and it is probably part of some plot to convert them to vegetarianism!  Very, very annoying.

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