Monday, February 3, 2014

Groundhogs and Summer

We are DOOMED!  We suggest that you all run out, and stock up on coats right now, before the stores start to foolishly try to put out their summer merchandise, and make sure you have plenty of wood.  It is horrible, absolutely horrible, and the human who is to blame should be tarred, feathered and drug into a court of law to give an account of himself right away.  Yesterday was Groundhog's Day, and....  It's almost too horrible to write, but you must be warned.  Some foolish human DROPPED a groundhog!  Our groundhog siblings, Gregory and Gianna Groundhog, have been emailing with their fellow groundhogs all day, and we believe that the current groundhog decision is to cancel summer as punishment!  No summer!  We are DOOMED!

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